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  • This was a really cool story line. I liked the twist in it at the end. The big decision was also good for suspense. Then, the emotions mixed within the guys turning on you, along with realizing it was a dream (though being suspicious about that certain time) just made the ending even better. I think that so many things happened right after the other, at times it was hard to follow and there weren't many breaks for the reader to relax. So many guys kept coming in and out as well that the reader doesn't get a chance to actually know them and have her feelings grow toward them. However, it really was a good story line and it was entertaining.


  • i miss Gabe i liked Zach before know im moving over to Gabe because that's my boyfriends name and it's for good luck charlies Bradley Steven Perry and hes hot!!

  • That was an Amazing ending! Great series

  • IT WAS ALL JUST A DREAM?!?!?! well at least that dream has what ill think of it. I STILL MISS DYLAN :'( sorreh if i didnt comment in the others but i want to let you know great quiz though some parts i didnt understand what just happened. its like too fast

  • WHAT! IT WAS A DREAM?! Cool twist. At least it wasn't real. I would of been so sad. Great quiz!

  • Yess i knew it was going to be just a dream(:! Please take mine Love and Tragedy:D

  • To pixystixlove94: Thank you for the advice.

  • THAT WAS A DREAM?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ?!

  • it...it...it was a dream? ='( Well at least I'm not dead


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