Jungle Story: The Jungle Safari

Welcome to episode 2 of my adventure series. There will be more episodes. Be sure to give my episodes a smiley face! I will post emoji hint for my next episode! I will post the name for the first episode is you didn't do it: Airplane Story: The Flight of Death

The emoji hint is: 🏝🛥🌊🦈🐋 did you guess it? Well, lets find out in my good ending. Be sure to subscribe to tech with tec and follow Game Factz! See ya in the story!

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  1. You parachuted down to a island. Drake: What is this place? Tyler: I don't know? I must admit that parachuting is awesome! ???: Welcome to the jungle! My name is Victoria and I will be your guide for this tour. Tyler: What tour? We didn't pay... Victoria: This tour is completely free! We just want to get you to know the jungle. Tyler: Hey! Maybe the trip isn't that bad after all! Victoria: Hop on my truck. It is time to start our adventure.
  2. WalkieTalkie: Victoria, can you hear me? Over. Victoria: Yes, I can hear you. Over. WalkieTalkie: The last group didn't make it out al... *static noises* Victoria: Hello?! What happened to them? Over. *ROOAR ROOAR* *a shadowy figure got out of a cave, roared, and disappeared into it's cave.* Taylor: That didn't sound good. Zack: WAS THAT AN APE WE JUST SAW? Taylor: Let's go before it comes back! Tyler: IT'S COMING AFTER US! Taylor: Drive faster! *Victoria's truck speed up and the ape disappeared* Victoria: We have arrived at the gates. Out of the truck everyone.
  3. Victoria: Is everyone here? Tyler: I think so. Victoria: Quick, grab a stick. We might need it.
  4. Taylor: SNAKES! Victoria: Quick! Fight off the snakes!
  5. If you chose to let other people do it, you got bitten while you were sitting back! Ouch! The poison is spreading! If you chose to fight off the snakes you and your team successfully killed all the snakes.
  6. Ouch ouch ouch! Someone find me a med kit I'm alright I fought the snakes.
  7. Victoria: Here is the medkit!
  8. Zack: Phew that was a close one. Victoria: Follow me, guys. I have to show you something! She leads you to a bridge that is on top of a river. Welcome to the Croc Crossings!
  9. Drake: Wow, alligators! Victoria: Try to feed them but be careful!
  10. Taylor: That alligator sure looks full now. Victoria: It's time to continue the tour. Let's cross the Croc Crossings and head to the other side! *Tiki men teleported in front of you and spoke their language* Tiki Man: Waka Taka Tiki. What business do you have in our Jungle? Victoria: We're on a jungle adventure tour. Tiki Man: Is that so? You may stay in our village for tonight. I'm sure we'll all meet again soon... We must go now, someone will show you around the village. Tiki Man: Greetings strangers! Follow me!
  11. *tiki man climbs down a huge hole*
  12. Zack: Are those giant scorpions? Tiki Man: They're protecting the artifact room so be careful. Follow me.
  13. Tiki Man: Behold! The most powerful item in the jungle! Victoria: It's beautiful! *spirit appears at the entrance* Tribal Spirit: Who dares to disturb these scared grounds? Tiki Man: I was just showing these tourists the artifact room. Tribal Spirit: You weren't supposed to bring anyone in here! You shall all pay the price! *the spirit opened the ground to reveal lava under the ground and disappeared. Taylor: WE'RE GOING TO DIE HERE! Tyler: Oh, shut up! Let's try to figure a way out. Watch out for the big scorpions! Victoria: Watch out for those HUGE ones! They're bigger than horses!
  14. Drake: Look! A cave! Let's go! Taylor: Ewwww, spider webs! Drake: Why is everything so huge here? Zack: Let's use our sticks to get through them! Taylor: EEEEEEKKKK! GIANT SPIDERS!!! Let's hurry!!!
  15. Drake: I'm ready to get out of here! Tyler: I see light!
  16. Drake: We made it out guys! Tiki Man: where have you all been? Follow me back to our village. Taylor: This is a cool little village! Tiki Man: The sun will be going down soon. We need to build a fire! Go find some wood and bring it back to the campfire.
  17. Tiki Man: Well done everyone! Now we will be able to cook our dinner! Taylor: It sure is spooky here at night. Tiki Man: Don't worry. Come take a seat and enjoy your meal. Have a chicken leg!
  18. Taylor: Can you tell us more about the jungle? Tiki Man: Alright, the ecosystem has a few powerful items. Some are revealed in the past, present, or future. There is 2 of these items revealed right now and our tribe has one of them. Tyler: Is it the glowing red mask the one that represents the jungle? Tiki Man: What!? You have been to our scared place! How dare you! Drake: But the Tiki Man that you said would show us around lead us there. Tiki Man: What? We just found him killed in his bed minutes ago. Zack: Then who was the one that was showing us around? Tiki Man: That, I don't know. But, if forces of evil get their hands on these powerful items, they could destroy the world. I sence good in you. All of you. After you leave the jungle, you must keep the other items safe.
  19. Tiki Man: Anyways, once, someone got their hands on the Jungle's sacred item, and he done terrible things. That's why we keep it in the sacred place. Let me tell you the story of The Great Ape.
  20. Tiki Man: Long ago, there was a royal tiki that used to own this village. He and The Great Ape protected the village, and it's people. The royal tiki loved his people. He loved everyone and everything about the jungle. One cold and rainy night, everything changed! The animals of the jungle became possessed with a dark energy. The Great Ape went berserk! The village was destroyed and the royal tiki never saw The Great Ape again. To this day, the dark energy possesses the jungle waiting for it's next victim. Tyler: That sounds scary. How do you guys even sleep?! Tiki Man: It is all in the past. There is nothing to worry about. Tyler: Hey, where is Victoria? I havn't seen her since I entered that hole to get out of the artifact room. *Victoria walks up behind you*
  21. Tiki Man: Where have you been? I lost my binoculars and I went back to find them... Hehe. Tiki Man: Join us for dinner before we go to bed. Taylor: It's starting to rain! Tiki Man: Quickly, go find your beds to sleep in for the night.
  22. Taylor: NO WAY AM I GOING TO SLEEP AFTER WHAT HAPPENED! Victoria: Don't worry, get your rest.
  23. Tiki Man1: I have news! Our artifact is missing! Tiki Man2: We must alert the others! *Victoria runs away in the background* Victoria: Wake up everyone! We have to leave! Drake: Five more minutes mommy...Oh! I'm awake!
  24. Tiki Man: Stop them! Our artifact has been taken! Victoria: Quickly! We must cross the river!
  25. Taylor: We didn't steal their artifact. Victoria: They think you did so RUN!!
  26. Victoria: Quick! They're throwing their spears! *you arrive at a bridge* Zack: That bridge doesn't look study, Victoria! Victoria: Keep going, the bridge looks fine. *the group crosses the bridge and just as you get to the other side, the bridge collapsed into the lava rivers. Taylor: That was close! Tyler: Are those bees up there?! It is as big as a elephant! Victoria: Be careful, you don't want any of them to sting you! Drake: Ha! More like bee careful! Haha...Alright alright! I won't make anymore jokes okay? Victoria: Wow this temple looks amazing! Hmmm, lets see if it is open.
  27. Taylor: It's closed! What do we do now? Victoria: I heard rumors that if you collect all three crystals, it would open up! Go explore and see what you can find.
  28. Zack: I found one! Drake: Me too! Taylor: I found one! Tyler: I saw it first! Taylor: But I got it first. Victoria: Can we please place the crystals?
  29. Victoria: You did it, let's go!
  30. Zack: There are 3 ways. Which way do we go? Victoria: You all go strait ahead, and I'll go see if I can find another way out. Drake: It was a bad idea splitting up with Victoria. She sure does disappear a lot... Tyler: Awww man, we're going to die from these booby traps. Tyler: Stop being a baby, we got this!
  31. Taylor: We could have died back there! Zack: Look! There's a way out! Drake: Walk carefully, you don't want to fall into the lava!
  32. *ROOAR ROOAR!* Taylor: Is that The Great Ape!? Tyler: Where is Victoria when we need her the most! *The Great Ape starts attacking Zack and his pals.* Dodge the Ape's fireball attacks and hit him with huge bananas when they drop from the banana tree.
  33. Tyler: We knocked him out! *the ape disappeared* Drake: All that noise made the cave rumble. Let's go before it collapses.
  34. Victoria: Thank goodness you all made it out! Zack: The Great Ape almost ate us! Taylor: How did you get out?! Victoria: Oh...I found a small opening leading me here. That doesn't matter, but let's get going! *You cross a broken bridge but the bridge collapse and you fall into the water* Drake: LOOK! A SNAKE_PIRANHA CREATURE!! SWIM FOR YOUR LIVES!!!
  35. Zack: WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT THING?! Victoria: Is everyone okay? Tyler: Wait, do you hear that? *the tiki men rush out of the bushes and surrounds them. Drake: HELP! WE'RE SURROUNDED! *the tiki men took out their sleepy darts and blew the darts into the group by using a blowgun.*
  36. Chief Tiki: You dare try to escape MY JUNGLE?! Zack: We're sorry! Please let us go! Chief Tiki: You guys stole my artifact and YOU want me to let YOU go?! Drake: We didn't steal your artifact! We promise! *Victoria in a cage: Help! Someone please save me! Zack: Victoria?! Chief Tiki: You have to go through me in order to save her! Prepare to die!
  37. Taylor: Haha! We knocked him out! Victoria: Quick! Climb up and pull the levers to release me! Chief Tiki: Stop them!
  38. Tiki Man: Uh oh. The boss ain't gonna be happy! Let's run! Victoria: Phew, that was a close one! Taylor: We almost DIED trying to save you! Victoria: I know, I know! I'm sorry! Let's hurry before they come come back! Tiki Man: Capture them! We can't let them get away!
  39. Drake: THE CHIEF IS BACK! Victoria: Stay calm everyone! The research station is up ahead! Drake: AHHHHH THE CHIEF IS SPEEDING UP! GO GO GO! Tyler: THE DOOR IS LOCKED!! Zack: The Chief and the Great Ape are both back! Chief Tiki: You thought you could get away from the Jungle?! Zack: Please! Let us go! Chief Tiki: I'll make you guys a deal... If you guys give back the artifact, then I'll let you guys go. If you choose not to, there's something worse in store for you.
  40. Zack: Victoria, did you take the artifact? Victoria: Alright. I'll admit it. I stole the artifact. Drake: Victoria, give the artifact back! Victoria: Never! *runs away* *tiki men surrounds her* Tiki Men: Not so fast! Chief Tiki: You better get going before I change my mind about letting you go! Tyler: That was really weird guys... Taylor: What's going to happen to Victoria? *asks as getting on the helicopter at the station* Drake: She'll be fine. She can live with the tiki people.
  41. Chief Tiki: So, you were the one who stole our artifact the whole time? Victoria: Let me go! I'll never do it again *says in a cage* Chief Tiki: You're too late for that. Victoria: What can you do to me? Chief Tiki: I can turn you into a statue. Victoria: Ha! You can try! Chief Tiki: Very well. *Victoria turns into a stone statue*
  42. The helicopter arrives at a dock. You see a pirate recruiting new recruits. Pirate: HA! I found myself some survivors of that jungle trip! Well, you have been recruited and I wont take no for a answer! Get on!

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