If It's Love-- Part 3

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Here is the next part... hope ya like it!

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Created by: Angel Fox

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  1. "(you)," calls a whispering voice. "Hey." The voice Is Rafael's! He runs over to you and hugs you tight. When you see his face, you nearly scream. It is all charred and moldy- like a naked, overcooked chicken. You gasp and flee away from him. But Rafael's burnt, roasting hands grab you before you can go far. You struggle to get away from this monster with a crooked smile and crazy bloodshot eyes. "Heh heh heh!!" cackles a creepy, rusted voice that does not sound like Rafael's! Holy smokes! IT'S ROZELLE!!! And she looks and sounds like a zombie! Suddenly, her scarred hand is released from its socket, and it leaps after you. Is it... yes, it is! It's choking you!!! You gasp for help, reaching desperately for something -anything- to help you survive the night. Your glazed eyes clamp shut in fear. You are done for... until a hand, a normal human hand, pulls you away from the scariness! It's Sage! Hand-in-hand, you two fall down a dark hole and land on a fluffy white cloud in... a peaceful sunlit scenery. Everything is silent and serene. You feel safe with Sage by your side. He kisses you deeply. And you kiss him back. But then another hand grabs you- James! Then HE gets his fair share of your lips. You turn around and see Daniel and Olivia! With a sinister smile, Daniel pushes Olivia off the cloud and osculates (kisses) with you. What is happening?!! You're not sure, until you see Rafael... and he doesn't look like an overcooked chicken anymore! In fact, he looks so sweet and kind that you can't help smooching him. But that's not all. You soon see Rozelle (in normal human form) trying to hug Sage... who looks extremely uncomfortable while she is doing so. So he punches her in the stomach and sends her overboard, just as Daniel did to Olivia!! Ha, you think, Rozelle deserves it! And then, The boys disappear. And you wake up. "Oh gosh!" you cry, sitting up in bed and putting a hand to your forehead. "It was all just a dream!"
  2. "Wha--?" says Olivia, who had slept in a sleeping bag on the ground last night. She gets up, stretches, and yawns the loudest yawn you ever heard. "So, bad dream, huh?" she sighs. "I hate 'em, yet you just CAN'T run away from 'em, can you?" she sighs again. But you smile. Waking up to an understanding cousin definitely CHASES the nightmare away at least! You peer out your bedroom window for some fresh air and to regain your senses. And-hey! You spot a family moving in down the street. "Oooh," you sigh when you spot a cute ginger carrying boxes into their new house. And it seems he has a sister that looks your age! We could become great friends, you think. "Lemme see!" mumbles Olivia as she wriggles her way into a small opening to see outside. Getting an eye-full of the new family, she nods slowly and smiles. "Heeeeeeyyyy," she says, watching the ginger boy closely. "He's pretty cute!" You elbow your cousin in the ribs. "Hey," you bark. "No seeking on the job. You already HAVE a guy. Daniel, remember?" That afternoon, you meet the boy and girl you saw that morning. The cute guy's name is Blake, and his sister's name is Iris. They are both SUPER nice. You and Olivia make instant friends with Iris, and Blake even winks at you! (By the way they are both British, and they have awesome accents!) You also like the new kids' parents. They are so sweet and offer you cookies! You and your cousin stay until evening.
  3. The next day you hear your phone ring wildly. You answer it, and it's Rafael! He apologizes for freaking you out and thinks you should keep the "robot" thing a secret. You agree; poor guy!!! But then Raf says something that stops your heart. "We... we can't hang out together anymore. I need you to keep quiet about me because... well... the government has already found out about my bionics." "WHAT?!!" you nearly scream. "But I really like you!! What...?!! Crud! I mean, what the heck are they gonna DO to..." "(you), calm down. I'm sorry." Rafael's voice grows more tense. "They are going to experiment on me in a few days. I will be gone for... awhile..." Suddenly, everything seems dim. Tears slide from your eyes as you say goodbye to Rafael for probably the last time. As your phone is set down, you sit there, face red, tears rolling. How can this happen?? The government will RUIN that syborg! They will shut him down! They will... they will... "Hel-LO?!!" You hear someone cry in your ear. You jump and turn towards the sound. Oh yes... Olivia. "Are you OK?? I mean I heard you crying all the way from the bathroom as I was getting ready for... oh yeah and by the way I'm going on another date with Daniel today do you mind?" She takes a huge breath and you turn to her in wonder. "I'm fine," you choke. "But another date?? You just had one." "Oh well!" sighs Olivia heading out the door. "You can come with me if you want."
  4. As you wipe away the last of your tears, you get dressed and prepared for the park. You secretly hope you will bump into Rafael, but then remember that is NOT *sigh* going to happen. At the park, Olivia sees Daniel, races up to him and squeezes him tight. And Daniel embraces her back. "Oh, hey (you)! Nice to see you again." You manage a weak smile and wave. Then you leave the two and sit on a nearby bench. Looking away from the couple that deeply disgusts you, you spot--- is that...? Yes! It IS! It's Blake! Finally, someone else to talk to. You begin to reach him when you trip on the curb and crash to the ground! Everyone at the park -which is a lot of people- stare at you oddly. You are SO embarrassed! Then you hear... snickers? Hey... that voice is familiar! You turn around... Rozelle!!! You didn't trip on the curb, she tripped YOU. Steaming mad, you get up and prepare for a major cat fight. But then you notice Sage and Blake are with you and change your mind. Blake races over to you and examines your skinned knees. "Oh my gosh!" he cries. "(you)! Are you OK??" You wince in pain, but announce that you are fine. Blake puts his arm around you just in case you can't walk... although you can walk just fine...
  5. "You ok, tiger?" Blake asks you as he seats you on the bench. "Yeah I'm fine," you reply quickly. He smiles and rubs your ankle. OWWWW!!!! That hurts! Rozelle laughs but Sage also races over to comfort me. "Oh... I think it's twisted." you groan. And it is.
  6. You find yourself at the hospital with your mom, dad, cousin, and... Daniel? Sage? Blake? JAMES?!! "Is she ok?" James sighs, longingly staring at your red face. "Umm... yeah... it's not like I'm dying here." You are surprised a bad boy like James is worried about something as simple as a twisted ankle. But your mother hushes you. Soon, the doctor is checking the bones in your foot through x-ray and introduces your new friend for a month: Mr. Cast. "Just keep it strapped on for a month or so... then we will take more x-rays and figure out what to do with it then." You nod to let the doc know you understand.
  7. The next day you are laying in bed with a stupid headache. You groan as the pains of your ankle worsens. Then, your father appears with a treasure chest in his hands. "So, how's my little ankle-twister?" he says with a grin. "What do YOU think?!!" you yell angrily. Your face turns red and you start crying. Then Olivia appears. "(you)!!! Are you... are you alright?" "No!" you cry, devastated. "Both of you GET OUT!!!" Your bewildered father and cousin flee from the room. You didn't mean to sound that cross... you cry half-heartedly into your fleece pillow, creating many, many tear stains. The you see the chest, still lying on your bed. You sigh and pick it up. "To: (you), From:
  8. ...Blake"!! Blake? Yes, it's from Blake. You open it, and inside is...
  9. (To Be Continued)
  10. I hope you liked this part :) Sorry it took a while...

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