My Last Quiz Ever and I mean it!

I've made quite a few quizzes this year and mostly I've had low ratings and degrading comments. Could this be why I'm retiring from GoToQuiz???????????

Find out why I retire, whether you're responsible, but the only thing I've got left to say is Keep The Kayleigh Harding Spirit alive and take all my other quizzes! Bye!

Created by: Kayleigh Harding

  1. This is my last quiz, y'know.
  2. Did you leave a degrading comment on another of my quizzes?
  3. What if I told you that comment might just be the reason why I quit?
  4. Are you sad to see me go so sadly?
  5. What teletubby are you most like (one of my quizzes)?
  6. Should I make another quiz (leave comment so I know)?
  7. Did you rate any of my quizzes under 5 stars?
  8. I'm bored of entering questions
  9. Do you even like me??????
  10. Final Goodbye

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