WoS Fangs: Part 4 "Suspicions"

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Hey guys. This is Part 4. Suspicions. Obviously, Lucky doesn't trust Minx. Well, duh, how would YOU feel if some random person waltz into YOUR territory with YOUR best friend?!!

Sorry it's really short. And on the results, there's a chance you may get one that says "Part 5" in it. Ignore it :) I meant to type "Part 4". Thanks!

Created by: Angel Fox

  1. PREVIOUSLY ON WOS: "So... your mother is dead?" Tears brimmed the he-wolf's eyes. "Yes. Last night word got out. I actually came up here to ask everyone to help out in the burial. But first... let's try out this cool song!" And they sang it in perfect harmony, feeling the love and sentimental emotions in their hearts. Together. ❤ Not too far away was a reddish brown female wolf named Lucky, who was very cautious of this newcomer. ❤ Before leaving, they thanked the black wolf for keeping their Nymphpups occupied. ❤ "Relax," sighed Kelty. "It's just me. From the Ultra Violets. And I bring terrible news." Flashfire sat up, her one ear intensely pricked. "What is it??" So the messenger told the Sun Ray alpha of the Nega Moons capturing a subject,m and that they may be headed towards more suspecting territory. So the UVs and SRs had to band together to rescue and protect the others!!
  2. Phoenix soon stood outside of Seaelda's cave, and howled abruptly to announce her presence. Also, howling warmed her insides. It was frigid outside, and the slushy white snow froze the poor alpha's paws off.
  3. Before long, Seaelda was outside to face Phoenix, squinting in the blinding icy wind. "Phoenix?? Is that you?" she wondered, still squinting. Phoenix nodded. "Blast this freezing weather. Even the moisture in my eyes are icing over." she blinked a little. "Anyway, I have come for a special conversation between the two of us." "Then you should come in," Seaelda insisted, and they both entered the den.
  4. "Yes! Of course," Seaelda barked. "Bring your whole pack. We must make a stand. I should have brought you guys along in our last battle..." "Don't worry," Phoenix assured. "I will gather them. Why don't we all meet tonight in your main cave?" The Ultra Violet alpha considered this. "Very well," she decided after a moment of pondering. "My sincerest thanks goes all to you. I'm so glad we can all show those Nega Moons a lesson!" Phoenix nodded as if to say "good day to you!" and was off.
  5. The next morning Endra sang again, this time with Kaduea at her side. They howled long and clear, and Endra thought Kadeua's voice was "beautiful", and vice-versa. After the duet, the he-wolf left for his teaching job. "Want to come along??" he asked. Endra was reluctant, for she had never taught anything before. She wasn't even that good at learning herself! But, remembering Kadeua's smooth and powerful singing voice, decided that she wanted to spend more time with him. A smile spread to her lips as she agreed.
  6. As they proceeded to hunting grounds, Lucky spotted them and decided to follow. She didn't trust this newcomer, not one bit, and had her heart set on proving this "Minx" girl was a fake!
  7. Kadeua shook his head as if to say "hello" to the Nymphpups when they had got there. He introduced his "assistant", Minx, who the pups seemed to go ga-ga over.
  8. Lucky crouched in the bushes, glaring eyes fixed sternly on Minx. Minx would be ready when the newcomer's patch was in sight. And then she saw it.
  9. It was so obvious! This so-called "Minx" was ever-clearly an Ultra Violet! She slipped away silently to warn the others.
  10. Sorry. I know this was really short. :(

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