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Yep, part seven of Mythical Love Story had arrived! Tell me if I did alright or need improvement in my writing. Thanks for taking this quiz and the other six part! :D

So, yeah. If you didn't already take the other six parts get out of here please click on my name and take them otherwise you will be very, very confuzzeled.

Created by: firegirl88
  1. You wake up from a dreamless sleep the next morning. You look out the window and see the sun raising over a nearby hill. You sigh and get ready for the day. Getting up and putting on some comfortable cloths. "I think I should go check on Silvara." You say to yourself. "Is that so...?" You jump when you hear a voice from the window. You turn around and see Drake leaned against the window sill. You sigh. "What do you want Drake?" You ask annoyed. "What do I want..." He pretended to think. "I'm serous!" He laughed. "Oh can never take a joke, can you ____?" You narrowed your eyes at him. "No, I cannot. And now that you're done being immature, can you leave?" He just laughed again. "Okay, I know you're pissed at me, but at least let me take you to the lizard-" "Silvara! Her name is Silvara!" You snapped at him. "Whatever, but she relocated, you should know." You raised your eyebrows. "How do you know this...?" He shrugged. "I know people." He winked. You rolled your eyes "Fine, I'll fallow you. This better not be a joke!" You added. "It's not." He promised as you walked out the door and trailed a bit behind him when he started walking in a way you'd never been before. "Okay, but seriously, Drake. How DID you know that Silvara moved?" He sighed. "I" He finished. "Really Drake, really?" "Yes." He said and nothing after that. "What the hell is going on with him..." You wondered. "Forget it, he's helping me so what does it matter?" Said a voice in your head. "It matters because this is Drake." Said another voice. "Get out of my head." You muttered. "What?" Asked Drake turning around to look at you. "Huh...Oh, nothing." You said quietly, blushing. He gave you a look but let it slide.
  2. "Here we are." He said after a short while. You look up a the cave he brought you to. It wasn't much, a small dark cave with a little entrance. "Have fun." He said with a smirk and ran off. You sighed. "Here goes nothing...." You stepped into the cave only to be blinded by lots of shining candles to light up the darkness. "Sorry about the move, ____" Said a voice. "We're still trying to figure everything out." Once your eyes got used to the light you saw Silvara sitting on a chair. "'s alright." You said awkwardly, standing up straight. "So...what's with the move?" You asked. "Well, we were on the verge of being discovered, therefore, since we cannot take any chances, we had to move somewhere we could plan." She answered. "Plan? Plan what?" You asked. "Something you will find out and do time, child." She said with a warm smile. You sighed in frustration. "Why do dragons have to make EVERYTHING a riddle?" You thought. "Don't I have enough to worry about?" Silvara eyed you. "So..." You said awkwardly. "___, you're keeping something from me, what is it?" Silvara asked out of nowhere. "Wh-What do you mean?" You asked, not having any idea what she was talking about. "There's something going on...something that's bad. I can sense it. And you know what it is, don't you?" She narrowed her eyes in suspicion. "Well I..." You thought. "Is she referring to Draco?" You wonder. "What are you referring to?" You sighed. She looked at you. "Raistlin is a very powerful wizard ____." She finally said. You looked at her in confusion. "Uh...yeah. I kind of already now that, but what does it have to do with anything?" She sighed. "He also has power to see what other wizards are up to, he can sense what kind of magic a wizard has been using." You looked at her again, still very confused. "Uh...okay?" You said. "He sensed that your friend, Draco, has been using dark magic. The type of magic that we thought was banished from Mythica." You tried not to looked like you didn't already know. "Oh really." You said in fake shock. "Yes..." Said Silvara. "Well then..." You said, biting your lip, trying to think of something to say. "Is there something wrong ____?" Asked Silvara. "No, no." You said hurried. "It's just, uh....I'm a bit...surprised." You said, tying through your teeth. "Alright then." She said. "You should go, they'll wonder where you are." She said, turning away. "Okay..." You said slowly. "Goodbye." You said walking back towards the cave entrance.
  3. "Oh, and _____." Called Silvara. You turned around to face her. "Remember, I still believe you know just be careful..." She finished as if she was thinking of things to say, and wondering if she should add anything else. You nodded and walked out of the cave. When you stepped outside and felt the heat of the sun on your face, you shaded your eyes. Then starting walking in the Drake had lead you. "Hello _____." Said a smooth voice. You jumped and saw Fang come out of the shadows, eying you. "Uh....hey." You said nervously. "Did he see me leave the cave? Does he know about Silvara? How did he find me? Did he fallow me? Did he-" Millions of these questions flooded your head, not knowing what to do, you decided to play dumb. "So, uh, what are you doing out here this morning?" You asked, praying he wouldn't ask you anything. "Well, that's strange, because I was just about you ask you that same exact question." He said calmly. "Oh, uh, I was ummm, taking just a, er, little walk." You lied. He looked at you suspiciously. "What?!?" You asked in fake outrage. "A girl can't take a little morning stroll or something in this place?" You asked. He just smiled slightly and shook his head. You tilted your head to say "What now?" He seemed to get the message because he said. "Nothing ____,it's just...with everything going on I'm a bit stressed, alright?" You nodded. "Yeah...I know the feeling." You muttered the last part so he wouldn't hear.
  4. "So...anyway, _____. Have you seen anything out here...anything at all...?" He asked. "Um...nope, nothing special." You replied. He gave you one more look, then a "Hmfp." And disappeared back into the shadows. You bit your lip and continued walking along, knowing he must be watching you. You came up to your house and unlocked the door, slipping inside. As soon as you got inside you leaned against the locked door and sighed in relief. "Oh God, I really need to be more careful when I'm out there." You said out loud. "Out where?" Asked a voice. You weren't surprised to see Nico siting at the table. "Sorry to be in here...but you weren't home and I guessed you were at the dragon's den. So I shadow traveled in here." He said quietly. "It's alright Nico." You said. "And yes, I was at the, er, dragon's den. Silvara relocated to a cave to the east. And when I was walking back, Fang almost caught me." His eyes widened. "He did? Did he-" "No, I made up a lie but he still isn't completely sure that he can believe me, so I'm going to play it safe for a few days." He nodded slowly. "That's a good idea..." "And now," You continued. "I would like some time to think this over...Do you mind...?" You said motioning to door. "Oh, uh, yeah. Sorry about that, again." He said, but he shadow traveled out instead of taking the door. You sighed and shook your head, walking towards the living room and lying down on the couch.
  5. After a few moments you doze off...
  6. You dozed off and had a dream, a dream that was about...
  7. ~The dream~ You were on a little island, surrounded by molten lava, getting dangerous close to eating away the small island, you, being forced to the very middle, felt helpless. The lava would only need a few more moments until it reached you... Now, this is where you get to chose what happens...
  8. You woke with a start, smiling a bit, but quickly forgot about it. "It was only a dream..."You thought, slightly disappointed. You sighed and looked outside. It was about noon. You got up and walked outside, not caring how you looked right then. What you needed to do was confront Draco. You needed to tell him that you knew what going on, and maybe that you were a dragonrider. On your way to see him you bumped into someone. "Sorry..." You muttered, quickly trying to get past them. A male voice laughed. "No problem." You looked up to see Peeta. "Oh..hey, look, I'm kind of in a hurry here, so do you think...?" "Just wait one minute, _____. Answer me, will you go out with me?" He asked, seriously. "Peeta, I can't right now, maybe-" "I knew it." He hissed. "Knew what?" You asked, confused. "Does he know what's going on?" You wondered. "Nothing." He snarled and left. You were shocked, but didn't have time to be, you quickly ran to the lake where you and Draco were a while ago.
  9. Sure enough, Draco was there. He looked more pale and tired then usual. You slowly walked up behind him. "Hey Draco." You said quietly, sitting down beside him. He looked at you with dark, sad eye. He managed a weak smile. "Hey ___." He said. "What's wrong with you, you look sick." You said with concern in your voice, even though you already knew the answer. ", I'm just a little sick, that's all." He said with a bitter laugh. "I'll be fine in a few days." You nodded, pretending to believe him. "So..." You said. "Look, Draco there's something i need to tell you, I'm a dr-" You were cut off be a loud slash in the water. You turned to see many Naga swimming towards you. You started to get up, but Draco stopped you by grabbing your hand. "Relax, watch what happens." He pointed as the Naga started to slow down, as if they were stopped by some invisible force. "What's happening?" You asked him quietly. "They're being stopped by the shield that protects this village." He explained. "It's a magical force hat stops most harm from entering the village walls." "Most harm?" You asked, confused. "Yes, some is so powerful it can get through." "Ah..." You said, your mind going back to the voice he's always talking to. "That must be the harm he was talking about." You though.
  10. "So...____, what is it that you were going to tell me?" He asked again, turning away from the outraged Naga, screaming curses and trying to attack from afar. You took a deep breath. "Well, Draco, the thing is..." He looked at you calmly. You were afraid to tell him. "What if he tells the voice dude? What if he laughs? What if he turns me in? What if-" You pushed all these bad thoughts away and looked into his deep grey eyes. You took another breath. "Draco, I'm a dragonrider."
  11. Well, that concludes this part of Mythical Love Story. Stay tuned for the next part!

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