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  • Thanks for the shout-out, but I think that was mcqueen that commented last time, haha. Anyway, I do like that you went back to second person. I wish I had written my own series like that. I still think you're brilliant either way! :)

  • YAY! First to comment! I loved this edition, my only problem is that there was enough of Ronald. XD Yeah, I know, I'm going insane, but who can say no to RON?! XD One month and 3 days of being married to him.

  • Oh, thanks for going back to _____ instead of an actual name! I could've done first-person but I like second person (that's what it's called right?) better. Great quiz!

  • @music826 yes it was, I'm very sorry. I would change it but I can't be bothered! Lol!

  • liz, where can I find the rest of your series? wattpad isn't working


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