Complications Part 1: New Girl

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(QUIZ IS FOR GIRLS ONLY.) This is a story about you, a teenage girl, moving into a strange new place with a strange new high school, Hemingsville High.

You decide in Part 1 how you feel about certain scenes. Then, in the end, I will determine how popular you will probably be in the future based on your answers. It took me LOTS of time to work on this, so I hope you rate, comment share, ENJOY! Thanks!

Created by: Angel Fox
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  1. BBRRRRRIIIIINNNNGGGG!!! You open your eyes, squinting in the light of the sun. It's Tuesday. First day of 10th grade... for you, at least. You had just moved in a few days ago, and hadn't fully finished unpacking until now. You get up reluctantly. You had been really popular at your last school, but at your new school (Hemingsville High) anything was possible. Shuffling into some comfy slippers, you start for the closet. Once there, you decide to wear:
  2. Looking in your bedroom mirror to see if you look ok (and deciding you do), you head downstairs for breakfast. But when you get there you realize your brother, Luke, has devoured all of your favorite pancakes and wasted the syrup, too! You:
  3. Whatever you did, let's just say that Luke said he was sorry. "So, Puke, promise not to eat my pancakes again?" you snarl. "YES! YES!" your bro squeals. Soon, your mother and father appear downstairs. Your father is getting ready for work and your mother must make yours and Luke's lunch. After that's done, you brush and floss your teeth, comb your hair, and prepare for school. Before leaving for the bus stop, you check your backpack. You are:
  4. After kissing your parents good-bye, you get to the bus-stop, where some dudes push you towards the back of the line. Soon the bus pulls up and you enter quickly (the driver doesn't seem too friendly!). As you shuffle down the aisle, searching for a seat, you notice everyone is pretending that theirs are saved. Finally, a really cute guy welcomes you to sit next to him. He has wavy hazel hair and icy blue eyes. "Hey, I'm Drake," he introduces. "You must be new here." "Yes, I am," you reply shyly. You tell him your name. "Cool. Neat name!" Drake compliments. You:
  5. Soon the bus reaches your new high school, Hemingsville High. You say good-bye to Drake and exit. Standing a few feet away from you is a prissy-looking blonde who is gossiping away with many others. By the way they are answering her, the chic's name is Kirsty. Then Drake walks by the crowd. You watch in discomfort as Kirsty smiles and winks at him. Drake smiles back, but doesn't stick around. You decide to sight-see a little before the bell rings, so you head over to the nearest billboard to catch up on what was going on at this school. One sign read: "Prom Night! 7:00-11:00 PM on a Friday night. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Held in the cafeteria. Be sure to be there!" Wait... PROM NIGHT?!! That was in one-and-a-half weeks! You think:
  6. The bell rings. What is my first class again? you think nearly aloud. Oh, that's right; Mr. Bonnet. Social Studies. You stumble through the hall, jostled by the vast crowd of rushing high-schoolers. Then you realize that there were WAY less people at your OLD school. You sigh, wondering if your classroom will ever be found. Suddenly... "OOF!" You collapse. A few large items in your bag fall out. "Oh no!" says another voice. You had bumped into another girl! Fortunately she wasn't carrying anything. After getting up and brushing herself off, the girl immediately tries to help you pick up YOUR things. "I really am SO sorry!" she apologizes. "I should really watch where I'm going!" You laugh. "No, it was all my fault. Really! You're ok," you say. You pick up your backpack and thank her for helping. "I'm Lily," she blurts. "Cute name!" you compliment, thinking about what Drake said to you on the bus. You tell Lily YOUR name. "You must be new here, right?" Lily asks. "How did you know?!!" you say, surprised. "Oh... it's my job to show all the new kids around," she explains. "I got used to telling 'new' and 'old' apart." Turns out, you two have the same first period together! You feel:
  7. Lily shows you how to get to a variety of classrooms. But when you enter Mr. Bonnets's... you are a few minutes late! "Not a very good way to begin your days at this school, hmm?" the teacher grumbles as you take your seat next to Lily. You look around your classroom. That "Kirsty" girl is sitting right behind you, and she's giving you an evil eye! Was Drake here, too? Nope. Kirsty volunteers to pass out worksheets enthusiastically, giving off a "snotty teacher's pet" vibe. You:
  8. After first period, it's math. Then science. Then more science. Then English. You sigh. Learning was fun at your old school, but here's it's just WORK! "That's what school is SUPPOSED to be," Kirsty rudely remarks, when she overhears you complaining about the situation to Lily. Flipping her ruffling blonde hair, she leaves, with a bunch of drones following behind her. Lily sighs. "Just stay out of Kirty's way and you'll make it," she explains. "Many people have tried to out-popular her just for the glory. But they fail every time, and become one of her desperate followers. So just stay away from her. Better to be safe than sorry." At this piece of news, you feel:
  9. Finally the lunch bell rings. You enter, lunchbox in hand. The jock table (where Drake sits) and the popular table (where Kirsty sits) are crammed but then you spot Lily at an empty table. She welcomes you to sit with her, so you do. "You know," says Lily shadily, "Kirsty's nickname is Queen K. It's so stupid." You agree. But just as you take the first bite of your sandwich, you notice someone walking towards you... IT'S KIRSTY!!! She looks steaming mad. You feel so afraid that you accidentally swallow that chunk of sandwich in your mouth. Soon Queen K is so close, you can feel her hot, minty breath on your face. She growls: "So, you're that new girl, huh?" Then she spots Lily, who looks more afraid than you do. "Bet that dweeb over there told you my story about how nobody can beat me. Now," she huffs, peering at Drake and then back at you. "Drake is MINE. Well, at least he WILL be at Prom (you weren't thinking on going there, were you?). Anyway, you'd better keep your distance. Because I'm always going to be at the top of the totem pole here. Got it?!!" And with that, she storms away. She talked so fast and didn't even let you answer to "Got it?!!". "I got the same treatment," explained Lily in a worried tone. "ALL the new kids do." Now you think:
  10. Soon it's time to go home. A little dazed by what had just occurred, you rush back to your house as soon as the bus drops you off. Inside, you put away your things. Your brother is playing video games. Your mother is cooking supper. She says: "Your father will return home from work soon. But how was your first day of school, honey cup?" You:
  11. Sorry the quiz was both short and long... but I worked super hard on this. Will you please rate, comment, and look out for Part 2? (This will not affect your score in any way.)

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