Hogwarts Love Story pt 10 (vulturemonem)

Ok. I just have some things that I really need to say about my newest edition of Hogwarts Love Story. I have part 10 out now. But... Well just stop reading this and read the announcement!

You don't need to read this. It's not important. The quiz is important. Are you still reading this? Why? Really, you can stop. Why are you still reading this? Stop reading this and read the quiz! Please? Oh gosh, why are you still reading this? Bye bye!

Created by: vulturemonem

  1. Hi there guys! Quick announcement here!
  2. Well, I have part 10 out of Hogwarts Love Story...
  3. And I've noticed that nobody has taken it yet.
  4. Perhaps it didn't show up on the new quizzes list?
  5. Or you were all busy with the New Year? Happy 2013!!!
  6. Or maybe it was that I've been stupid...
  7. Because I called it Hogwarts Love Story pt 9!!! It should have been Hogwarts Love Story pt 10!!! So sorry guys!
  8. So if you click on the link at the top (by my name) or click on my username (at the top) you can find it. It is the newest quiz on the list at the top. I'm really sorry!
  9. I'd really appreciate some feedback. I think it's my best yet!
  10. So that's it really.

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