I Just Need You Here episode 4

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GIRLS ONLY and if u havent read the first one then go back and do it and the second and third then this one. Hope this pleases everyone just loving Nathan, which happens to be the majority.

If that is not you, then keep your hopes up because in later episodes, the other guys will be there again. So I hope this is to your satisfaction, just remember Im extremly busy with school so I will try my best to get these out fast!

Created by: Ardeo9999

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  1. Everything is better now- Nate understands and there is no longer a barrier between you two.
  2. It is now the next morning. You are lying in your sleeping bag, very cold. "Brrr," you shiver. Nathan wakes up and hear you quivering because you are cold. "Come closer," he says, and you readily snuggle close to him. "Th-th-thank you!" you reply. Nate chuckles. "No prob." "I have to tell you something," you say. "What is it, ----?" Nate asks. "Aidan- he's with the officials. He's out to get us. We can't stay here much longer." You see Nathan's jaw tighten. "What are we going to do?" you ask him. "I'll think of something, ----, don't worry." You smile and nuzzle deeper into Nathan's chest.
  3. You guys get up after feeling fully rested. You find a bush full of blueberries and know they are safe to eat because you once took a wilderness course. You eat them for breakfast and pack as many as you can into an empty Tupperware carton for later. You are trying to ration your food. Nate and you take apart the tent and pack up everything else.
  4. "I've been here many times when I was younger," Nate tells you as you both sit on your bikes, ready to bike. "I know the place like the back of my hand. There's this old tree fort sitting up in some trees thats been there forever,made by some crazy kids. We can canp out there." "Maybe those kids weren't so crazy after all then," You chuckle. "Sure," Nate laughs. "Let's go." You then ride away, with Nathan leading the way.
  5. You bike along the peaceful paths, the sunlight rays gleaming down onto the forest floor. The sounds of forest life reach your ears; the silent rustle of the grasses, the birds tweeting, the leaves swaying in the gentle breeze, and the distant sploosh of a creek to your west. After five or ten minutes, Nathan slows down and you look up to see a fort in a tree. It is far off the path, and Nate nods his head in the tree forts direction as you follow him.
  6. Once you reach the tree fort, you and Nate dismount your bikes. You are about to lean it up against a nearby tree, but Nathan stops you. "If they see that, they'll know we're here," he says. "Where do we put them then?" you say. "Here, under this bush." You shove your bikes under the big, thick shrub. The bikes cannot be seen unless you pull apart the top of the bush with your hands. Then you and Nate turn to the tree. There is nothing to climb it with, just limbs here and there.
  7. You are an expert at tree climbing, But it is harder with a backpack on. You climb up, and Nathan follows. Just managing to squeeze in the fort opening overhead, you collapse onto its floor, which is justlong enough for you to stretch your legs out completly in. Soon, Nathan's head pops through the entrance in the floor, and crawls up. Kneeling on the floor, he sets his baggage down. He leans over you, and your lips meet. Dreamy eyed, you smile and do it again. In another moment, you are sitting up, being held in a loving hug, mouth occupied with kisses. You don't want to stop.
  8. The two of you set up your sleeping bags and put the food in another corner. After all your possessions are set up, Nathan lies down on his sleeping bag. You sit on yours, just gazing at him. Suddenly, he pulls you down on top of him and he smothers you with kisses again. You slip your arms underneath his back, and he glides his around you as well. After lots of intense kissing, you get up and toss Nate a granola bar, and eat one yourself. You also eat some blueberries and drink some of your bottled water.
  9. That night, you two play shrades (how do u spell it!) and act out tons of silly things. You enjoy some hangman that you play in your notebook, and then draw pictures with your eyes closed, cuz when u look, theyre messed up and hilarious!!! As you tire, you lie down and snuggle, and play Truth. "When did you start liking me the most?" you ask him. "When I realized I would never see you again," he replies. "My life would suck without you,Nathan," you tell him. "I love you," he says, and you both fall asleep.
  10. Are you in love with Nate or what? Well there will be many more episodes to come, watch out for new ones frequently!

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