which Pain 4 You!!! chareter r u?

hello thios quiz was about the story i made but i will say it has nothing to do with upcomming chapters my story is very popular and id appreciate it if youd read the story after yu took the quiz unless your already reading the story.

my story has so far gottern nothing but good reports people appear to love it, it is my hope that you will too plz read i garenty that if you are in to vampires and slayers and a bit of misterie that you will love it how ever its more of a teen and older thing ok plz enjoy i wouldnt recommend reading it to young chilren.

Created by: vicky
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is you favorit colour?
  2. if your master abducts a girl or a boys doesnt matter which would you?
  3. if you had a weapon or wepons what would they be?
  4. ok vampire slayer Q if your friend was dying from wounds and cuts and things what would you do?
  5. ok your in training and seven bal are flying towards you how many if any do you hit"
  6. ok one of your friends has just been killed how do you react to the creatures that slaughterd him?
  7. ok you love drawing in your maths class but your teacher never lets you even when youve finished all the work o dear what do you do?
  8. ok your friend is in court for being who they are what do you do?
  9. ok some one needs help and you have and you know you should help them how would you make ans entrance
  10. ok a fellow slayer s thretening to kill some one who you see close what would you do?

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