Dark Angel Love Story (pt. 3)

The Dark Angel Love Story continues!!! Who will you choose? What is happening at Dark Angel Academy? Will the last safe place for dark angels ever be safe again???

Find out what's happening in this quiz! Discover your power! Experience the mystery! Why do I sound like a commercial? I have no idea! Anyway, take the quiz. Word.

Created by: Amy Rose

  1. Kyle turns to you, his usually fun-loving face serious. "This is it. Let's go inside."
  2. You walk inside nervously, followed by Jeff, Cory, and Kyle. The front hall is made entirely out of black, polished marble, and in the center of the room, a beautiful dark haired woman is working at the black marble reception desk. She looks about twenty, you decide, just a few years older than you. When you walk up, she looks up haughtily. "Yes?" she asks in a cold, imposing voice. Jeff steps up, opening his mouth to speak, but the woman speaks first, smiling flirtatiously. "Hello, darling!" she purrs. "Have a nice trip?"
  3. Jeff rolls his eyes. "It was fine, Lynette. We have a new student." Lynette looks at you. "Her? A dark angel?" she asks, smirking. "A tooth fairy in training, perhaps, but not a dark angel. She's too... oh, what's the word... innocent looking. She looks about as harmless as a bunny rabbit!" "Gee, thanks." you mutter, and Lynette shoots you a sharp look. Jeff glares at Lynette. "I'm positive that she's a dark angel. Say the wing unlocking spell, and then we'll see who's as harmless as a bunny!"
  4. Lynette shrugs. "Fine!" She turns to you and places two fingers on your forehead. You shiver. They're as cold as ice. "Allay fortision! Fortission roa!" she chants over and over, and a strange feeling comes over you. Your back suddenly feels like it's on fire, and you scream. All three boys rush to your side, murmuring, "I know it hurts, but it's part of the process!" The lights flicker and suddenly the pain in your back is gone. Glorious black wings sprout from your back, and a ball of white lightning surrounds you. Involuntarily you point your finger at a marble column, and a bolt of lightning shoots towards the column, blasting it to peices. Suddenly the ball of lightning is gone, and the column lay in ruins. You put your hand to your mouth. "I'm so sorry, I-" "Sorry?" Kyle laughs. "You're the most powerful dark angel we've had in YEARS! Don't be sorry!"
  5. "I don't feel so powerful right now..." you murmur, weak from exhaustion, and faint right into Cory's arms.
  6. **THREE HOURS LATER** You wake up in the most gorgeous room you've ever seen. It is:
  7. "Where am I?" you wonder out loud, then remember what had happened with the wings and lightning. You sit up quickly, then wince, because your head is throbbing painfully. Suddenly there is a knock at your door. "Come in!" you call, and Jeff enters the room.
  8. "Hey!" he says. "Mind if I sit down?" "No, go ahead!" you say, but instead of sitting in a chair or something, Jeff sits on your bed next to you. "Feeling better?" he asks, and you nod. "Yeah, thanks. My head still hurts, though." Jeff nodded sympathetically. "I have something that might make it feel better." he says, and suddenly his lips are on yours. You almost faint with surprise, but instead, you wrap your arms around him and cuddle up. Jeff's a good kisser, but finally you two have to pull apart. "Wow." you whisper. "That did make me feel better!"
  9. Jeff laughs. "Good. It made me feel better, too." You blsuh and giggle, and Jeff says, "Let's not tell the other's about this, okay?" "It's a deal!" you say. "So... explain to me why this place is called Dark Angel Academy. There weren't any students around when we met Lynette!" you say, slightly puzzled. Jeff looks sad. "There aren't enough dark angels in the world yet, but the headmaster, Mr. Jon T. Kensington, made it anyway as a kind of safe haven for the few out there." he said. "so basically, it's just you, me, Cory, Kyle, Lynette, a few teachers, and this girl you haven't met yet named Melody."
  10. "Is Melody nice?" you ask, and Jeff smiles. "I think you two will get along very well." he says. "Well anyway, we better get downstairs. What with dinner and all." Suddenly an alarm wails. Jeff's tan face turns pale. "Oh god, no!" he yells, and grabs your hand. "Come on! Hopefully we're not too late!"
  11. **CLIFFHANGER** The End! Thanks for taking my quiz! Please comment!

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