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  • "Oh my gosh please stop, just stop that is so wrong"
  • "When you discover there is actually one more chip in the bag. XD"
  • "When you discover there is actually one more chip in the bag. XD"
  • An apology
    "Okay! Thank you guys. Just, ohmygosh, I have SO much to do and I can only be on here once a day!!! DX"
  • Popsicle and Fang.
    "This looks REALLY awesome! I'd love to see this as a book. ^^"
  • An apology
    "I'm really sorry I've been kinda inactive, and without warning too. I just have been super busy with other things. But I missed you guys! Li..."
  • Cavernclan
    "oh my gosh LUCKY FIREFLY YOU'RE BACK!!! I just missed you... just SO much!!)"
  • "Melinda followed happily. "Right!""
  • Hm.
    "Don't go dark. I know people sometimes feel like they need to be dark to be powerful. More and more people fall to the clutches of their inn..."
  • Mermaids of Coral Ocean
    "You're so welcome! XD)"
  • "Bump? Sorry, guys.)"
  • Super Smash Bros Rp?
    "Sonic nodded, though he had not really been paying attention to what Ness was saying. "Uh... yeah," he replied blankly."
  • Super Smash Bros Rp?
  • Cats of Evealot Kingdom
  • Mermaids of Coral Ocean
    "Oh, yeah! I'll do that!^^)"

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