The Obliterator: Part 2

Hello! I'm new, and this is my 2nd part of "The Obliterator"! I'm trying to make this pretty fun and this seems to be going quite well. When you get done, rate and comment!

Hello there! This is a story about a teenager named "Nikkili". In the previous part, he wakes up in a hurry to get to the bus. This is kind of a multiple choice story, so enjoy! Rate and comment please!

Created by: Joker1001

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  1. As you walk outside, you realize that your 'luxury' bus is already leaving.
  2. You get in the family van, waiting to get to your school. You say to your dad
  3. Your father gets a very angry expression in his face and is about to yell, but then shuts his mouth, with a sad tilt to his eyebrows. Soon, you can see your high school, 'Starvord Public High School' and get ready to leave.
  4. You run as fast as you can, and you can barely keep up, but eventually you get in front of the bus, waving your hands like you actually do give a fv(k. Eventually the bus comes to a stop, and you get to sit on the bus with some nice leather seating. It pays off to be rich.
  5. As you ride the luxury bus, you actually get to talk to both Zachariah AND Rob. Rob says "Hey man! You got that text?" You reply with "Yeah. What's so urgent to talk about?" He says "Um, you should make sure your sitting away from Zachri (short for Zachariah), this is epic news.". What do you do?
  6. Before you even get to sit down again, he immediately opens his whistle. "Bro, you ready? This is probably gonna sound cliché, but, hey. What part of a teen's life isn't?" Then he sorta crinkles his eyes and opens his mouth wide to look like the XD type face. "Oh god, this is gonna sound stupid, I can tell." you tell him. "Bro, maybe it is, but-" you interrupt him with "Just cut to the chase!" before he can get finished. "You know what, forget it..." He giggles as he looks out the window.
  7. He can't resist as you can tell because he doesn't seem to realize he's laughing uncontrollably. Eventually, he comes to his senses and says "Zachri likes you! Zachri likes you!" like Rigby from that cartoon with the blue bird and brown raccoon. Oh boy, he seems to be acting more childish than normal. "Oh god... Do we HAVE to go through this again?" Soon, though, Rob just continues to laugh maniacally.
  8. Soon enough, you leave the car/bus and walk on the pavement. You see Zachariah walking about in the middle while Rob is WAY behind. Do you decide to go and talk to him?
  9. Rob keeps acting like he's on ecstasy and talks about nothing but you and Zachri. You try to change the subject but he will not let you. He even dares you to walk beside her "anonymously" whatever that means. What do you do?
  10. Eventually you either just forget about him, or never muster up that courage to take his dare. Then you think that you see a rabbit walking on the walls of the school. You eventually rub your eyes and it disappears. You think "Oh great, now whatever he's on is rubbing off on me!" You eventually get inside and?
  11. As you walk past the long stretch of hallways, you finally reach your steps to your class and head straight to your first class's waiting line. You see Zachariah at the end of line, but Rob's not in sight. Your other best friend, Matthew, picks up his backpack, and gestures for you to sit by him. What do you do?
  12. As you go to sit in the end with Zachariah, you start to talk to her, but she's apparently occupied since her dark red hair is facing you and she is quite busy scrounging in her purse looking for something intensely. She is also muttering something but you can only tell she is cursing her purse out. Badly. What do you say?
  13. Before you can talk to her, she finally finds what she was looking for. Her phone. You realize it's ringing a soft voice... Sounds like Nicki Minaj. Before you know it, she's texting something. It seems pretty important, and she has not noticed you yet. You skillfully lean behind her and read. Her phone reads "Why did U miss my B-day ystrday?" Zachariah looks at the text, almost about to type back, then lets out a deep sigh, followed by putting the phone back in her expensive leather purse. After she does that, she looks to her left and sees you. She's jumps because she wasn't expecting you, then settles down and says quietly, "How long have you been here?!" You say
  14. She says "Personal matters. Just leave right now.". Well, that does it for now. Maybe that's why Rob was teasing you so much earlier. Whether it is or not, she doesn't pick up the phone and looks straight ahead with a face that she almost never shows. You'd ad best leave right now.
  15. As you sit by Matthew, he is eager to tell you some news. Before you get to settle in, he says "Dude, there's a talent show in like, 2 weeks!" Followed by "You gotta let me host, man!" You have almost always been the talent host, and now he wants to be it. What do you say?
  16. "Well, May-" Matthew says before he is interrupted by your math teacher, Mr. Pulaski. He says "Class... Pop quiz about decimal exponents. Now." you never have liked him, mainly because he's quite rude and he teaches math in the hardest way he can. You cringe. You have always been good with math, but you hate Mr. Pulaski, and everybody knows he hates you in particular. He gives you the evil eye with a grin. What's your move?
  17. Well, that's finally the end. This took me a few hours, so please rate and comment and tell others!

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