WoS Fangs: Part 3 "The Real Endra"

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Created by: Angel Fox

  1. PREVIOUSLY ON WoS Fangs: They both stared at each other for moments; the vigorous beating of their hearts drowned out the noise of the raging battle. ... "Who... who are you??" Kadeua wondered aloud finally. ... "Well," Endra began, "it started a long time ago. As a Nymphpup I was captured by the... Ultra Violets..." ... "Cannot you see? The war has ended and lives were lost. That rotten Seaelda murdered Tweg and almost your mother." ... That night, "Minx" slept with everyone in the Main cave. ... "Seaelda," he cried. "I think Endra has been captured by the Nega Moons!"
  2. It was early morning over Nega Moon territory and the bright, orange morning sun was just appearing over the horizon. This meant it was time for Endra to sing to her mother. You see, her father taught her a song when her mother, Alandra, and uncle, Amagar, passed.
  3. She stood on a ledge just outside of the Main Cave. It went like this: "Ko-na-ru, Ko-na-ru, oh dear Olhen, Ko-na-ru... in Me-mor-i-a telhew, Kon-a-ru, Ko-na-..." She was cut off by a voice. "Watcha singing?" Endra whirled around with panic in her eyes, but to find that Kadeua was back from foraging... FINALLY.
  4. "Umm... nothing." "Come on, Minx. I heard you. And, hey, not too shabby! You have a pretty... good voice." Endra blushed. Then she smiled and looked at him with a twinkling in her eye. "I can teach you if you want." Kadeua nodded in agreement. "Sure!"
  5. "When my mother and uncle passed away," explained Endra, "My father taught me a song that I could sing to anyone I miss." Kadeua was confused. "But... aren't your real family HERE??" Time for more lies. "Uhhh... um... I mean, the family that ADOPTED me in the Ultra Violet pack." "Oh. So what do all of those strange words mean??" The white-and-green she-wolf sighed. "Well, this song was originally howled of by an ancient Stargazian language and has developed over the ages. 'Konaru' means 'I miss you'. 'Olhen' means 'loved one', and 'Telhew' can translate to 'it's true'. And what is Memoria, you ask?? Well, my beliefs are that when a Stargaze wolf dies, they move to a magical heavenly stage called 'Memoria'. Everyone sprouts wings, but those who have been none but evil during their lives become something called Ink Hounds." Kadeua was suddenly very interested. "Wow... that's awesome. Mind if I sing to my Mum and Tweg?" "By all means," she answered politely. "So... your mother is dead?" Tears brimmed the he-wolf's eyes. "Yes. Last night word got out. I actually came up here to ask everyone to help out in the burial. But first... let's try out this cool song!" And they sang it in perfect harmony, feeling the love and sentimental emotions in their hearts. Together.
  6. "Oh, sorry," he apologized. "I've got to get to hunting grounds. I'm also a Nymphile Prep mentor, you know. Bye Minx." And the amused wolf trotted away. Endra sighed, eyes glazed over in heartfelt condition. Not too far away was a reddish brown female wolf named Lucky, who was very cautious of this newcomer. Her friends besides Kadeua, Luna (a silver wolf with dark stripes), Scarlet (a crimson red wolf), and Serf (a black wolf with silver muzzle and white legs). "Hmm..." thought Lucky suspiciously. "This 'Minx' girl is quite the vocalist, isn't she??" Serf smiled warmly. "Yeah, she's pretty good." Little hearts danced around his eyes. "I wonder if she wants to howl with me sometime??" Luna nudged him, glaring. "How disrespectful. She is obviously very happy with Kadeua." "See?" grumbled Lucky. "THAT'S the problem. She seems like a fake. How could she know that stupid song anyway? Minx is a fake, all fake. She doesn't belong here and is probably a spy from the Ultra Violets!" Serf gasped. "Do you know what this means?!!" The confident she-wolf nodded quickly, but her companions just laughed. "Looks like someone is JEALOUS!!!" Lucky growled, silencing them. "You guys are acting like foolish Nymphpups! Be mature and think about the scenario for a moment, will you??" She grimaced some more and slipped away, following Kadeua and Endra to spy on them. But as soon as she was gone, Scarlet whispered: "I still think she's jealous."
  7. Now, let's check on those Sun Rays finally :)
  8. Solstice, a pitch black female Dewtree with a ghostly white streak down her back and a red pack emblem, was bounding happily through the snow. She loved winter, and was so happy that part of Sun Ray territory was a vast field. She was soon joined by three Nymphpups who had ran away from their cave. Their names were Cricket, Jujubee, and Swoop. Cricket, male, was Navy blue with a pale green mark and violet eyes. Jujubee, female, was orange-red with a white belly and pack emblem. Her eyes were a striking teal blue. And finally, little Swoop, male, the shyest of the pups, was silvery white with a gray-black muzzle, left ear, and all legs except the right front one. He had teal blue eyes as his sister, and his mark was jet black. They romped and played with Solstice until their parents, Thicket and Wingbeat, found them, scolded the naughty pups, and sent them home. Before leaving, they thanked the black wolf for keeping their Nymphpups occupied.
  9. Phoenix, a dark orange female with blonde paws, fiery red irises, and a gold mark, and Flashfire, female alpha of the pack, with crimson coat like Phoenix except with white muzzle and legs, oddly sunset-pink eyes, and minty green pack mark, padded up to Solstice. "Solstice," panted Flashfire, "we need you on duty for watching over the Nymphlets in the Infantry Cave. Do you accept?" "Why, sure," replied Solstice happily, always eager to obey her leader. She trotted gracefully away to fulfill her duty. Meanwhile in camp, Jay was pacing alone in his cave. He had a light gray pelt that shone -like the moon itself- in starlight, and dark blue eyes. He was usually picked on because of his small size for a Dewtree and crucially sensitive ears. (Go to the forums to see his backstory by Absol Heart! In the stage!) Why the pacing? Well, this strange-minded wolf wanted to get revenge on all who had mocked him: Phoenix, Solana (we'll get to her later), Solstice, Sorrel (later), and many others. Anyway, he was sick of all the taunting.
  10. Flashfire was laying in her cave, sharpening her claws on some edged rocks, when Kelty, an Ultra Violet messenger, burst into the mouth of the cave. Alarmed, Flashfire howled: "Who is it?!!" "Relax," sighed Kelty. "It's just me. From the Ultra Violets. And I bring terrible news." Flashfire sat up, her one ear intensely pricked. "What is it??" So the messenger told the Sun Ray alpha of the Nega Moons capturing a subject,m and that they may be headed towards more suspecting territory. So the UVs and SRs had to band together to rescue and protect the others!!
  11. Thanks! I hope you enjoyed this episode, and if your charrie isn't in this one, then I'll get it in sometime.

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