WoS Fangs: Part 1 "Trouble Brews"

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Welcome to the mighty and adventurous land of Stargaze!!! Wolves of Stargaze is a series I've been working on for a long time. Many awesome people have become one of us. So... will YOU??

Special thanks to all who have joined. If your character doesn't star in this part, then I PROMISE it will next time. Thank you for your patience! Yay!

Created by: Angel Fox

  1. Welcome to the magical land of Stargaze. Here, three packs live (Sun Ray, Ultra Violet, Nega Moon)... but not in harmony. You see, the Nega Moon pack is extremely evil, craving power and rule over all of Stargaze.
  2. The good packs, Sun Ray and Ultra Violet, work together to ward off attacks and evil. BUT, it IS possible for a member of the dark pack to grow a pure heart.
  3. Well, it will take too long to explain here, and we have to get to the story, so I'll tell you this: if you want to know every single dingle little detail about the series, then open a new tab, go to the GTQ forums, then the stage,then the "Wolves of Stargaze: Fangs" thread. Read the FIRST post. Or you could read the library version, it is popular, but it's less detailed. OH, ONE MORE THING: Another job is the "Cleanser". They heal other's wounds.
  4. Don't forget: at those same threads you can become one of us.
  5. And now we can begin! Sorry, But first I just had to make sure you knew what you were doing.
  6. The setting is a cold, brisk day in Nega Moon territory. Winter is approaching, and a few early wolves are rising to the occasion. Prey was becoming more scarce by the moment, and this year, the Nega Moons had fought and quarreled so much that they failed to gather much for the cruel winter. So today is the day mass groups of Foragers (also called Gatherers) are sent out to... well, forage.
  7. Kadeua yawned, stretched, and blinked his hazel eyes a little. A full-grown Dewtree, this tough, shaggy brown wolf would need more rest. But he had been called on a special mission as a forager. "Wow," Kadeua sighed. "I've never hunted in wintertime before. Especially on a stinging cold day like this." He rose and yawned again, heading for the mouth of the cave. Before he knew it, Kadeua was by the stream, clawing his way through the thickening sheet of ice over the stream, searching for salmon or other fish that swam downstream in the winter.
  8. Suddenly he heard a faint voice. "Kadeua?" It was, to Kadeua's surprise, his parents. The alpha leaders of the Nega Moon pack. Their names were Zarra and Zanthar, brave and strong. "Kadeua, boy," spoke Zarra in a fresh tone, "we just came here to moniter all the Foragers. Making sure they... mmm... do a good job and such. We ARE the alphas after all." They both smiled sweetly, which nearly sickened Kadeua. He sighed. "Mum, Father... I know you are here to be your overprotective selves." "But, Kaddy," Zanthar cried. "What if you fall in the stream?!! You are much too precious." Now the brown wolf was angry. "You are causing me to stray from my work!" Kadeua spat. "It is my duty! I MUST not upset my pack... I must not upset you." His parents understood, and hung their heads. "We are grateful for such a headstrong, hardworking toughie like you, son," said Zanthar calmly. And with that, they both left.
  9. Suddenly, a dark-grey blur whizzed by, leaping gracefully yet speedily over the stream. Then the figure took shape as it stopped, wheeled around, and faced Kadeua. But it was only the shy and well-reserved pack messenger, Flight. Her crisp golden eyes gleamed in the winter sun. "What is it this time, Flight?" The he-wolf asked. "Oh, oh, oh!!" Flight cried. She swung her head from side-to-side and screamed: "WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!! BY THE ULTRA VIOLETS!! Umm... so prepare for battle! NOW!" Kadeua sighed. "Okay okay... my chipmunk, you don't have to yell! I'm coming." They both set off through the woods to warn the others.
  10. Meanwhile, the Ultra Violet pack was reluctantly heading towards Nega Moon territory, lead by their viciously eager leader, Seaelda. During the march, a weary omega wolf trotted up to Seaelda. "Leader," Endra (the omega's name) whined. "Why must we go through with this? It is highly irregular for a good pack to attack another. I feel... as if WE are turning evil by making this decision!" "Impossible!!" Seaelda growled, slightly scraping Endra's cheek. "I know something fishy has been going on with the Nega Moons, and I am tempted to do anything to find out what is going on." "But..." "No 'but's!" silenced the leader. She looked deeply into Endra's eyes and said: "I know it in my heart. Now, omegas are in the BACK! Have you already forgotten pack regulations??" Endra hung her head and closed her purple-and-gold eyes. "No, Leader." The peacemaking omega high-tailed back to the end of the line.
  11. Endra HATED being an omega. Seriously, they got NO respect, yet had to respect everyone around them. It just wasn't fair.
  12. It was tradition that in a battle, the leaders of the packs had to fight each other without any help or support from other wolves. And that is exactly what Seaelda planned. But, when Zarra and Zanthar found her, they immediately chased her furiously into the woods. Meanwhile, Endra refused to fight. It was just so silly how one feeling could change your life forever. So she fled to the stream for at least SOME peace. ALSO meanwhile, Kadeua had just been beaten by a feisty orage-red wolf with steel purple eyes named Allacay. Allacay was then pounced on by Kadeua's good friend Tweg, so this gave him time to escape. "Thanks, Tweg!" he cried, racing to the stream for some peace and quiet from the battle. He knew it was wrong to just exit an important battle like that, but hey, he DID need to catch up on some fishing for his job.
  13. At the stream, Endra was drinking the icy cold water, though it stung her tongue, and enjoyed the crisp winter view. The beauty of it all helped her drown out the noise of the dreadful war. But then she heard a noise.
  14. THIS noise was a little rustling in the underbrush. Oh no, a Nega Moon! thought Endra. I have to do something!! Quickly, she scraped a few icy minkberries off of a bush and smeared it over her eye. Soon, she has disguised herself well enough that it was impossible to tell what her pack mark was. When asked about it, I'll pretend it's blood, thought Endra sneakily. And, even if this failed, the she-wolf hoped her pure white coat with pale green streaks hid her well in the bushy and wintry forest.
  15. Kadeua soon appeared into the opening to fish. But when he and Endra's eyes met, their hearts just... stopped.
  16. -To Be Continued- (Hope you liked, and remember to become one of us to star in this series!! Some lucky members: LuckyFirefly, Starling, Wolf Heart, LoneShadowWolf, Silvergirl, and more! And if your wolf didn't star in this part then I will DEFINITELY get it in next time. The Sun Ray pack is big in Part 2: "Embers of Destiny". Thanks so much!

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