Do you know Degrassi?

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Some people think they know Degrassi, but really don't. They may have watched all of the episodes, but aren't able to remember what's going on in them.

Are you one of them? Do you REALLY know Degrassi? Do you REALLY remember every character and what their role is? Well if you wonder, then you should take this quiz.

Created by: Anonymous
  1. Before Eli, Clare dated..
  2. Darcy went away to..
  3. Did Alli sleep with Jhonny?
  4. Who got shot in the Dot Grill?
  5. Clare got caught with what in her bag?
  6. What did Fiona bring to school?
  7. Why did Clare dump K.C?
  8. Who shot Jimmy?
  9. Peter risked his relationship with Mia because he:
  10. Who gave their baby up for adoption?
  11. JT was stabbed by:
  12. Connor was diagnosed with what?
  13. Who was Julia?
  14. Why did Craig go to live with Joey?
  15. Did Craig's dad die?
  16. How did Jenna get pregnant?
  17. Who said: "Dude, I'd love to help. But my only solution involves a time machine.... and a big ol' box of condoms!"
  18. Drew cheated on Alli with who?
  19. Who brought a knife to the dance?
  20. Who raped Paige?
  21. Who told everyone in their entire physics class that Anya was dyslexic?
  22. Who had testicular cancer?
  23. What college did Paige drop out of?
  24. Who who and who shared an apartment?
  25. When Ellie's mom drank, what did she do to make herself feel better?
  26. Why did Anya and Sav break up all those times?
  27. Who and who were in an abusive relationship?
  28. Riley kissed Peter.
  29. Yes, I know this is a very long quiz. But there's just so much Degrassi trivia! Okay- last question: Where and why did Eli and Clare first kiss?

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