If It's Love-- Part 1

Again, for girls only. Anyway, in this story-quiz, school's out and you're invited to a party. There you meet three guys, James, Sage, and Rafael, who change your life forever.

Even though you already have a boyfriend, sweet and understanding Daniel, those boys can't get enough of you. But, in the end, who will you fall for???

Created by: Angel Fox
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  1. Last day of school. FINAL PERIOD. The class sits tensely, fingers drumming on desks. You grit your teeth as the clock counts down the precious seconds. Suddenly... oh wait. It's just the teachers voice. "Now class..." Mrs. Oglie begins. "BBBRRRRRRIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!" Ooh, the bell beat her haggish voice. Kids everywhere scream in excitement. You jump out of your seat and race out the door.
  2. 9th grade is over and done with! You're FRRRREEEEE!!! ...Well, not completely. Your arch-enemy, Rozelle, is handing out invitations to everyone. Even you! Strange, you think, I thought she hated me. The card says right now, there's an end-of-the-lame-school-year party going on at her house. Without asking your parents' permission, you go over there immediately to get your party on. But when you arrive, you think:
  3. However you feel, you decide to stay. Rozelle comes up to you and says, "I still hate you, you know. But the more, the merrier. 'Merrier' meaning more popularity to me! Heh-heh, smell you later." She turns up her nose and walks away. Then you notice, by the snack counter, three hot dudes are chatting away. One of them, who has frisky red hair and pure blue eyes (and freckles!), spots you. "YO! My cutie alarm is GOING OFF!!" he says to the others. Oh no, you think. You're already dating a sweetie named Daniel! And now here's someone else who... well, you just hope he's kidding. You walk over to them and introduce yourself. Then they usher THEMselves. the red-head jokester is Sage. A rugged blonde with sparkling brown eyes is James. And the brunet with icy blue eyes is Rafael. Sage smiles and blushes. "Sorry, (you), I didn't mean the alarm thing." You forgive him with a small giggle. James boldly wriggles his eyebrows at you, then gets you some punch. But Rafael, who looks shyest (therefore cutest) of them all, just nods with a near-invisible smile.
  4. You soon become friends with these three dudes. But, you don't forget Daniel. You get totally busted for going to a huge boy-girl party thrown at a mansion without asking. After two weeks, though, you are no longer grounded. Your phone is returned, and on it are 57 text messages from the guys! And some from Daniel! They kept asking you to hang out with them or go out with them. You texted back to the three boys, and explained you were grounded and that you already had a boyfriend. The next day you went to "Creamy Dream Café", your usual hangout spot. Daniel was there, talking to James! As soon as you entered the café, Daniel rushed up to you and hugged you. "Where the heck WERE you?!!" The brown-haired, green-eyed boy said in shock. You hugged him back and explained everything. Turns out, Daniel and James were friends! You three all sat at the same table, sipping smoothies. Soon, Daniel announced that he had to go to the bathroom and would be right back. When he was gone, James said, "Grounded, huh? For a stupid party? Man, I go to parties like that all the time." You blush, embarrassed. "Oh. Well..." Suddenly, James leans over and kisses you on the lips! It's a long and meaningful kiss; you are lost in his lovely brown eyes.
  5. In the midst of your osculating (kissing XD) Daniel returns from the restroom. You pull away from James, but it's too late. Daniel totally just got an eye-full of what happened. "(you)!!! What the heck, man!! James, you let her do this?!!" Everyone else in the café jerk their heads towards the scene. You feel so stupid. Your face is red. "DANIEL!" You screech, not knowing what to do or say. "Daniel! I..." James just stands there like an idiot while you struggle with words. "No," steams Daniel. "I was wrong about you." He turns to James. "BOTH of you." Then he faces you again. "*Sigh* (you), we're through. We're done." And with that, he storms out of the café.
  6. The next day, you spot Rozelle with Sage. They're staring dreamily into each other's eyes. They don't even blink! Suddenly, Sage blinks. "Ha! I win," spouts Rozelle with sass in her tone. She kisses Sage on the cheek and walks away. Sage uncomfortably wiped the spittle of the smooch off his cheek. You walk up to him, twirling your hair with your fingers. You place your other hand on your hip. "So... are you two... a couple?" you ask. "Oh, me and HER?!!" Sage gasps in disbelief. "Naw. No way! C'mon, (you)." "Really? You guys looked really into each other. Roz even looked like she was about to cry!" You have a skeptical look on your face. But so does Sage. "Oh, come ON. We were having a staring contest. Couldn't you tell?" Then you realize that they probably just having a staring contest. And, knowing Rozelle, she probably kissed him to make you jealous. "I DON'T like Roz! Here, I'll prove it!" Sage says. Then he kisses you full on the lips. You let it happen, because you are no longer in a relationship with Daniel. But...
  7. A little dizzy from the scene that just occurred, you run away from Sage. "Wait! (you)! Come back! I only did that 'cuz I know you're not dating Dan anymore!" But you don't care. The next day, all you decide to do is lay on your bed and text your friend, Claire, telling her what has been happening for the past few days. You can't take any more surprises. Claire totally understands your situation and feels bad for you. But, of course, soon a message from James appears. It reads: "Hey, doll, wanna head to the café?" You reply with: "N-O SPELLS NO!! You ruined my relationship, stupid! I only like you as a friend, so stop bothering me!!" Then ANOTHER message appears from Daniel, saying: "I'm so sorry for how I acted. James confessed he kissed you. We're not friends anymore." You feel very touched by this text, reminding you why you started going out with Daniel in the first place. You reply, saying that you totally forgive him and the boys have been kissing you unexpectedly lately. But you don't say you're going to get back together... yeah, you still need to think about that.
  8. Well, you think, at least Rafael isn't bothering me. He's so shy and cute! Maybe, just maybe, he's your dream boyfriend. So you text him, and ask if he wants to hang out. Not a date--- just a little get-together. And he agrees. So you two go to (not the café, Rafael says he doesn't enjoy that place) the park. It's a beautiful summer afternoon. The breeze is gentle, the birds are singing. You two sit on a wooden bench and enjoy the peacefulness. But the silence is disturbed by a romping terrier that crashes into the bench! "Fergus!" Rafael cries. "You silly boy." The dog is scooped up into Rafael's arms. Fergus immediately sniffs you out and considers you. He gives Rafael a pleased look that says: "Hey, your friends are my friends!" You smile and rub Fergus's stomach. He flips for you, leaping into your lap and licking your face. You laugh, and so does Rafael. HEY! You had never seen him laugh before! You two play with the adorable terrier until it gets late. You wave goodbye to Rafael and go home.
  9. So, you've met all the boys. James is a bad-boy daredevil, Sage is a pleasing jokester, Daniel is a kind and understanding forgiver, and Rafael is a shy but energetic friend. WHO'S YOUR DUDE?!!
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