The Obliterator

This is a story. Not exactly a quiz. I will try to make this as multiple choicey as I can. Well, anyways, this should be kinda fun, and I hope I get motivated to make more episodes. Check it out!

Ok, you are set in the state of NY, New York as a teenage (16 year old) boy named "Nikkili" that's an epic name so don't complain. He is adventurous, handsome, smooth, and I'll leave it etc. cause I'm a guy and this is getting really awkward.

Created by: Joker1001

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  1. You wake up in the morning in the morning and think of what?
  2. As you get up out of bed, what do you decide to put on? (Remember, you play as a guy).
  3. As you put on your clothes, you see a text message on your iPhone. What do you do?
  4. You can't help but to read it, you think it's mysterious after that dream about, wait. What was that dream about?
  5. It's from your best bro, Rob saying "Dude, I got 2 tlk with u." You want to talk with him, then notice that it's 8:30 A.M., only 30 minutes before class.
  6. You (do whatever you chose) and soon get moving. What do you do in the bathroom?
  7. You see your dad, Maxi, come out and he wants to tell you the 'birds and the bees' lecture, like everyday. What do you do?
  8. You then grab something quick to eat for breakfast before heading out. What was that?
  9. Now you open the door and leave.
  10. Well, that's it for part 1 of "The Obliterator"! Do any of you guys think this is good? (No effect)
  11. Well, please rate and comment. I plan on this being a whole story, and I have good plans for it.

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