I Am The Burnt Rose: Hope Pt2

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Hello! Sorry this release took so long to write, it may not be so intresting but I needed to explain a few things or else you would be completely utterly confused. Hope you enjoy this edition as much as I enjoyed writting it.

Just close your eyes. No one can hurt us now. You'll be alright. No one can touch us now. Till morning light. You and I will be.... safe and sound. Safe and sound by Taylor Swift

Created by: FireSoul

  1. HOPE: it usually comes when we least expect it, at first we disregard it, ignore it, try to make it go away but it never does. Its like rain on a sunny day, you were planning to go to the beach but now here comes the rain! You sit inside waiting for it to stop and when it does, you walk outside and see those little seeds you planted are already starting to grow. Thats what hope is...its a new begining
  2. *Xaiver's POV* I was cooking in the kitchen, she still hadn't woken up. She must be one of those beauty sleep types. I flipped the pancake in the pan I was holding, it flew into the air perftectly and landed back in the pan, its sweet aroma filled my hide-away-house. My house is kind of..underground I suppose, its tricky to find, its well hidden. Its my hide-away place. Its my only home, yes, I do have parents but...their always working in the lab, experimenting on people like Hana, my father was friends with Hana's step-dad, my father helped Hana escape..and now she's here in my hide-away-house dreaming a bunch of dreams
  3. I slowly walked into the living room, Hana was in a deep sleep, her head was rested on the arm rest of the chair,her beautiful silvery with a sense of gold hair hung down the arm rest, strands of hair splayed across her innocent face, her right arm was hanging over the side of the chair. I could hear her mumbling softly, "Not....another....blood..test" "No....more...lab" I kneeled down beside the couch and shook her shoulder gently, "Hanna...wake up" She slapped my hand away unconsinously "Shoo..." she mumbled softly. "Hanna...open your eyes" I spoke softly and gently not wanting to startle her Her eyes slowy opened...blinking at first, but then her eyelids opened to reveal a pair of icy blue eyes staring up at me, I gave her a half smile, "Hello Hanna"
  4. *Hanna's POV* A pair of stormy grey eyes stared down at me, the lips of my captour formed into a half-smile when my eyes were fully open, "Hello Hanna" He said with a voice I knew. Wait... Where am I? Who is he? What am I doing here? What's going on? Obviously my captour would know these awnsers...I just need to get it out from him. I shot up from the couch and in a swift movement I already had him pinned against the wall. I took out the gun from my pocket and held it against his forehead, "Where...am...I?" "Hmmm...yes your definitly Hanna" he said knowingly I pressed the gun harder "Where am I?!" "Hide-away house" Not an ounce of fear showed in his eyes, he didn't seem terrified at all "Who are you?" "Xaiver. Xaiver Stine, I believe you met my father?"
  5. I froze instantly when he said Stine. I scanned his face, same dark hair,same intelligent grey eyes. Just like his dad. I remembered...standing, my ear on the door, footsteps running across the tiled floor, a loud bang, something hitting the floor, then silence. I felt a pang of guilt looking at Xaiver, his eyes were a reminder that I didn't save his father. "He's dead, isn't he?" Xaiver said, no emotion was shown in his voice. "I'm so..." "Its alright" I moved the gun away from his forehead and backed away slowly "I'm sorr abou..." "Pinning me against the wall?" "Yeah" "Your forgiven" "I'm sorry about your da..." "Dad? He wanted to die. Y'know he knew your dad" My eyes widened "My dad?" He smiled when he noticed my sudden stroke of happiness "Step-dad" he said correcting me "Is he.." "Alive? Yeah"
  6. I slowly crouch down and sit on the floor, he's alive? I don't know whether I should be angry or relieved. Xaiver looks at me and does his cute-half-smile again, some of his dark hair is covering one of his eyes slightly...and for some reason that kind of makes me more attracted to him. He sits down beside me, "Can I explain, now? Without you trying to kill me?" I sighed in defeat and shrugged, "Sure" "Then let me just take this.." He gently took my hand pried my fingers of the gun, he threw the gun in the corner of the room. "Trust me now?" he asked smiling and holding his hands up to show he is not hiding anything "I trust you"
  7. "Long story short...I'm gonna help you find your step-father" I tilted my head curiously, "Umm...explain more" he patted my shoulder lightly, "Later..." he stood up slowly and gave me a small smile, I furrowed my eyebrows and gave him a quizzical look but that made his smile expand, "What?" I said trying not to laugh, "Nothing.." He shook his head staring at his feet trying hide his unmistakable smile, "Its nothing...you..you wanna see the forest?" He asked a bit nervously scratching the back of his neck, I smiled widely...I've never seen a forest...I've just heard about them, "I've never seen a forest before" he nodded his head "I know Hanna, I know...and I'll explain more when we're in the forest"
  8. *Xaiver POV* I held out my hand to her, "Close your eyes" she looked at me confused, she still wasn't used to the outside world, she only knows to be ready, to fight when you need to, and to never trust. "I promise...I don't bite" I said sincerely but letting out a little chuckle, she closed her eyes slowly and brushed her fingers against mine clasping onto my hand tightly. She slowly raised an eyelid to peek, "No peeking" I scolded playfully She slowly shut that eyelid. I started walking her slowly up the stairs and out of the house and in no time we were already surounded by sky-high tree's, green moss and a sweet earthy smell filled my nostrals. "You can open your eyes now"
  9. *Hanna's POV* I opened my eyes slowly and was soon mesmirised by the green, the dark brown, the colours of autumn lit up the tree's. Red, orange, auburn, orchere, sunset orange. And a beautiful bright light streamed through the gaps inbetween the leaves. "Sunlight?" I asked questionaly looking at Xaiver, "Uh-huh. Sunlight" The light streamed in to the forest and its bright beam ended on the bark of an old looking tree. I reached my hand touched the rough bark, letting its earthy aroma fill my senses. I've never been on the outside world, I've never seen it, only in my dreams but its more beautiful in real life than it is in my dreams. "Tree?" I asked again, "Tree" he said confirming. "Its..its autumn?" "Well...actually its almost winter but yes for now its still autumn" "Does it snow?" "Alot..the ground is like a white cloud?" "I've only seen pictures of clouds" "Well...expect to see some real ones soon" "And rain?" "Hmm...probably" "Rivers?" "Alot?" "Sky?" "Its everywhere"
  10. I found a huge moss covered boulder, I climbed ontop of it and curled up resting my head ontop of my knees. "Where is my step-dad?" Xaiver leaned against a tree, "He's in South Africa...Durban to be exact" "And we're in...?" "Canada" "Is it...?" "Far away? Yes" I furrowed my eyebrows and stared at him confused, he laughed lightly, "What? I'm so good looking you can't help staring?" I rolled my eyes, but then I looked back at him, "How do you al-" "-ways know what your thinking?" "Yes!" "I have my secrets Hanna...and I believe you have your own?" I widened my eyes..."Yes, yes I do" "More questions?" "Yes" "Ask away...." "How old are you?" "I'm a year older than you, your 15 and I'm 16" "Where am I from?" "Your mum is Brazilian...your dad is half-English half-German....but you were born in a laboratory here in Oregon" "And I never left it?" "Never...only until now"
  11. "How are we gettting to Durban?" Xaiver seemed a bit tense when I asked this question, "Well...I don't have that planned out...." "XaIVer!!" "I didn't know you would manage to escape so I didn't plan anything!" "So...we're stuck here?" "Just for now..." I sighed, "Well...if I do dissapear from the house it means I'm sitting on this rock" I said patting the boulder, "I'll put that into memory"
  12. So...guys I'm gonna end it there, hope you enjoyed..I'm thinking of adding another charecter...I'm not too sure, maybe you can help me decide? Do you want Xaiver to help you or do you want him to bugger off?

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