Are You A True Degrassi Guru?

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Now, I know there are Degrassi fanatics, obsessives, and freaks. But this isn't like all the other quizzes. This is the quiz testing if you are a Degrassi Guru. Testing your trivia knowledge of details.

Do you think you're a Degrassi Guru? Are you like the Degrassi God? A few thoughts,clicks, and moments and you'll have the answer. Take my quiz please!

Created by: ME!
  1. Ok. We'll start with the easy questions. Who was Spinner's first girlfriend?
  2. Alright....another easy one. What was the name of Joey Jeremiah's daughter?
  3. Last easy question! What was Fiona's purse-pet that she brought to school?
  4. Now onto the hard questions. What was the name of Fiona's purse-pet?
  5. Ok remember Emma's first date with Sean? When they were outside and the bird pooped on her sweatshirt? What was the color of that sweatshirt?
  6. In the episode in which J.T. gets killed, Toby was making out with a girl. What was the color of this girls hair?
  7. When Emma buys Snake a laptop, what is the brand?
  8. How many girls has J.T. gone on at least 1 date with?
  9. When Emma and Manny went to The Rave, Chris was having an argument with his girlfriend. What was Chris' girlfriend's name?
  10. What hand does Hazel right with?
  11. In the episode when Sean gets in trouble for the hit-and-run, what was the color of Jay's,Sean's, and Peter's cars;in that order!
  12. In the episode where Emma gets her period in class, Paige hands her a pad in the bathroom. What color was the wrapper?
  13. Finish this quote. Manny:"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" Craig:"Ouch! __________"
  14. Almost done. When Anya and her mother are in doctor's office in My Body Is A Cage, Anya's nails are painted. What color?
  15. Last and hardest question. The night Craig's father dies, he hits Craig. What side did he hit him on?

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