The Legend of Eglacieon (part 1)

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Hello, people. Thank you for reading this :). I hope I don't disappoint anyone. I actually didn't think that the title was interesting enough to grab anyone's attention.

I hope this doesn't confuse anyone, if it does: then I'm sorry. Tell me about it in the comments, and I'll try to explain it there, so you won't be confused anymore. Well, without further-a-due, here it is. I hope you like it....

Created by: IceQueen

  1. Prologue: "They are almost upon us, Lady." The messenger informed the army. "Thank you. Now get back to safety." Eglacieon said. "What shall we do?" An army man asked. "We shall fight, like we always do. This is not the first time the Gillieons have attacked us." Eglacieon told him and then raise her voice, so her army could hear her. "If the unthinkable happens, just know that it has been an honor fighting next to you." "But what if we lose? There are more of them." Someone said. "There will always be more of them, but that does not mean we cannot beat them. Just remember the hundreds of battles you have fought, and think 'this shall not be my last'. We fight for our kingdom: Eté. And you shall see it again." Eglacieon said. "No, Lady Eglacieon. We fight for you. You have given us hope when you came to Eté." One army man said. "Long live Eglacieon!" Another called out, and soon, the whole army was shouting her name.
  2. Her long blonde hair whipped in the wind as she turned her horse around. Fear sparked in her ice blue eyes as the Gillieons came over the hill. They were reptilian mutants that came from another planet. There were thousands of them, and when the army of Eté saw them, their cheers subsided. "It's time. May this not be your last battle." Eglacieon shouted to her army and rode down the hill. Her army followed her, and they clashed with the Gillieons. "Kill them all!" A Gillieon's raspy voice called out before it was decapitated by Eglacieon's sword. Swords clashed, and screams erupted from the battle. Humans and creatures fell left and right, and Eglacieon was shoved over to the edge of the battle. Looking to her left, she saw a Gillieon shove one of her men down. Without hesitation, Eglacieon jumped off her horse, and charged at the creature, blocking its sword as it swung down. "Run!" She commanded the soldier, and he limped off into the woods. Eglacieon blocked another swing of the creature's sword, and she elbowed him in the nose. It faltered and she cut its stomach open. Its guts spewed onto the ground and it died. "My Lady! They are pushing us back! We cannot fend them off!" A soldier yelled. "Do not lose hope!" Eglacieon yelled. "Eglacieon, you have to do it!" Another yelled, and Eglacieon knew it was true. She raised her sword, pointing it at the full moon. "There shall be another day that we fight! There shall be another day when we are together! And I promise thee this: Eté will win!" Eglacieon shouted and then drove her sword into the earth, freezing the battle.
  3. Chapter one: A car zoomed past me, making me drop my hot chocolate. "Stupid car." I mumbled under my breath as I picked up my cup and threw it away. I clutched my books and continued to walk to my school. The winter breeze chilled my ears, and I was wishing that I took my earmuffs with me. The only reason why I didn't take them was because I thought my long blonde hair would cover them, keeping them warm. However, I didn't know that it would be windy today. I reached my school: Asheville High. It was located in Asheville North Carolina, surrounded by beautiful mountains (called the Blue Ridge Mountains). I walked into my school and instantly became warmer. I walked to my first period class: History. I entered the room as soon as the bell rang, and quickly sat in my seat. "Just barely made it." John whispered in my ear. "I know." I turned around to face him. He had short brown hair and hazel eyes. He's been my best friend ever since we were six, ten years ago. "What took you so long? You're usually the first person in here." He said.
  4. "My alarm didn't work." I quickly explained before the teacher walked in. I turned back around and faced her. "Is everyone ready?" Mrs. Wilton asked. We were going on a field trip to a museum. "Yes." We all replied in unison. "The bus is waiting for us." She said and then we all got up and hurried towards the door. We piled onto the bus and I sat next to John. "They could've at least kept the bus running, so it wouldn't be freezing." I complained and shivered. "Don't worry, you'll get warm soon enough." John wrapped his arms around me, instantly making me warmer. The bus started and turned sharp around a corner, sending John squishing me into the wall. "Sorry." He said and then unwrapped his arms around me. "Hey, I was getting warmer." I protested and John laughed before putting his arms around me again. "Fern and John sittin' in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G." Our friend, Lila, teased.
  5. "Oh shut it, Li." I said. She curly, black hair and hazel eyes. She had a body that made girls jealous, and turned guys heads. "Since when does Lila ever shut it?" John asked. "That's what she said." Lila's boyfriend, Ashton, said, making us laugh. He had short blonde hair and brown eyes. He was the quarterback on the football team. Ten minutes later, the bus pulled in front of the museum. We got off and walked into the warmth of the building. "Thank God that it's warm in here." I mumbled. "Gather around class." Mrs. Wilson raised her voice. "Today, we're learning about the legend of Eglacieon. Your homework is to write a report on what you learned. It'll be due in exactly two weeks. Follow me." She led us to a section of the museum that had the walls painted white and a light blue. There were old artifacts in glass boxes and a silver sword, with a light blue handle, and a dark gem embedded in it, stuck inside of a piece of the ground. It seemed like it was frozen. "Doesn't that remind you of King Arthur of Camelot and the Singing Sword?" I asked John as I pointed to the sword. "Yeah, it kinda does." He replied.
  6. "The legend of Eglacieon is quiet an interesting story." Mrs. Wilson began. "No one knows where she came from, but it's rumored that she was born from a river in the middle of winter. She was found by a family in the town of Fresté. "When she was twelve, Fresté was invaded by Gillieons. She was said to be the only one to escape. She ran to a nearby kingdom called Eté. There, the King and Queen took her in, and Eglacieon became a princess. However, instead of sitting in her room being told what to do, she learned how to fight, and took over as the army leader when the King died from an illness. "The first battle that Eglacieon led, they ended up winning. They defeated the Gillieons that were attacking a town. She saved lives. "When she was eighteen, she rode into her last battle against the Gillieons. Now, legend has it that during the battle, Eglacieon driver her sword into the ground, claiming that she and her army will live to fight another day. When her sword struck the ground, it froze everything. However, Eglacieon seemed to have disappeared." Mrs. Wilson finished off.
  7. "Is that her sword over there?" Someone pointed to the sword in the frozen ground. "Yes. It is said that Eglacieon was reincarnated, and that only she can pull it out. It's similar to King Arthur and his sword that was in a rock." Mrs. Wilson said. "Can we try to pull it out?" Lila asked. "Sure. Why not?" Mrs. Wilson replied and then everyone lined up. I was the last person and Lila was in front of me. "Wouldn't it be cool if I pulled it out?" Lila smiled, turning around to face me. "Oh yeah, totally. Princess Lila, I am at your service." I joked and curtsied. "No, I'm serious, Fern." Lila laughed. "What if I pulled it out?" "It's just a legend." I pointed out. It was Ashton's turn and he grabbed it with both hands. His face started to go red as he strained to pull it out. He finally stopped and I saw sweat on the top of his brow. "Well, that thing ain't coming out." He walked away from it and then John tried.
  8. He failed too and it was Lila's turn. "Good luck, Lady Lila." I teased and she stuck her tongue out at me. She walked up to it and took a deep breath. She grabbed it with both hands and tugged, yet it didn't move. "Aw. Fooey." She complained and then walked away from it. I stepped up to it and looked out at my fellow classmates. They were anxiously waiting. I sighed and grabbed it with my right hand. I pulled up and to my surprise, I felt it move up a little. I pulled it up a little bit more and it moved. I looked out at my classmates and saw their surprised faces. Even Mrs. Wilson had her mouth opened in astonishment. I pulled it up all the way, and it came out of the frozen ground. I was shocked. It felt perfectly balanced and seemed to be shaped for my hand. I stared down at it, and my eyes were drawn to the gem. I saw a girl standing there, with long blonde hair and ice blue eyes, and she was in battle. The scenes quickly flashed and it became disorienting. I dropped the sword and it clanged to the ground. "Not possible." I whispered.
  9. And that's where I'm ending it.
  10. Please tell me how I did. I would love to hear how it went, and what y'all are interested in. :).

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