Hogwarts Love Story pt 12

Hello! Here is part 12 of my Hogwarts Love Story! Please comment, I have reverted to my original style and I hope you like this part. School starts soon so updates won't be common! Bear with me please!

You have from years 3 to 7 to get the guy of your dreams. Harry, Ron, Neville, Fred and George, Draco or Cedric. OLIVER FAN ALERT!!! Oliver makes an appearence in this part.

Created by: vulturemonem
  1. Hello my readers! Well I'm going back to the second person. I'm going to reply to some older comments here. @liz_king97 I hadn't made that connection actually, I'm slow! @music826, I'm sorry you didn't like them. But I'm changing back because I agree with you. Also, I was reading up on improvements I could make and one of the key things was that the main character couldn't be perfect. So I figured that 'you' should make a pretty big mistake, then mature somewhat because of it. You know? Anyway, thanks for the feedback. Proper chapter this time!
  2. You woke up that Saturday feeling grotesque. You had kissed Cedric. What were you thinking?! You asked yourself. Part of you was about to make up an excuse, then another part of you stopped yourself. No excuses, that's called cheating, you thought. You groaned. You realised that you couldn't face being with Harry at breakfast, the guilt was too much, so you dressed and headed to Ravenclaw tower. You knocked and asked for Arianna. "Hi ____," she said surprised. "Um, hi Arianna, can I have breakfast with you?" you asked timidly. "Sure!" she sounded delighted. The two of you trekked down to breakfast in silence. Arianna was not one to feel the need to fill silences, you appreciated this. Talking wasn't top of your list today. You saw Fleur and yourself and Arianna went to sit next to her and opposite her. "Hi Fleur!" Arianna said. "Bonjour!" she said brightly, but her eyes were scrutinising you carefully. You smiled unconvincingly at her and she looked away. After you had finished breakfast, you excused yourself, saying that you had homework to do. They nodded and you left, continuing to think about what had happened. You leant against a wall and cried. You cried because you hated what you had done. You cried because you hated getting involved with Cedric. You cried because you wanted to be happy, and everyone around you. But most of all, you cried because you knew you had cheated on Harry James Potter. You groaned and slumped to the floor in a flood of tears. You heard the portrait hole swing open and you looked up, frightened. It was the twins. You tried to cover your face, but their sharp eyes were too quick. "___, what's wrong?" Fred or Geoge asked concerned. You were too frightened to try and identify them. You said nothing. "____, it's ok, tell is," the other one said. You felt a sudden sense of deja vous, except that was between you and Ariella. You wiped your eyes with your sleeve and sighed, refusing to meet their gaze. "Ve been so stupid," you began, "To put it blankly, I've cheated. A few nights ago, I kissed Cedric, obviously still with Harry. I just didn't think. But that's no excuse," you took a deep breath to calm yourself, "I hate myself now. Oh what have I done?" you cried, and the tears fell again. Through your curtain of hair, you saw the twins exchange a worried glance.
  3. "Stay here," they said to you. You nodded, not really paying attention, and they left. The tears came again and you earned many curious, puzzled and sympathetic expressions. In what seemed like less than a minute, you saw the twins returning with Harry. Harry. He came over to you looking sorrowful, not angry. The obviously hadn't told him. "Hey! ___, what's wrong?" he asked concerned. "Oh Harry! I really don't deserve you!" you cried. "Hey! Of course you do! What on earth is it?" he asked astounded. You took another deep breath and told him your story. He stared at you. "Sorry doesn't suffice does it?" you asked. He shook his head. "And I thought I was bad," he whispered. "What?" you asked. "Me and Ginny. Didn't you notice?" he asked, surprised. Now you came to think of it, you did vaguely remember the holding hands, loving looks. "I was going to talk to you about this, but now..." he trailed off. "I know it doesn't change anything, but I am sorry," you said, silent tears trailing down your cheek. "Sorry?" he roared. "Sorry? You should have thought about it more carefully ____!" he yelled. Then, to your surprise, he knelt down and hugged you. It sucked the breath out of you and it took a while before you could push him away and ask, "What the hell?" He smiled at you sadly. "____, I am breaking up with you. But not because of this," he gestured with his hand and you looked at him incredulously, "But because I love Ginny. You are my best friend ____, this changes nothing," he said. "How can anyone so kind hearted have so many bad things happen to them?" you asked. He shrugged. "It doesn't matter when you have the best friends in the world," he said smiling. A small smile played on the edges of your lips before you broke into a heart-warming grin. "Never again," you whispered to him. "I'm glad we've sworn off girls Georgy," 'Freddy' interrupted. The four of you laughed. "I definitely don't deserve the friends I have," you laughed. "Friends? We're offended!" George said. "Great friends then!" you said, grinning.
  4. "No, you don't," said a horribly familiar voice. "Ron!" said George, pursing his lips, face thunderous. "Well she doesn't! Cheating, lying, favouritism," he said, ticking them off on his fingers. Everyone was starring now. "Lying and favouritism? More like, truth and fairness!" George cried in your defence. "Got everyone standing up for you have you? Even the guy you just cheated on!" he roared. You stood your ground. "Do you think for one second I believe that I deserve what I have Ronald Weasley? Because if you do, you're wrong! I don't deserve any of them for what I've just done, they are here out of their will! I don't pay them to be my friends! So just shut up!" you said, much more quietly and calmly than you would have said a day ago, had you been in the same situation. "Fine!" he yelled angrily, storming out of the door. Harry shook his head irritated. "I need to go talk to Ginny," Harry muttered. You nodded and he left silently. "___, we just wanted to say, we're here for you," the twins said in unison. You smiled. "Thanks guys!" you said, giving them a hug. Then you saw someone smirking in the corner, havng surveyed the whole scene. "How did he get in here?" Fred asked nobody in particular. Draco flicked his hair out of his face and carried his smirking face over to you. "Hello ____," he said, as though the twins weren't there. "What Draco?" you snapped. "Oh! Temper temper!" he mocked, "I vowed I would get you, so I'm giving you one last chance," he whispered into you're ear. "I'm not a coward Draco. And I don't take kindly to threats. No," you said loudly. He glanced around and looked back to you. Pain filled his eyes, it was very unlike him. "Then I'm sorry ____, I really am. You're death eater joke? Well actually, it's probably what will happen," he said bitterly. "It doesn't have to be that way," you said. He laughed humourlessly. "Oh I think it does. By the end of the year, you'll know exactly what I mean. And I'm sorry," he said. Then he stepped back, resuming his Slytherin exterior. But the cruel smirk he had trained his face into didn't reach his eyes. His eyes showed fear, it took all of your will power not to force his secret out of him. Then you turned on your heel and marched to the girls dormitory. You had a letter to send.
  5. You pulled out some parchment and a quill and began to write furiously. 'Sirius, I need some advice. What is going on? Who would have reason to put Harry's name in the cup? What is Draco Malfoy's terrible secret that everyone will know by the end of the year? What is it with people this year? It's like the whole school has been turned upside down. I've sent this by a school owl for obvious reasons. ____' You signed off and rolled it up. You jumped off your bed and sprinted down to the owllery. You picked a young, tawny owl. Tying your message to its leg, you sent it off and left the owllery. Then you heard a chanting above and to you left. "Cheaty cheaters! _____ Rivers! Oh she..." you heard Peeves sing joyfully. You groaned. Luck was not on your side it seemed. By the time you went down to lunch, the entire school new of your dilemma. "Where's Hermione?" you asked, confused as to where she would be at this time. Ron snorted. "'Victor' Krum has worked his charm," he said. Then his ears when scarlet as he remembered he wasn't supposed to be talking to you. You rolled your eyes and continued eating. Then you spotted the school owl you had sent out earlier that day. You frowned and then saw that the parchment was different. '___, I'm near to you. Hasn't Harry told you? He's been having visions. Of Voldermort. We think the death eaters are going to try and bring him back. As to who would put his name in the cup, there are many suspects. The most likely of which being Igor Karkaroff,he was a death eater, and then Barty Crouch, he sent his own son to Askaban. Then of course, Snape, but I have my own reasons as to why that is extremely unlikely. Obviously I have told Harry of my suspicions. The school is going mad yes. Partially due to the Tri-Wizard tournament, but I'd assume that the majority of Slytherins are in on this secret. Sirius'. You glared at the letter, then you moved your glare to Harry. "Harry Potter. We need a word or two," you said through gritted teeth. He frowned at you but followed you without protest.
  6. "What the hell?" you demanded. "Excuse me?" he asked. You flicked the letter hand handed it to him. "Explain yourself!" you said furiously, "And how close exactly is Sirius? You know as well as I do that he's never careful enough!" Harry shook his head. "Sorry ____, I don't know why I didn't tell you. If it makes you feel any better I didn't tell anyone else either," he shrugged. You nodded, waiting for him to continue. "Sirius is in Hogsmead, and I tried to tell him to move away, but as soon as I told him about this," he gestured to the letter he had handed back to you, "he insisted." You groaned. "That man is so stupid," you muttered. "That," Harry said slowly, "I completely agree with. He's staying as a wolf with Buckbeak in one of those cave things near the shrieking shack." You shook your head is disapproval. "No point in trying to persuading him to move his doggy backside?" you persisted hopefully. "None at all," Harry replied. "Need to find Hermione and 'Victor'," you said, raising your hand in fair well. You realised the stupidity of your statement as you began walking away. How big is the castle? You thought to yourself, I'll never find them. You groaned and called back to Harry. "Can I borrow the cloak?" you asked, an idea springing to mind. "Sure, under the bed," he called back. You ran up to the boys dormitory, through on Harry's cloak and headed out of the castle. The walk to Hogsmead wasn't so far, and you could run it, there was no snow yet.
  7. It didn't take you long to find the caves Harry was talking about, what took up the best part of two hours, was finding which one Irius was actually in. The acute sense of wet dog alerted you when you had found it, but Sirius wasn't there. He must be out scavenging at Madame Rosmerta's, you thought. You pulled off the cloak and waited. About ten minutes later, a shaggy black dog skipped through the opening. He froze when he saw you, then relaxed when he recognised you as the girl that had saved his life last year. Dropping his food, he disappeared outside to change into his human form. "Hi ___," he said. "Sirius," you nodded at him. "What is it?" he asked worriedly. "You!" you burst out. You bit your lips as he raised an eyebrow at you. "You can't be here Sirius! It isn't safe! The ministry are still looking for ou and are out there as we speak!" you cried. "____. Calm down. I'm perfectly safe here. They don't know I'm an animagus, and Rosmerta's food is very good," he said grinning. "Don't go off subject Sirius please. What can I say to make you see sense?" you asked wearily. "Absolutely nothing, ask Remus, I've never be rational in my life," he said. "I can believe that," you muttered. "Good," he said, narrowing his eyes at you. "Well, have this food then. Don't waste it," you said, handing him some fish and chips you had smuggled from lunch. He scoffed it down hungrily. "Rosmerta's food is limited then," you laughed. He nodded. Once finished he began talking again. "Is Harry prepared?" he asked. "I've no idea. As much as is possible for a fourth year I guess," you said. "Good. The challenge is in four days," he replied, seeming satisfied. "Four days?!" you cried. He nodded. "I guess it is quite close to Christmas now isn't it?" you said, not as surprised as you thought you would be. "I think you'd better be off now," Sirius said. You nodded, noticing how late it was. So much for dinner, you thought. "Bye Sirius," you said, throwing on the cloak. You ran outside and realised that it was snowing. Damm, you thought. You pulled out your wand and covered you tracks as you went. This added on considerable time to your journey, and you decided to go back via Hagrids. He had wanted to see Harry really, but you could pass on the message.
  8. You knocked on Hagrid's door and it opened almost immediately. "Harry?" he asked the black night. "It's ___," you hissed. "C'mon in," he said. Once inside, you pulled off the cloak and laid it aside. "I'm not impressed ___," he said. "I know," you said, looking at your feet. "Harry told me everything. Now it's between you. But come with me, something I shouldn't be showing you, but the others know," he said, motioning you to put on the cloak. You did as he asked, extremely confused, and followed him into the forest. "Dragons!" you whispered shouted, pulling the cloak off of your head. "Yeah! I'm surprised Ron 'asn't told yeh, Charlie's bringing 'em from Romania!" he said. "Ron isn't talking to us," you replied, ducking as one sent out a breath of fire. "Oh. That's odd," he replied. "Hmm," you muttered. You saw Karkaroff and then Madame Maxine walking your way. You threw the cloak on and left. Hagrid getting feeling with a woman wasn't something you had any desire to see. You headed back to the castle and decided to tell Cedric too, despite your desire not to speak to him. You were too caught up in your own thoughts to stop yourself smashing into someone, the cloak falling off. "___!" Storm Balk said. "Storm!" you cried as he helped you up. "Must be going!" he said hurridly. As you walked of you realised you could have passed on your message for Cedric, but too late, and too risky, you decided. You slipped inside the doors as Filch was closing them. You couldn't resist getting one over on Peeves, so you used Harry's trick from a while ago. "Peeves!" you boomed, "I think that's enough tormenting of students for today, don't you? Think of a new student to mock, you're giving us all a headache!" Peeves looked around wildly. "Yes! Sorry sir! My Bloody Baron sir! Quite sorry!" he said, obviously terrified. You muffle dyourself laughter and slipped inside your dormitory to sleep. Then you remembered the cloak, and got up to put it underneath Harry's bed, before returning to your own.
  9. The next morning at breakfast, you hissed in Harry's ear, "The first challenge is in four days, you have to fight a dragon, the others know." He dropped his spoon. "What?!" he exclaimed. "You heard," you muttered. He stood up and headed in the direction of the library. Hermione jumped to the chance and followed after him. Ron looked at you questioningly but you just shook your head. Then you decided that you had to tell Cedric. You stood up and glanced over to the Hufflepuff table. A quick scan showed you that he wasn't there, so you headed up to the Hufflepuff common room. You summoned up the courage to knock, then you waited. "Hello?" asked a sixth or seventh year. "Hi, is Cedric Diggory in there?" you asked nervously. He smiled at you and said, "Just a minute," and closed the portrait hole. You waited, standing by the banisters, looking down to the bottom of the castle. "Hi? Oh! ____!" you heard Cedric say. "Hi Cedric, look, I'm sorry about, you know," you said nervously. He laughed. "You sorry? My fault. I'm sorry too," he said, giving you a friendly hug. "Anyway, Cedric, the first challenge is in four days. You have to fight a dragon," you said. "The others, do they...?" "Yes," you replied, "You have Hadgrid to thank." He scoffed. "I think I have you to thank ___," he said. "What in hell is that?" you asked, spotting several green badges that flickered between, 'Potter Sucks' and 'Cedric Rocks'. "Oh. Yeah. I've told them not to wear them but," he began but he was interrupted. "Don't mention it," Harry said from behind you,"You might want a read through this," he said, handing a book to Cedric. "Thanks," he said. "Bye!" Harry and yourself said in unison. You laughed then frowned, "Harry? Isn't Ginny dating Justin?" you asked him. His face fell. "Yeah," he muttered, "Bye ____," he said conclusively.
  10. You sighed and headed back to your dormitory. There might be no quidditch but there was no reason you couldn't have a fly. After changing into your quidditch robes, you picked up your Nimbus 2000 and ran outside. You gawped when you saw the quidditch pitch. There appeared to be a maze growing, the hedges were currently only a foot high but you assumed it was for one of the challenges. Then you spotted Neville and Hagrid. "Hi ___!" Neville called. "What's this?" you asked, running over. "It's for the last challenge, enchanted hedges or something," Neville replied. Then you spotted Professor Sprout a little way away. "Team effort hu Neville?" Hagrid asked grinning. "Don't worry Miss Rivers, you'll have your quidditch pitch back when all of this is over!" Proffessor Sprout called from where she was weeding. "Anywhere else I can fly in the mean time?" you called back. "You can fly here at the moment. They're still small. But I'd recommend going somewhere else after February or so. Don't squash them though!" she yelled back. You nodded and mounted your broom. You kicked of hard and flew up. Then you muttered your choicest selection of swear words as you remembered you'd forgotten the quaffle. You flew down but were stopped by a Scottish accent. "I've got it ___," he said. "Oliver!" you cried, "Alicia! What are you doing here?" you asked, glad to have your old teammates back. "We've come over for the first challenge," Alicia said. "Up for a game?" Oliver asked, "We've brought over the rest of Puddlemere!" he said. You stared at Oliver's team. "Don't worry, you can fill in for Grace on the England ladies team," Alicia said grinning cheekily. You gasped as two world class teams headed onto the maze-swamped pitch. Then you grinned and kicked off, taking your position as chaser.
  11. The match was extremely long. You weren't used to flying for that length of time, but you found that the average Hogwarts game was pathetic compared to world-class quidditch. The snitch was proving difficult to catch, and your team was far better than Puddlemere. You grinned happily as you scored three goals against a professional team. The England Ladies won three hundred and twenty to two hundred and forty, even though Puddlemere caught the snitch. "Good shots ___," Alicia said. "You're quite the player," Oliver continued. You grinned and followed them in. "Where're you staying?" you asked them. "In the guest rooms. I didn't even know they had any here until we came here yesterday," Oliver replied. "Nore did I," you replied. "Anyway, I'd better go. See you around!" you called as you walked back to the common room.
  12. Thank you for reading this! Unfortunately, school starts again on Monday *collective groan* so there won't be much posting. But be thankful I've got this many out over Christmas and New Year! I'm sorry that this is unedited. I really am but I'm lazy! Shout-outs! HogwartsLove, for being a great supporter. liz_king97 for commenting her (generally very amusing) thoughts on every single part! Thank you! To music826, for commenting and giving her opinion on the experimental changes. I haven't kept them, needless to say. I hope you liked this part and please comment! Life is a candle! vulturemonem xX

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