CoFS Part 1: "Destined or Doomed?"

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In a bustling city dwells four destructions that shall live as one, until evil forms that must be chased away. The four destructions are: Pedigrees, Non-Pedigrees, Outsiders, and Pounders.

A special thanks goes to all who have participated in the forums! Thank you all so much, especially you, LuckyFirefly, who I can always count on ;3

Created by: Angel Fox
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  1. So, first, I guess you need to know some of the basics for "Cats of Forton Square".
  2. So, first of all, there are four types of cats in Forton Square. Pedigrees, which were once owned by humans, Non-Pedigrees, who have always been ferals, Outsiders, who have had a choice to join the Pedigrees or Non-Pedigrees, but they didn't want to be either of those, and, finally, there are Pounders, who have either been living at a pound/shelter their whole lives, and/or they are completely new at this and have no idea what the "Forton Square System" (or FSS) is. Peds and Non-Peds have been at war for generations, no one knows why.
  3. Also, there is usually a "leader" for the two destructions (yes, that is the actual term for a group of cats), but it really does not matter. Also, each territory of Peds and Non-Peds has their own special "hideout", if you could call it that. Like the Pedigrees have their own abandoned apartment (you know CoFS takes place in a bustling city, right??) and the Non-Pedigrees have their own junkyard. Peds tend to be a little more high-standards sophisticated-- they are half-domesticated-- and Nonnies are usually a little more solitary and can fend for themselves-- never domesticated.
  4. So I guess you get the drift on the forbidden love between different destructions and all that. But here are a few feline terms you may hear from them: mew (flirty female nickname), tom (flirty male nickname), destruction (group/clan of cats), entwine (marry), entwinement (marriage), mouser (mouse hunter), fowler (bird hunter), scrapper (garbage-eater), and toadcrud (sort of like saying "dang it"). Yep, there are lots.
  5. "Aunt Jezzy??" called Duchess, terrified and shaking from the cold, biting wind. A raging rainstorm had just occurred, separating the poor kitten with her aunt, her caretaker. She was now lost, and could not find Purebred Headquarters anywhere (you know, that abandoned apartment I talked about). Duchess tenses as she heard a distant growling noise. Oh no! the lost kitty thought. Aunt Jezzy warned me about stray dogs and coyotes that roam around here! She sensibly decided to stay put (and silent, and hidden) until another neighboring Pedigree rescued her. But still Duchess trembled in anxiety.
  6. It was just as Duchess suspected. Suddenly, out of the mist, prowled two rugged-looking monsters of dogs. Ruthless strays, the proper, lady-like kitten thought. She remained hidden behind a trash can until the two mutts left, but they didn't leave until they found what they were looking for- whatever THAT was. And then the muscular one of the two canines stuck his big, wet, moist nose where Duchess was hiding! Instinct forced her to scrape that bully for the intrusion. Drawing back in pain and yipping, the other dog (slimmer than his companion) padded up to the little "discovery", growled at it, and announced: "Yes, this is defenitely the one. Nicely done, Butcher." Then he cruelly snatched the startled kitten up in his mouth, and they ran away with her!
  7. "Let me go, you big bully!" cried Duchess, mustering up all her strength, but to no avail. So she hung there limply, sniffling and whining. Finally they made it to an unfamiliar alley. A shadow in the far corner cackled: "Bring her over here, where I can see her." "Leggo!!" cried the near-paralyzed kitten again. But the two dogs only growled and slung her towards the meek yet threatening shadow. She landed on the ground with a thud, sliding up to the shadow's paws. "Let me get a good look at you..." he insisted, holding her tail down so she couldn't escape. Then the shadow revealed himself. He was a sleek black tom with cold majesty-blue eyes that burned holes through Duchess's head when she looked at him. "Who... who are you?!" Duchess demanded, half-frightened, half-determined to find Aunt Jezabelle again. "I," the dark cat grinned, "am your father."
  8. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!" shrieked Duchess, nipping his enclosed paw. The black cat winced in pain, accidentally letting Duchess go. She immediately began sobbing, and would have stormed away if only the two ferocious dogs weren't blocking the exit. "Duchess, please," sighed the tom, padding up to her. "Let me explain." Afraid of what this stranger would do to her, she obeyed, willing to listen but still timid. "I know my outlook doesn't seem very... well, appealing, shall we say," he began. "But I mean well." He pointed to himself proudly. "I am Ocean, leader of the Outsiders. Your mother was an Outsider. You were, too. But after she died, I couldn't be trusted to take good care of you then; my heart was too cruel." His tail twitched when he spied Duchess's silk bow: "But I have changed. And now I want you back. Your Aunt Jezabelle, or your mother's sister, turned you into a little lady, I see." Duchess nodded shyly. "Stay here, Duchess," pleaded Ocean. "You can rule by my side. You will feel closer to Mommy. Remember those days??" But the little sandy kitten shook her head "no", for she did not remember. It was so long ago...
  9. Meanwhile, in Non-Pedigree territory, Streak was eagerly holding Winona's paw. They were both excited yet timid, what if something terrible happened?? "If I don't make it..." purred Winona. "Just know, Streak, that I have always loved you. Not Dylan, YOU." Streak smiled faintly, a single tear forming. He brushed against his entwiner's face. "And... I love you too, just more." Winona giggled lightheartedly, remembering back when the couple would tease each other with jokes. "What did the tom say to the gorgeous queen whom he was madly in love with??" sighed Streak. Winona cringed, shutting her eyes and groaning. It was time. "I love 'mew'," Winona answered warily, now ready to rear her first litter of kittens.
  10. Duchess sighed, and glanced at her so-called "father" again. Aunt Jezabelle had always told miraculous stories of her mother, but never in any of these tales was a father mentioned. Why hadn't Aunt Jezzy told her?! ...Why couldn't she know?? For half of her life Duchess hadn't even known what a "father" was! Duchess began to whimper a little, bottom lip quavering, and she flew into Ocean's arms. "I shall stay, Daddy," the blonde kitten sobbed. "I... I missed you." Ocean purred and cuddled his daughter. "I missed you, too."
  11. An hour later, three downy kittens were born. Rejoicing, Winona licked off their umbilical cords, as well as blood which stained their damp coats. Streak's eyes grew wide not only in amazement, but in disbelief. For so long he had dreamed of this moment, and now... it was here without fail. Winona stretched out her paws and rested her head on them. She was not going to die; she just felt extremely tired. Streak examined the new kittens, wondering about their coat, gender... and THE NAMES!! Luckily, he had thought of plenty. (In the comments, please make up info about these kittens! In part 2, I will use some of the info you give me! Thanks)
  12. "Butcher, Cleaver," called Ocean to the two muscular stray dogs. "You may leave." Butcher and Cleaver bowed, and padded away. Suddenly there came a silky voice very unfamiliar to Duchess: "Hello, Ocean." The kitten jumped and whirled around to see a silver queen with icy blue eyes appear behind Ocean. "Daddy," cried Duchess, "who is she??" Ocean chuckled, and rubbed up against the silver Outsider to say "Hello." right back. He introduced Duchess to Stream, his new mate after her mother passed (this angered and saddened the kitten very much that her father would replace Mother like that, but she said nothing), and Stream to Duchess, his lost-and-found daughter who was going to be staying with the Outsiders. Stream purred, nodding. "A pleasure to meet you." But there was something about this mother-in-law that Duchess didn't like.
  13. -TO BE CONTINUED- Thanks so much for taking Part 1!! Remember the kitten info contest?? Please participate if you can. Have a great day!

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