Love Complications Pt 6

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Thanks guys for the wait! I know I have a lot of writers block with these but I hope you like them! Anyways here is part 6! Don't forget to hit submit and Comment & Rate 10!

This is a story of Love and Complications. It's becoming even more confusing with all the twists and turns. What will happen? Will you fall for one or loose them all?

Created by: Bluebird

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  1. *Recap* You found out Daniel was a hunter, you teleported Raven back home and you're trapped until you have some more power. Axle was concerned you weren't there and so was Alys. The guys are all concerned and they hope that you get enough power to come back. Comprende?
  2. I struggled against my ropes but that just succeeded into making them tighter. So I sat there and watched them. All doing their own thing. Some watching me for a good show. Daniel looking at me wit an apologetic look which I look at with disgust. I almost had enough power. But I didn't want them to know that. Then they would drain it. I smirked in my mind. Why not put on a little show. Something that will make them worried when I get out of here. They'd all looked away from me. "You know I will get out of here and when I do... you're going to be sorry." They all looked at me and the leader said. "That's what they all say darling but there's no way you're getting out of here." "Oh really?" "Yes really." "Well see about that." I said while leaning back into my chair. I laughed while I summoned up a ball of fire. Since it couldn't work on my ropes or I couldn't burn the building down. I started playing hackey-sack. Yes, with the fire ball. After a while of them watching me, to make sure I didn't burn anything, I decided to make things more exciting. I kicked it in the air and then kicked it right in the middle of the hunters set up. Things had started going up in flames. I cut through the rope with my mind and stood up. I only just got enough energy to teleport. "Goodbye..." I don't think the last thing I said to them is really appropriate to put in this context. So you can fill in the blanks. Well you get the point. I teleported out of that hell hole.
  3. I reappeared in a small forest. Near Raven's house. I ran... faster and faster. I hoped I could get there before anything caught up to me. It was strange but I still hoped Daniel was ok. I saw him... standing in the frame if the front door... Raven... I ran to him and threw my arms around him. "Raven..." "Eliza..." I had started crying without realizing it and he was wiping my tears away. "Shhh... shhh... Eliza. It's ok. You're back now." I felt bad for his tear stained t-shirt. Or should I say Damien's tear stained t-shirt. I recognized it from the hallway on the first day of school. Damien and Cole suddenly appeared. "We're glad you're safe." Said Cole in a gentle voice. "Is it weird... that I want to go back..."
  4. *Raven* What... did I hear her correctly. She wanted to go back... She looked up at me and I realized that I had said that out loud. "Eliza... that's crazy... stay here..." "That's what I thought you would say." She unhooked herself out of my arms and disappeared into thin air. *You* I didn't know where I was going to go but somehow I appeared at the cafe that I went to with Alys, Daniel and Axle the other day. I came inside with the chime of a bell. People looked at me quite openly and then I realized what I looked like. A half beaten down girl who's just been held captive. I actually felt like throwing up. I put on a glamour and made them think what they had seen was their imagination. To them I was all smiles. But to me... I was slowly dieing inside. I sat at a booth and ordered a coffee. I need a good caffeine hit. To them when I got my coffee I paid and headed back to my booth, sat down and sat there happily. But in reality... I was sitting there with my untouched coffee on the table, with my head pulled into my knees... crying. Why did all this have to happen to me? I didn't know... and maybe I never would... Suddenly the bell chimed and I looked up because I felt a magical essence. They could see through my glamour. And know I had one on. I saw Axle... He was staring at me with complete awe and sadness. I left my coffee there and rushed past him through the door. He tried to grab my arm but I rushed out before he could. I sat below the steps in the cold, wet, leaf litter. My head in my knees again... I heard the bell chime again and Axle ducked his head under the stairs where I sat. He saw me and sat beside me. Surprisingly, pulling me into a hug. "But..." "What did you think I was going to do?" He laughed a little. He stroked my hair and kissed my head. He pulled me closer and smile into my hair as he kissed my head again. "I missed you." "So you know now... What are you going to do to me?" "Yes I know. But I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to." This time I hugged him tighter than ever. I really needed it. "I missed you too..."
  5. I still wanted to go back. I wanted to go back to Daniel. "I need to go back." "Go back to were? The place that did this to you... the hunters?" I had told him what happened and now he was like the others. To concerned to know I can fend for myself. I teleported... back to that place. I didn't need their consent... I'm me and I'll do what I want. The building was still burnt from the fire ball I sent their way but they had managed to salvage whatever they had left. They looked at me as I appeared out of thin air. "What are you doing back?" One of them said with a look of awe and horror all at once. I ran to Daniel. "I'm back... for him." I knew he didn't like what he does. He hated being here... but it was the only life he knew. I reached for his arm and he tried to shrug away but I caught it. I teleported out again and this time we landed in my house living room with him on top of me. I still needed to work on that. "Eliza." He said while getting up. "Why did you come back?" "For you..." I replied while starting to climb the steps. "I saw how miserable you were there. I had to help you. You would have done the same for me... if you could." This time I went up the stairs before he could say anything else. I had a shower and cleaned up myself. The cuts still gleamed on my skin and my wrist had ugly red, searing lines around them. I got dressed and stood in my room. Staring out the window. I walked out onto my small balcony as my hair whipped around in my face. Time was moving slow. But my heart was beating fast. I tucked a piece of hair behind my hair but only to have it come out again. I closed the doors to the balcony once I was inside again and I saw Daniel standing in my room. He was just wearing jeans. It was probably the only piece of clothing he could salvage from his clothes. He caught sight of me and pulled me into a tight embrace. We were against the wall and I could feel the pressure of his lips on mine. I kissed him back but he pulled away. "I-I'm sorry..." He said. I could see his scars gleaming on his chest, and a bite mark on the base of his neck.
  6. I touched it and he winced. "You're a vampire..." "Not exactly." He started. He sat down on my bed and patted the spot beside him. I sat down and he began. I looked at him and he started his story. "It was only a couple of years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was out on a hunt. Back then it was the only life I knew. Until I met you. Anyways we were heading to a nest of vampires that had been hunting much to openly for our liking. They... we... reached them and before we knew it we were ambushed. They had known we were coming. They killed too many hunters that day... I-I was one of the few they decided to keep alive. They bit me and I ran back. It was a rush because the poison was running through me. When I got back they told me not to come back until I had no fangs. Even my own family abandoned me. So I went to a church. It started to burn and the time was ticking. So I drenched myself in holy water. I hoped it was a cure for what we called a disease. It worked... Well mostly. I have no fangs but I do have some of their powers. Some would call me a semi vampire and some would call me a... mind reader." "You can read minds." I said but not in a condescending tone but in a confused one. "Yes." "I want to know... Do you know the name of the vampire who attacked you?" "His name... was Cole..."
  7. I know I'm cutting it pretty short but I'm hoping the next one will be longer!
  8. Thanks for taking the quiz and for all the people who commented and rated on previous quizzes! Also thanks for the wait! I know I have a lot of writers block with this!
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