Love Complications Pt 5

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Hey guys welcome to part 5 of Love Complications! Don't forget to comment cause I need comments to continue the quiz! Also don't forget to hit submit! Thanks guys Love y'all!

This is a story of Love and Complications. It's becoming even more confusing with all the twists and turns. What will happen? Will you fall for one or loose them all?

Created by: Bluebird

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  1. *Recap* Daniel stayed the night but left in the morning before you woke up. You went to art and James was being a total a** again. You drew Raven and gave him the drawing, you were chased by hunters and he teleported you to his house. He told you he loves you and then Cole and Damien showed up. You went back to your mums house and had a discussion, you saw Axle making out with some fan girl and Daniel tried to talk to you. You opened your locker and read a note written in Raven's blood. You went to where he was and freed him only to have a surprise of your own. Comprende?
  2. It was... Daniel. He looked shocked to see me and I returned it. "D-Daniel?" I questioned. "Eliza?" He replied in the same tone. "But I-I trusted you! Y-You used me!" "No Eliza I didn't." Raven put his arm around me. "Get away from her foul creature!" Daniel growled at Raven. "Relax bullet head. I'm the only one in this room trying to help her." "Raven..." I began but he just kissed me. I kissed him back and reluctantly pulled away. "Take me instead. Leave Raven alone." "Eli no!" Raven began but Daniel stepped in. "Is this some kind of compulsion... nephilim." He spit it out like a curse word. "She's not a fowl being like you! We don't want to hurt her like you do." "Oh believe me I have no intention to harm her." Raven tried to teleport as he finished the sentence but he just... couldn't. "What is this?" Raven asked, shocked. The hunters laughed. "Teleport proof building beast." One of them said. "Don't call him that!" I said through gritted teeth. I was tempted to release my full anger but I couldn't do that with Raven in the room. Raven had his wings unfolded and I touched the tips of them. They were silver but the rest of the wings were a bronzed white. They extended slightly more at my touch. "Raven I'm sorry..." I only had enough energy left in me to teleport one back to his house because of the teleport proof building. I teleported him and stood there in the room as the hunters descended upon me.
  3. I was trapped. I let them tie me down. 'This is for Raven.' I thought. Until I had enough teleporting juice to get out of here I was stuck. "But how could I not see you were an... abomination." Daniel said after his buddies were done with a punching session. I spit out a wad of blood and said, "There are some things that you're too dumb to know hunter." I spit out the last word like he spit out the word nephilim. "Never question a hunters intelligence!" Said one of the other hunters. "Then don't be so dumb!" I retorted. "You say you know everything about the 'abominations' of the world but you still have heaps of gaps in your knowledge." I was already healed from their last punching session and they watched as I just sat there. They unstrapped me and removed the surgical bench. So I stood up and they all pointed their weapons at me. I sat down in a yoga position, like when you meditate and unfurled my wings. They were a fluorescent white with ends that looked like they were dipped in gold. "B-But that's not possible." Said Daniel again. "So you keep on saying." I say and then I fall silent.
  4. *Axle* I wandered around the school for a while just after the bell went to try and apologize to Eliza. But instead I found Alys. "What do you want Axle?" "Do you know where Eliza is?" "No, do you?" "Why else would I be asking?" "Well I don't know where she is and she hasn't texted me at all today! The last time I saw her I was rushing off to class and she was in the hallway crying! I would have helped her but people were pushing and shoving and I couldn't get through to her." I wondered if this was somehow my fault. I mean it was right after she saw me and that girl... what's her face? Suddenly that girl came up to me and sneered at Alys. "Don't you have somewhere else to be weasel?" She said mockingly to Alys. I just stood there scanning my eyes across the ground for signs of Eliza. Nope none. All traces where gone like they where never there.
  5. *Cole* I stood in Ravens house beside Damien as we patrolled around the area in search of Raven. He suddenly popped out of no where. He had his wings unfurled and he had scars all over his body. But all I said was, "Dude. Put a shirt on." I had to admit I was still kind of jealous from the scene before with Eliza. But Damien seemed to be in a gentler mood and tossed him a t-shirt with slits in the back for his wings if he couldn't fold them back in. But he managed too. He slipped the shirt over his head. "What happened to you?" Asked Damien. "Hunters. They came while I was looking for Eli and they took me to a building. Got a lot of scars and then Eli showed up and teleported me back here. But she's still back there!" I could sense the worry in his voice. "Well we need to go get her!" I said, worried as well. I think we all were. "No..." Raven said as his sadness overwhelmed him. "What do you mean no?! She's stuck back there with a bunch of half wit hunters who are going to bash her senseless!" Raged Damien. "She needs to get enough power so that she can teleport out of there. I can't find the building again and it's normal teleport proof. And if we all go then we'll all be lost. She sent me back here with the last of her power. Now she has to get some more." "Then what are we going to do?" I asked. "We'll have to wait..." Concluded Damien.
  6. Hey guys I know this was short but I wanted to get this out. I hope you liked it! Thanks to everyone who commented and rated on my previous quizzes and don't forget to check out my Hogwarts series! Thanks and Comment & Rate 10!
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