If It's Love-- Part 2

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I hope you enjoy Part 2! Yay! It's finally here! WHAT HAPPENS THIS TIME... 1.) Your cousin Olivia is visiting you, 2.)You and Daniel become just friends, 3.)Rafael starts to act strange...

Enjoy! Part 3 is coming up!

Created by: Angel Fox
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  1. You really enjoyed spending time with Rafael yesterday, not that you liked him though, so you text him again about going to the park. Once more, he agrees. You get ready. But before fleeing out the door, your mother stops you. "Where are you headed, honey?" she asks. "Oh, just to the park, Mom," you reply. "Well," your mother explains, "Your cousin Olivia is going to be here soon. She's staying for a few weeks." You can't believe it. Olivia is your favorite cousin EVER!! People are always mistaking you two for best friends. Because you are-- AND related! "Mom," you protest, "just for an hour or something! Please! Then I'll get ready." Your mother agrees reluctantly. And with that, you head out the door.
  2. On the way to the park, you spot James skateboarding. And man- he is GOOD- and you gotta admit he looks really cute with his wild blonde hair "waving" to you, brown eyes glistening in the sun. Then James notices you, gets off his board and runs up to you. "Hey, cutie," he says, grasping your hands. Even if you love him (for those of you who do), you jerk your hands away and sit down on a nearby bench. "Uhh... hey..." you breathe, still embarrassed from the café scene. James is about to speak when Rafael appears around the bend! He looks frustrated, cheeks flushed, eyes wide. "Where the heck were you?!!" he shouts at you. And then he starts speaking so quickly that you can barely understand him. "Gosh (you) I've been waiting at the park for like thirty minutes and I got so worried that... that... ok I'm sorry." He draws in a huge breath after all that talking, and after a few moments he says: "Sorry... I just didn't... I didn't get much rest last night. How 'bout we do this tomorrow, when I'm rested... and sane again." You nod slowly. Rafael peers at James. "Unless you've got other plans." Then he walks away. Boy, that was awkward...
  3. James comes up to you and takes your hands in his again. At this point you feel really nervous. What will this bad boy do next? "Come ON, (you)," James sighs, "you don't wanna date that awkward freak, do you?" Just as you get up to run away, James kisses you on the lips. Again?!! you think. Suddenly, your brain shuts down due to major daze, and you fall into James's arms. James kisses you again, this time... longer. Ho boy. When he is finished, your brain comes back to order, and you shove him away. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!" You screech. "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWA..." (What do you think happens next??)
  4. You return home with a frazzled expression on your face. Your parents notice immediately, of course! "What's wrong?" asks your mother worriedly. "Oh, nothing..." you sigh. "Well, whatever happened," says your father with a smile, "go upstairs. There's a surprise waiting for you in your room!" OLIVIA! you think, and are no longer in a daze. You feel so pumped and excited as you fly up the stairs. "(you)!!!" screams your cousin when you enter your room. "I'm so excited to see you!!" Her flowing red hair bounces as she leaps from your bed to embrace you. "I see you have more freckles than usual!" You tease. Both of you giggle, along with Olivia's hilarious snorts. You admire her sapphire eyes, wishing yours were as pure as hers. "Brought my wallet," huffs Olivia. "Wanna go to the café? That was totally one of the things I was looking forward to! I mean, there are no local cafés in Puyallup, Washington, that's for sure!" You laugh in agreement, but are still uncertain about the trip. What if you run into one of the boys? What if they make a scene and you get embarrassed AGAIN- or WORSE?? You try to figure out this ordeal in your head on the way there.
  5. You reach the café with ecstatic Olivia by your side. Surprisingly, you two see Sage and Daniel chatting at a table! And Rozelle is with them! Your cousin points to Sage. "Wow," she says, "that guy looks SOOO much like me!" Then her finger switches to Daniel. "...But HE is a total HOTTIE!!! Oh my gosh! (you), do you dare me to talk to him??" You tell Olivia about the four boys, even the ones she hasn't seen yet. She kindly understands Daniel was once your boyfriend and she won't go near him if you didn't want her to. "No, you can marry him for all I care!" You didn't mean to say that, but it just slipped out. "Thanks, you're the best cuz EVER!" Olivia squeals. She heads over to Daniel when a sinking feeling washes over you. You watch the following conversation, although you can't hear what they're saying. When Rozelle spots you watching her, she suddenly kisses Sage full on the lips to show off and to make you jealous. There is near-silent mumbling between Olivia and Daniel. Your hands grow clammy. Then finally, Olivia waves goodbye to Daniel and returns to you. "EEEEE!!!" she squeals. "I got a date at the park with Daniel TOMORROW!!! TO-MORROW!!! Isn't that great?!! So, Danny (by the way he lets me call him 'Danny') is reallllly nice! He knows we're related... and, oh! He wants to speak with you. Right now. Is that ok??" You are traumatized by all those words, but lift your head to show that you understand. But do you?
  6. You walk over to the corner of the café, where you see Daniel waiting. "Hey, (you)," he mumbles. You begin to say: "Look, Danny, I'm so sorry..." but he cuts you off. "No, I'M sorry. I heard you and Rafael are a couple now. Congrats. And by the way, love your cuz. She's sweet and bubbly... I really like her. That doesn't bother you, does it?" "Nope! Not at all," you reply happily. "Cool. So... friends?" He holds out his hand and you shake it. "Friends." Then you wave goodbye to Daniel and head out the door with Olivia by your side. The next day, you and Olivia get dressed and ready for your dates (you still must hang out with Rafael today, remember?). But you wonder if that shy Rafael really does like you. I mean, he's oh-so-sweet and kind, and really energetic! But there's still something about him that makes you wonder...
  7. When you arrive at the park, you see Rafael waiting. His dark hair is drooping more than usual. He looks sad, depressed. You sit down with him and put your arm around him. And it looks like he's not stopping you... he just sits contently, shoulders slumped, eyes cold as ice. "What's wrong, love?" you question timidly, afraid Rafael would grow angry again. You start to pull your arm away but Rafael softly grabs it and puts it back in its position. "I'm fine, (you). But why do you call me 'my love'?" You stare at him for a moment. "I'm sorry," you mumble shyly. "It's just... everyone thinks we're dating, and..." "Oh. I didn't know." Rafael interrupts. Suddenly your eyes meet. You sigh. He flinches as your warm breath touches his face. He closes his eyes. But yours shift over to Daniel and Olivia, who are in a disgusting lip-lock. Ugh... it makes you want to barf. When they finally pull away from each other, Rafael's eyes open again. He stands up and starts walking away from you. "Hey, Raf!" you cry, running after him. "Where are YOU going??" When you catch up to him, you give him a big squeeze . "Is something wrong?" "No," Rafael replies. "I'm just a little depressed. Company can't really cheer me up right now. I'm sorry; I should've told you." As he turns to run away again, he whispers darkly: "You can't know."
  8. You follow Rafael to a strange, broken-down cabin. "Stop following me!" he shouts to you stubbornly, but you want to know what's up. So you both enter the cabin. When Rafael sees you again "stalking" him, he screams. The fierce scream, though, seems so... so ABNORMAL, like a cry for help. It was pitchy and machine-like. Then he turns to you. "That is your warning," he growls hoarsely. "NO," you grumble back. "I will not leave until you tell me what is going on. Why you've been acting so strange lately." Rafael sighs and nods slowly. "First of all," he says softly, "I live here. I am an orphan. But..." he picks up a rusty old box and opens it. Inside are small robot parts, tools, and a photo of an old man. "He built me," he whispers coldly, pointing to the photo. "After the last programming process, my only caring one... left me." You gasp as Rafael slowly... slowly... opens up a panel on his face. Inside are many mechanisms and wires. It just comes all too fast for your brain to handle. You let out a sharp scream and throw up on the ground. "You're a... you're a SYBORG!!!"
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