I Just Need You Here episode 3

Sorry it took so long to get this one out but to do a really good job it will always take time. And I have school and stuff, too. This is a continuation of episode 2.

If you haven't read those, then go back and search for the first one. I hope you enjoy the new charachter, he will be in the next one a little bit more.

Created by: Ardeo9999

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  1. So, you're dying to know who's by that bear. Recalling this, I presume?
  2. You look up and your eyes fall on a guy with silvery, flowing, hair; he has penetrating, deep eyes and broad shoulders covered in a gray coat with a very high collar. Around his neck is a black band with metallic points. He reminds you of Legolas from the movie Lord of the Rings in a way.
  3. He looks up at you, and your eyes meet. His lips part slightly, as he continues to gaze at you. You blush. "This bear was about to attack your tent. He smelt the food inside it." The guy told me in a deep, wonderful voice. "You saved my life," you whispher, and walk over to him. "I would do anything to protect someone so beautiful as you," he replies. "Oh, shucks," you brush a lock of hair in front of your face to behind your ear. You can feel your cheeks beginning to burn up- this guy is exceedingly handsome. "What's your name?" you ask him. "Aidan," Is your reply. (pronounce ade-in) "I like that," you say. "My name is ----." He smiles and walks over to the bear and begins to remove the arrow from the bear. You turn your eyes from the sight and wince.
  4. Just then Nathan comes out. He bugs out his eyes. "What the..." "A bear was about to attack us. But Aidan- he saved us..." you tell Nate. "Thank you ever so much!" he says to Aidan, although you can tell he is now really irritated with Aidan. Aidan looks up and nods his head, returning courtesy. He stood up and looked at Nathan again. "Will you help me remove this," he asked, motioning to the bear. "Uh- sure," Nate responds, and swallows. Aidan and Nathan heave up the bear from the ground and manage to roll him aways a bit. "I am going down to the stream to pick up a bucket of water for breakfast," you say, and dodge back into the tent and grab a pail you brought. You can heat the water to purify it, then once it is cool it should be drinkable. "All right," the boys nod, but Nathan looks worried. "You gonna be okay down there by yourself?" he says. "Yea," you reply, but really aren't too sure after the incident with the bear.
  5. You walk down to the creek and carefully step onto down the pebbly bank. Leaning over, you scoop a bucket of water up with your pail. The beautiful sun is shining in the blue sky, and there are barely any clouds. You hear birds singing in the tree toos and look up to see them. You notice a clump in a particular tree relatively close. Too big to be a bird... you walk over and realize it is Matthew! "Matthew?!" you call up to him. "Get down here!" He climbs down from the tree. "What on earth are you doing here?"
  6. "I couldn't just let you run away." Matthew tells you. "Why not?" you ask in a sarcastic, annoyed tone; maybe Matthew would just man up and tell you he loved you. Instead, he shot forward and gave her a quick smooch on the lips. Just by the worst ever doom, she saw Nathan walking away in the distance, back facing you, his head hung low. "NO!" you yell, but Nate is already gone. You turn to Matt and give him a staredown. "How could you?! You ruined my life!" Matthew is practically in tears by this time. He grabs both your shoulders with his hand and steadies you. You make eye contact. "Listen," he says. "Aidan is out to get you. You're the one he wants. He's working with the officials." You gasp. Oh no!
  7. "Get away from me, Matthew!" you yell in his face and pick up your pail. Crying, you run back to camp, trying not to spill so much water. Aidan is gone, and you can see Nathan's silouhette inside the tent. Sobbing, you lay down on the bumpy forest floor and think things through. You know how mad Nathan is and you doubt he would believe you if you told him what happened.
  8. After you are all cried out, you make a fire and set the water close to it so it will boil. Nathan is still in the tent and might never come out again. After a very long time, the water begins to bubble and you set it aside. By the tent is your backpack. You dig out some chicken noodle soup mix and two bowls. You pour some of the mix into each bowl and then fill it with water. You set spoons in the bowls. Unzippering the tent, you tap Nathan lightly. "Lunch," you whispher.
  9. Nathan's eyes are all red and watery as he crawls out of the tent. You don't know if things will ever be the same between you anymore. You both eat without speaking a word. But the silence is killing you, so you utter his name. "Nathan, I-" but he cuts you off. "I thought you loved me!" He yells at you. "But you don't!"
  10. Nathan gets up after he finishes his soup and begins to walk away. "Where are you going?" you ask. "For a walk." That afternoon, you read your book and sketch some cartoons idly. Finally Nate comes back and he sits by you outside. According to your clock it is 5: 43, so you pull out crackers, cheese, dried fruit, and juiceboxes for dinner. Nathan looks very downcast and you no better. After you eat, night is beginning to creep upon you. Nathan goes in the tent, but you stay sitting outside. Finally you go in after a bit and shuffle into your sleeping bag. You and Nathan do not cuddle, but lie about a foot away from eachother. You feel tears welling up in your eyes and you move over to Nate and lay your head on his chest like the night before. You start to whimper, and Nathan puts his hand on your hip and holds you. You hear him sniffle faintly and hope you can make up soin.
  11. In the middle of the night, you feel a tap on your shoulder. You wake up and see Nathan looking at you. You are still lying your head on him. "------, I can't sleep without making up. I really love you, that's the only reason why I'm upset." He tries hard to stop sobbing. "But when I see you with Aidan and Matthew… my heart just breaks."
  12. "Oh Nathan! Matthew is such a cute, fun boy. I stopped crushing on him so long ago- you must understand. He still has his feelings for me, and does not want to let go. He came to me and kissed me, but I did not like it one bit. Not at all!" you explain, hopeful that Nate will understand. "I believe you," he says. "I can't continue to be mad at you. It was awful enough for just one day." He runs his hands along your back, and it feels so good, lulling you to sleep. Nathan squeezes you in his arms and kisses your head before he falls back asleep.
  13. Everything is made up now. I will create an episode four. It may come out soon or in a couple of days. Be on the lookout for it!
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