2:16 in the Morning p.9

Sadly, this will be the last 2:16 quiz in the series. It has 20 questions so please enjoy it. I want to thank everyone for taking these quizzes and to the people who rate and leave comments.

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Created by: chaz55
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  1. You're too scared to answer. You know whoever you don't say will kill you ... somehow ... even though they will be dead.
  2. Who are you going to choose?
  3. All of the sudden, Matt comes from inside a truck with a gun. He starts shooting and tells everyone of us to duck.
  4. Stephano got hit, Roger got hit and Andrew got hit. The people who were being held onto by them got free and came to you.
  5. "Well, well Matthew. My most trusted spy. How could you?"
  6. Bam. You couldn't look. It was Matt. You start to cry. "Anyone else who would like to challenge me?" Dr. Richards shouted to everyone.
  7. A scream. You hear a charging scream. Connor's running towards Dr. Richards. "Connor, no!" you scream. He lunges at Dr. Richards. Dr. Richards drops the gun and is down.
  8. Gabe runs for the gun which is a foot away but Dr. Richards escapes to get it first. With one click he's on the ground, not moving.
  9. As your in tears you shiver in pain and you don't know what to do. Dr. Richards has the gun and unfolds the trigger. It's pointed right at you. You gulp:
  10. He's about to press the button, but what he doesn't realize is Connor's right behind him. Connor grabs the gun from Dr. Richards and throws it to Zach and he catches it.
  11. "Quickly Zach, shoot!" Connor screams. Zach press the button back and in a second Dr. Richards is on the floor.
  12. "So you're not really blind?" you ask. "No I'm not. It was all a trick to make Dr. Richards think I couldn't do anything."
  13. "Guess what, Anna." Zach says. "What?" "It's your turn."
  14. "So this was all just a plan. You just killed your own master so you had my complete trust?" "Exactly."
  15. He pulled back the trigger and shot the bullet. Everything seemed in slow motion until the bullet hit you.
  16. You wake up. You're in your normal bed, normal pjs. You are so glad to know that was all a DREAM!
  17. You look to your clock. It's 2:16 a.m. The time sounds familiar but you ignore it and go back to sleep.
  18. I hope you enjoyed my series {2:16 in the Morning}! Check out my other quiz series called {A Dark Secret} and when you see a quiz out with part 1 looking like this [p.1], you know it might be my series. This is chaz55 and I thank you for taking this series. Please leave comments and rate. I love reading your comments!

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