Are you a dog guru?

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There are many Pedigrees and Mutts in the world, but just very few dog gurus. What is a dog guru? Someone who has a good knowledge and education on dogs, and know how they live, their temperaments, needs etc.

Are you a dog guru? By taking this easy and quick test with only 23 questions you will soon find out if you are one of those very few and rare dog genius'

Created by: OmegaWolf
  1. What dog is also named the "Alsatian?"
  2. What Origin (country) where poodles bred in?
  3. Which dog is the biggest, reaching the height 91cm, and weighing 200 pounds (91kg)
  4. Which dog is the smallest, being the height of 13-15cm tall?
  5. What does the name "Lowchen" Translate in english?
  6. Which country the Pitbull Terrier officially DEVELOPED in?
  7. Are golden retrievers and labradors the same breed, or are they separate dogs?
  8. Which dog is also called the "King of the toys?"
  9. What country do Australian shepherds actually originate from?
  10. What dog breeds where bred together to create the "Great Dane" or also known as the "German Mastiff?"
  11. What dog breed can only be the colour gray- but many different shades of it?
  12. How tall are Shetland sheepdogs up to shoulder length?
  13. What is the maximum lifespan of a German Shepherd?
  14. What is the maximum lifespan of a Rottweiler?
  15. St. Bernards are pure breds, but in the 1800's they crossed another breed with it, to create "Long coated St. Bernards" Which dog was it?
  16. Instead of fighting, what was the Bull terrier really bred for?
  17. How do dogs communicate?
  18. Terrier, Sighthound, Scenthound, Gundog (hunting breed), Herder, Guard, Spitz, Sled hounds, Bullbreeds; Which one is missing
  19. What country was the Borzoi bred in, and also bred for?
  20. Which dog has the shortest lifespan in the world, from only 6-7 years of age (although some reach 11-13, but very rare)
  21. Which one of these dogs are of british creation?
  22. What dog breed was the star "Lassie?"
  23. What type of dog is a favorite to Queen Elizabeth now?

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