A one direction love story part 7

This part is all about Harry! So at the end of the quiz I explain that I forgot to do my usual re-capping that I do! So I shall do it in the paragraph below!

**Re-cap** so in the last quiz you and Louis went on a date. Louis saved you from Derek! Then after you and him accidently had a sleepover! But the next morning Louis was gone and Harry called you! Enjoy!

Created by: Jhawkgirl12

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  1. "Hello?" you ask. "Hey _____! It's ummm Harry." Harry says slowly. "hey Harry! What's up?" you ask. "well I'm ummm going to erm... A party tonight." Harry says. "And?" you ask. "I was wondering if you maybe ummm wanted to be my... Date?" He asks. "I'd love to!" You yreply. "great! I'll pick you up around 8:00 pm?" Harry says. "sounds good! See ya then!" You say. "Bye love." Harry says. The he hangs up.
  2. The rest of the day is boring. You just go to the supermarket for some sandwich making supplies. You make a sandwich then watch a movie. **Time Forward** You wake up. You must have fallen asleep while watching the movie! You looks tour phone, it's already 7:45! You run upstairs, curly our hair, brush your teeth, and put on...?
  3. You run downstairs and grab a water to drink. You check your phone again, 8:15? 'where's Harry?' you think. You sit on your couch and watch TV for about 10 minutes when finally, the doorbell rings. You open the door to see Harry with some daisys he picked out of the ground. He looks really worried. "you can come in." You say.
  4. You both sit down on the couch. "are you mad?" Harry asks. "no. I'm just wondering why you were late." you reply. Harry's face is now relieved. "well I told the boys I was going out with you and that I didn't know when I'd be back. But as I was leaving the house they grabbed me and put me in the maid closet! I was locked inside there for a long time and I didn't want you to think I stood you up or anything." Harry says. "so how did you get out?" you ask. "I finally found one of the maids bobby pins and happened to get out. Since the maids closet is near the back door I snuck out. But Paul took the car somewhere so I walked here." Harry says. You give him hug and a kiss on the cheek. "by the way, you look gorgeous." Harry says. He winks and you smile. "So whose party are we going to?" you ask. "Johny Depp's." Harry replies.
  5. "Johny Depp's!" you yell. "yeah, and there's going to be a lot of drinking so I hope your prepared." Harry says. "so how are we getting there?" you ask. "you'll see." Harry says with a smile.
  6. You walk outside to see a horse drawn carriage! It's a lovely red and gold carriage with white horses. "no way!" you scream. "yes way!" Harry screams. You both run over to the carriage and Harry helps you up. You sit down and Harry sits next to you. A couple minutes later you realize he has his arm around you. Even though it's summertime, it's a little chilly outside so you snuggle up to Harryand rest your head on his shoulder. He kisses your forehead and rubs your back.
  7. When you finally get to the house Harry helps you out. You look at the house. Its huge! And you can tell there's drinking because there are quite a few drunk people! "wow!" you say. "I know right." Harry replies. "well, what are we waiting for? Let's go partay!" you yell. You and Harry do an awkward jog up to the front door where the security is. Harry shows the guy some pass and you and him go on inside. 'well that was easy' you think. You and Harry go grab a drink (yes, alcoholic) and go dance!
  8. At first your dancing to Sorry For Party Rockin' by LMFAO but somehow the song One Thing comes on! "how convenient!" you yell since the music is loud. "at least they didn't ask me to sing, one time I had to do that at a party!" Harry yells. "so do you go to parties a lot?" you ask. "yeah, except the other boys don't really like to a lot." Harry replies. All you say is "Oh" then go to get another drink.
  9. **Fast Forward** **Harry's P.O.V.** I couldn't find _____ and I was starting to get really worried. The last time I saw her she was taking shots with Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez. I guess I will go look outside. I walk out the door and turn the corner when I run into someone. It's _____.
  10. "hey mr.curly hair! I have been looking everywhere for you!" _____ says. I could tell she wasn't sober. "ummm hey. Why don't we go home?" I asked her. "to your place? Hehe, okay." she says. "sure. Now let's go." I say. I take her and and she just starts giggling. She won't come with me so I pick her up.
  11. "let's go have some fuuunnnn!" she says. "okay, sure." I say. "you promise?" she asks. "yeah." I reply. I wasn't really sure what she was talking about so I just answered with a "yes". I took _____ to the car and sat her down in the back. She kept kissing me and trying to make out with me but I had to focus. "______, we gotta go home." I said. She backed off and put a frowny-face on.
  12. Soon enough we were home. I carried _____ inside and layer her down on the couch. "Goodnight ______." I said. "but I wanna sleep with you." she pouted. "sorry but the mates would get mad." I replied. "hehe, mates. So they are like your soulmates?" _____ asks. "what? No! Mates... As in buddies." I said. Then suddenly ______ pulls me down onto the couch and really close. "what are you doing _____?" I asked. She was acting very strange since she was drunk. "you promised we would have some fun." She replied. "yeah. And we did have fun now you need some sleep." I said. I knew exactly what she was trying to do. "sorry _____ but not right now." I said. I got up and left her on the couch to fall asleep.
  13. **Your P.O.V.** you wake up to see Zayn. "what the heck!" you yell. "shhhh. Everybody else is still sleeping." Zayn whispers. "anyways, why are in our temporary house?" "I was just going to ask youths same thing." you say. "well I do remember only some things." "Like what?" Zayn asks. "well all I remember is Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Johny Depp, and Harry." you reply. "then maybe we should talk to Harry." Zayn says. "but before we do, would you maybe umm want to hang out tonight?" Zayn asks. "sure." you say with a smile.
  14. You and Zayn run upstairs into Harry's room. "should we wait til he wakes up?" you ask. "nope." Zayn says as he jumps ontop of Harry. Harry just starts cussing at Zayn, thence realizes your here. "_____! Your up!" Harry says. "yeah, yeah, cut the crap." You say. "what are you talking about?" Harry asks. "Why am I at your temporary house?" you ask. Harry then tells you and Zayn everything that happened that night and your actually suprised since you don't normally drink that much. "wellie glad you didn't take control of a beautiful drunk girl." Zayn says. "same here." You say with a smile. "you really think I would do that to _____?" Harry asks Zayn. "yes." Zayn replies. Then the boys start restling and fake punching each other. Eventually they stop and Harry takes you home. Before you leave the car you give him a couple kisses and turn to leave. But he stops you and kisses you again. "bye love." Harry says. You smile and go inside.
  15. CLIFFHANGER!!! Lol I just realized that I didn't add a re-cap and I don't really think you need it here so I will add it in the paragraphs above! Any whoooo, I hope that you liked this quiz! I am almost done with my trip and I think part 8 will be out... Tuesday or weds day! Thanks!

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