Love Complications Pt 7

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I didn't think this was too good but you all have your own opinions! Please don't forget to hit submit and Comment & Rate 10! I wanted to get this out before I go on camp.

This is a story of Love and Complications. It's becoming even more confusing with all the twists and turns. What will happen? Will you fall for one or loose them all?

Created by: Bluebird

  1. *Recap* You teleported out of the teleport proof building. I know, weird right? You hugged Raven and saw Cole and Damien. You made up with Axle and you went back to the building for Daniel. He told you what happened and that the vampire that made him a semi is Cole. Comprende?
  2. No, it can't be... Cole. The one I know. "What did he look like?" I asked in a gentle whisper. He took a subtle breath and I knew this was hard for him. "He had... blood red eyes and blonde hair. Blood dripping from his mouth. Vampires eyes turn red after they drink human blood. He was lunging at me. Sank his fangs into my neck." "Can you tell... who he is... if you see him?" "Probably..." He whispered. "Not that I'd want to see him..." "Come with me." I tugged on his arm gently and led him off the bed and I teleported. We were back at Raven's house in his front garden. I saw Cole and Damien there talking. We were shrouded from them in the undergrowth but I wasn't going to stay there forever. Daniel shuffled back a little. "Is that him?" I asked in another whisper. "Yes..." He whispered while shuffling back a few more steps. I grabbed his hand and slowly pulled him out from the undergrowth. "You're a mind reader. If he's going to attack Daniel... you'll know." He didn't resist as much when I said that but he still wasn't keen to go. I slowly led him towards Cole and Damien. They slowly turned their heads from their conversation to look at us and Cole's eyes immediately flew over me to Daniel. Damien looked at me and saw the anger in my eyes. He tapped Cole's arm but he stood his ground. "What's the hunter doing here Eliza?" Damien asked. I didn't say anything but I slowly advanced on them. I was walking and every step closer I got the angrier I became. I could see Daniel wanted to get away from Cole and I felt guilty for pushing him on but also pleased that I was standing up for him. I was only an inch away from Cole now and he didn't know what was going on. I stood fully up and slapped him. Hard across the face. He put a hand to his cheek and glared at me but it softened as he turned to Daniel it hardened again. "What did you tell her hunter?!" Damien held his brother as he was going to lash out at Daniel. "He told me the truth Cole. More than you ever did." "Oh sorry Eliza. Maybe I don't want to talk about my past with a bunch of abusing blood sucking vampires and the one time I feed on a human happens to get me beat up by his girlfriend." "I'm not his girlfriend!" I said as Cole smirked. "Sure you aren't." "Why you..." Daniel had to pull me back from lunging at him. "Eli calm down." Came a voice from inside my ear. I knew it was Raven from the nickname. "I hate him! I hate him!" People would think I'm overreacting over a stupid girlfriend comment but it wasn't that. When I slapped him I had a peak into hi mind. Remember how I said I was Nephilim. Well I have lived a very long time and apparently. So had Cole. Meet Vance... Alys's ex husband...
  3. I must have forgotten to tell you. Alys was a shape shifter. "How's that s**t you got a divorce for huh? You still into your old habits of spilling blood on the couch? How do you even feel about killing your own child? I hope you go to hell!" That's right... they had a kid. His name was Felix. Remember that this was way long ago. Like in the 1860's. "How do you know about that?!" He didn't recognize me. I knew him back then. Me and Alys were friends even back then. "Spent too much time with that s**t that you don't even know who I am?!" "Wait Wren?" That was my old name... Wren. Alys was named Gwyneth. "Wait what are you two talking about?" Asked Damien. "I'd like to know." Said Raven. "Me too." Agreed Daniel. "Meet Alys's ex husband. Or should I say Gwyneth's." I spat at him but just missed. "Wren please..." He pleaded with me. "What happened to Felix wasn't me. It was Darica." "But you didn't stop her did you?! You stood there with me and Alys on the ground and Felix just lying there dead! Alys was devastated!" "Wren please... Let me explain." "I think you've done enough." I twisted out of Daniel's grip and turned my back to everyone. I teleported back home before they could see the tears. His name back then was Vance. Alys was blinded by love back then but not anymore. Felix was like a brother to me even though I was like his aunt. Tears clouded my vision and I found myself in the arms of my parents. They had been my parents for centuries and I loved them so much. "Sweetie what happened?" My mum asked. "Vance." Was the only word I said. Felix was 103 when it happened. I was 120 actually. Nepilim stop aging physically around 16 though. Alys was actually 123. Back to the subject though... "You mean Felix..." Said my dad. "Vance and Felix." I answered. "We've actually been searching for Felix for a while now." Continued dad. "But he's gone dad." "Are you sure?" Came a voice from behind me.
  4. I turned to see a guy that was slightly taller than me and had blonde hair. He had blue eyes and he had little fangs and a bracelet from his mother on his wrist. "Felix..." "That's me." The hugest smile appeared on my face and I ran towards him. "You're tall!" I told him as he enveloped me in a hug. We stood like that for longer than necessary and he looked kind of exhausted. Just like the Felix I knew. I was actually younger than Alys and Felix and I did actually have some history. "Are you ok?" I asked. "I'm great now." He said while kissing me on the forehead. I laughed. "You know just because I'm younger than you doesn't mean we're a horrible couple. We're only a couple years apart." "We're not a couple Felix and... You're like my best friends son." He laughed. "Remember when she did set us up though." I laughed this time. "That was fun. How old are we now?." I untangled myself from the hug. "I don't know. Close to 300 I think." "I lost count." I replied with a chuckle. "I better teleport her in." Suddenly Alys appeared with a bewildered look on her face. She saw me and Felix and suddenly she ran into Felix's open arms. "I'll leave you two alone. I've got to get back." "To Vance?" My mum asked me. "To Axle..." I answered. "Who's Axle?" Dad asked. But I was already gone.
  5. I remembered where I'd left him. At the coffee shop under the steps. I teleported back there in the hopes he was still there. It had started raining again and my hair was soaked. I saw him under there with a box of donuts and two coffee's. "Mind if I sit here?" I said as I ducked under the steps. "Go ahead." He said while munching on a doughnut with chocolate icing. I sat beside him and he handed me a coffee. I took it and a doughnut as well. I tasted the coffee and it was just how I liked it. "Rough day?" He asked as I bit into my doughnut. "You could say that." I said with a nervous laugh and a mouth half filled with doughnut. "Bit of an ex husband problem and a missing son." "You?" He asked with a very confused look." "Not me! Alys..." I said with another chuckle. "Oh... good." He said as he pulled me in. before he even got there I had pressed my lips against his. After it I took the last bite of my doughnut and said. "Happy early birthday present." He laughed and I ran out into the rain. He came out after me and chased me around to a small grassy area. He caught me and we landed on the soft, grassy earth. We both chuckled and he kissed my nose and then the corner of my mouth. He was teasing me I knew it and I couldn't resist. I pulled him closer and kissed him full on the lips. "Is that my Christmas present too?" He mumbled against my lips. "You betcha." I said as he chuckled again. He helped me up and I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before I walked away. "Just a kiss on the cheek!" He shouted after me and I laughed.
  6. Guys I know it's short again but I wanted to finish this before tomorrow because that's when I go on camp.
  7. I hope you liked it and if you didn't well... anyways, I didn't think this was that good anyways but I wanted to get it out.
  8. don't forget to hit submit.
  9. If you want Felix as a result than just comment! Remember he is your best friends son.
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