Mythical Love Story Part 3

Recap: You had just fainted after everything that had happened that night. Now, you are in a strange, hospital-like room. The story becomes even more complicated as you learn some of the boys' secrets. It also doesn't help that almost no one will tell you what's going on or will answer your questions.

This has been a very eventful day for you so far... So, what mysteries await you in this 3rd part? Well, you'll just have to read the quiz and take it to find out... It's waiting...

Created by: Fallon Joanne
  1. When the story left off, you had fainted. If you had been conscience, you would have been thinking about:
  2. You wake up in a white hospital-like room; however, you are the only one in the room (which is the size of a large house). Suddenly, there is a knock on the door, and ten nurses walk in. You're thinking:
  3. The oldest nurse says, "Hello, I'm Nadine. Before you ask, I'm not going to answer any questions. We're just here to check on you." You say, "Well, what if I just ask you a harmless question like... How did you know I was awake?" Nadine pats you on the shoulder and says, "That is most definitely not a harmless question. Now, if you'll just be quiet, we have to do our job." They begin to check the normal things you would expect a doctor to, such as: your breathing, your pulse, and your blood pressure. However, they also do some abnormal things, like taking a sample of your skin, taking a clipping of your fingernail, and taking some of your saliva. You're thinking (no effect):
  4. They finish their bizarre tests and leave. You're sitting there for several minutes before there's a knock on your door. You say, "Come in." A man that looks like an older version of Orion walks in with a woman on his arm, and Orion trailing him. He comes to your bedside and says, "I'm King Nik, this is my lovely wife, and queen, Scarlette, and as you know, this is Orion, my son the Prince." You say, "I'm _______. You're the royal family of... the Elves?" They all nod. Then, Nik says, "I'm also the man in charge of when all the species get together and meet, which you're invited to as soon as you're feeling better." You say, "Thank you. Are you going to answer my questions?" Orion's parents say, "No, but you'll know more at the meeting." Nik looks at his watch and says, "I'm sorry, but Scarlette and I must be going. Orion will stay here and keep you company for the time being, though." You say, "Goodbye." You're thinking:
  5. Orion watches them leave, and says, "Are you okay?" You respond by nodding. He then says, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the whole 'Prince of the Elves' thing." You say, "It's alright; that's pretty personal." He says, "Thanks for understanding. I wouldn't want to hurt you." He stares at you for a while, and you say, "'Do I have something on my face?'" You both laugh because you just said the same thing that he said to you at the club. When you both stop laughing, he says, "The only thing you have on your face is beauty." You smile and say, "Thanks." He says, "I bet, if it's possible, that you'll be even more beautiful when you morph..." You look puzzled, and then he seems to just realize what he said. You say, "Morph, into what?" He says, "Uh... nothing, nevermind. Listen, I have to go." He kisses you quickly on the cheek before leaving. He leaves you thinking:
  6. After he leaves, you get another knock on your door. You tell them to come in, and to your surprise, it's Alexander. He comes over to the bed you're laying on and sits down beside you. He says, "How are you? Are you okay?" You say, "I'm alright. I just don't understand why everyone's making such a big deal over me fainting. Oh, and why won't anyone answer my questions?" Alexander looks at you and says, "Uh... Well, you haven't asked me any questions, but I'll try to answer them." You say, "Thanks. Where am I?" He says, "You're at the International Hospital for Every Species, or IHES." You say, "Oh, why?" He says, "Well, you fainted, and then Darren found you on your porch and brought you here." You say, "Oh. Why am I here instead of a regular hospital?" He says, "Well, this place will take better care of you." You respond by saying, "Oh, really? I don't think so. They took a fingernail clipping for crying out loud, Alexander!" He laughs, and says, "I know, well, we have to make sure you're not some crazy werewolf... or whatever." You sigh, and think:
  7. He sighs when you sigh, and he says, "Well, before you ask me anymore questions, I'm going to warn you that's pretty much all I know. Oh, I also overheard Orion saying something about you morphing into something and that that's why you're still here. But, he saw me and stopped talking about it. I guess we'll find out at the meeting..." You smile and say, "I guess we will. So, what have you been up to?" He smiles, and says, "Not much, I've just been doing the normal 'Prince of the Wizards' thing." You say, "What?!! You're a prince, too?" He says, "Yes, I'm the heir to my father's throne." You say, "Doesn't anyone think to tell me about this when they meet me? I mean first Orion, and now this?" He says, "I'm sorry; it's just not the first thing I say to a hot girl I like. You know, 'Hi, I'm Prince Alexander of the Wizards' tends to scare human girls away." You both laugh, and you say, "True, that's not exactly the best pick up line." After that, you both engage in telling jokes and just having a great conversation for over an hour. You feel like:
  8. You tell a joke so funny that Alexander falls over onto the bed from laughing. When you're both done laughing, he looks at you. You stare into his eyes, and both of you go in for the kiss. You kiss, it's very passionate. He leans back and says, "Wow, you're a really good kisser." You smile and say, "Thanks, you are, too." You both kiss again. He leans up this time, and apologizes for having to leave, but he has to go get ready for the meeting. You're thinking:
  9. He leaves, and soon after, Jackson knocks and enters after you call him in. He says, "Listen, I feel really bad about not telling you what else is going on with me... So, here it goes. I... I'm the Prince of the Werewolves. I just, I didn't know what you would say." You hug him and laugh. When you finish hugging him, he looks at you, puzzled. He says, "Why did you laugh?" You say, "Uh, well. I kind of can't believe that you were worried about telling me you were a Prince and not worried about showing me you were a werewolf." He laughs, and he says, "I just wanted to protect you... Interspecies politics are a handful sometimes. I actually just had a few minutes to come and tell you that. I have to go, but I 'm glad I told you that." He gives you a quick hug before he goes. You're thinking:
  10. As Jackson leaves, Leo enters through the door. He's in a regal-looking suit. He says, "Hi, gorgeous. Like the suit? I got ready early so I could come see you." He greets you with a quick kiss on the cheek. As he pulls up a chair, you're thinking:
  11. "I like your suit," you say. He smiles, "I knew you would. It would look even better crumpled up next to this bed... in fact, so would your hospital-issued night gown." You say, flirtingly, "Well, I guess you'll just have to imagine that... considering it's not going to happen." He says, "We'll see how you fair against the King of the Vampires..." You say, "What? Whoa, how is that possible... Aren't you Alexander's brother?" He sighs and says, "A few months ago I was bitten by a vampire, and I transformed into one. I used to be a wizard just like Alexander." He looks sad, and so you say, "I'm sorry. It must be hard for you to be away from you family, and everything... But, how are you King of the Vampires then?" He says, "It's actually really simple. You see, the most powerful vampire is the king, and I am the most powerful. Therefore, I am the king." He smiles, and you say, "Well, that's cool." He says, "Ah... so are you sure that that image of our crumpled clothes on the floor can't be a reality?" You say, "Yes." He says, "Well, that's okay, I'm waiting until I'm married anyway." Your jaw drops. You're thinking:
  12. You say, "Seriously?" He says, "Yes, seriously. You dropped your jaw?" He laughs at his joke, and so do you. However, before you can shut your mouth completely, he leans over you and kisses you. After you two kiss, he pulls back slightly and says, "I'll see you at the meeting, love." He kisses you one last time and leaves. You're thinking:
  13. A nurse comes in after him, and she helps you change into your gown for the meeting. Since they're still worried about you, you're given a wheel chair and are wheeled down a few hallways before the person wheeling you leaves and someone else takes over. He says, "So, when we get to the meeting do I get a big hug for bringing you here?" You smile as you realize that it's Darren. You look back over your shoulder and notice that he, too, is wearing a suit. You say, "Of course, so how come you're invited to the meeting?" He says, "Well, I'm the spokesperson for the human race." You say, "Really... if you don't mind my asking, why you?" He says, "No, I don't mind. It's because I can do a little magic. Therefore, I'm the most powerful human... well, that we know of." You say, "If you can do magic, shouldn't you be a wizard?" He says, "Well, wizards live for hundreds of years, and some are immortal. I'm not, I just tapped into what magic humans have." You say, "That's cool." He says, "I could teach you how sometime." You laugh. He says, "Well, here we are..." He wheels you through the doors and into the room where chairs are set up into a circle. The royal families of each family sit in each designated space. Darren leads you to a space beside his chair. As he sits down, the meeting is called to order. You look around as he takes attendance. Orion is in the royal Elven chairs. Alexander is seated as the royal Prince of the Wizards; Leo sits alone as the only King and kin of the vampire royalty. Darren is seated next to you (the only human besides you), and Jackson is seated with his pack as the Prince of the Werewolves. Suddenly, you notice that everyone is staring at you. You notice that the nurse, Nadine, has handed a note to Orion's dad (the one in charge of the meeting). People's jaws have dropped, and everyone is staring at you in disbelief. "What?" You ask. TO BE CONTINUED Who are you falling for?

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