I Am The Burnt Rose Pt1

Helo lovies! So welcome to my latest series...."I Am The Burnt Rose" this series is based on this epic movie I watched called "Hanna" but this is my own version of it. Ok, your charecters name is Hanna.

Be ready. Your about to step into a world you never thought you would see. Violent, deadly, mysterious, confusing, a new world. "Keep your feet ready. Heart beat steady. Keep your eyes open" by Taylor Swift- Eyes Open

Created by: FireSoul

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  1. *Introduction* I am a lost soul, my heart is confused and my purpose to live is known as classified. Never have I seen the world, never have I seen the Earth. I am confined in a cellar, a dark, cold cellar but only for now. Only until I break free, but for now I am here. I have been altered, changed, turned from beauty of life to danger. I am a burnt rose, dark and lifeless yet secrets and hopes lie beneath the burns in my petals
  2. I sit in my cellar with its concrete walls, shutting me out, hiding me away and keeping me away from the world outside. My name is Hanna, that is all I know about myself, just my name, Hanna. The black lines on the walls indicate every blood test, every check up, every trip to the lab I had experienced. So far there is 102 lines on my walls. Today should be trip no.103 but not today, oh no not today. I hear a knock on my door, "Hanna?" Of coarse I'm here! There is nowhere for me to go, so knocking on my door is a complete waste of time but I never say that outloud, instead I reply in my sweetest English accent, "Yes sir"
  3. Standing at the door is one of the many bodygaurds, gaurding my cellar. He indicates towards the door with his gun, it was their way of saying 'Walk through that door or else I will blast you into smitherenes' How polite. I walk towards the door slowly, cautiously. Not stepping through it yet. I slowly slipped my hand into my pocket, there inside was a little dagger. A little dagger that is also my little piece of hope for escaping. I clutched it tightly. "Here goes nothing.." I softly mutter under my breath
  4. I quickly and swiftly take the dagger out of my pocket and plunge it into the chest of the guard. He falls to his knees, blood spluterting out of his chest. I rip the dagger out and grab his gun. I start running down the stairs. My heart was pounding, "I might make it, I might make it.." Sirens were wailing loudly, red lights were flashing. They knew I was going to escape, they knew. Out from a corridoor runs a bulky man who takes a grab at my arms, I swing my foot in the air, knocking him in the balls. He crouches down screaming in pain. I quickly run past him.
  5. "Ey vill catch yooo 'anna!" The man screamed in his strange accent, I ignored him and carried on running through corridoors searching for an exit. I wonder if there even is one...I could hear people shouting and screaming my name. Some were pleading for me to return to my cell while others threatened me. I swiftly turned and ran into a door, I shut it closed behind me.
  6. I leaned against the door panting hard, I closed my eyes and then...I sensed something, I was not alone. I was in the presence of another I opened my eyes and saw a dark haired man in his 30's wearing a lab coat. I got out my dagger and held it out, he backed away slowly and held out his hands defensively he spoke calmly, "Put down the dagger Hanna dear, I will not hurt you" I glared at him mencingly, "Who are you?" "I am Dr.R.H Stine" I still gripped the dagger, he looked at me calmly, no emotion swept his face. All he did was slowly walk towards a printer that was printing a series of letters and numbers on a page, he held out the page to me and I quickly grabbed it
  7. He moved towards a small door and opened it carefuly, he gestured towards it, "Go Hanna, you'll be safe" I raised an eyebrow unconvinced. How can I trust him? "HANNA! Ve know dat yoo arre in dere!" A voice screamed from outside the lab door. I could hear fists pounding on the door violently. Dr. R.H Stine looked at me, "Go!" I quickly tucked the paper into my pocket and ran through the little door
  8. I heard the door close behind me and soon I was enveloped in complete darkness, I rested my ear on the door, I could hear feet running across the tiled floor, shouting, talking, a loud bang then...nothing. I closed my eyes and sighed sadly, Dr.R.H Stine was dead. And it was because of me. He risked his life to save me. But why? I guess I could add that to the list of questions that will never be awnsered. I opened my eyes, it wouldn't make a difference whether they were open or closed, either way I was still very, completely..lost. The word I hate most, lost. But haven't I always been lost? Well...mentaly but not pyshyicaly. But whats the difference? Both ways I am still confused, but hasn't my life always been filled with confusions?
  9. I could write a book full of these confusions...these questions but the biggest one of all is...do I have a family? If I do did they send me to these people to be a human-lab-rat? Are they alive? Are they dead? Do they know I exist? Do they even care about me? Or am I just existing but not worth the time to think about? Questions...questions..,questions, but no awnsers? No one to awnser them. I carried on walking, trying to push these thoughts away but somehow they always find a way to swivel into my mind, my subconsence. But I kept walking, and walking and walking reaching nothing, not even knowing where my destination was. But I walked, and walked for what felt like hours
  10. My eyes were begining to droop, fluttering open and close. Threatening to fall asleep and give in to the need of rest. How long have I been walking? 1 or 2 hours? Maybe more, maybe less but my need for rest was taking over me. The darkness was no help either, I was used to the signal, darkness means night, night means sleep. It was the usual thing. And this dark passage was sending that signal to me.
  11. I leaned against the wall and slowly slouched down until I was sitting on the floor with my back against the wall. I let out a soft yawn and slowly closed my eyes letting my dreams take me away to a different world, a place of my own where I am free
  12. *Xaiver's POV* (Don't worry, you'll learn more about him soon) I walked down the dark passage, I always hated it. It was like night without the stars and no moon. How much I hate nights like those. I took out a torch and switched it on, I was supposed to look for a girl, my dad instructed me to keep her safe but many told me otherwise. They warned that if I meet her that I must dispose of her quickly but I will follow my fathers oders, I'll protect her...maybe. I had other instructions too. So many but which do I follow? I stopped, the torches light found her, well...I think it was her
  13. I looked at her closely, yes it was her. Written her t-shirt was her name, "Hanna" so many stories I had heard about her. True or false? Thats hard to tell. I picked her up in my arms and held her tightly. Y'know how they say that a person is most beautiful when they are sleeping? They are right, she was beautiful. Another instruction, from them the ones who hurt her seeped to my mind, "Don't get too attached"
  14. I sighed sadly and started walking to the exit of the passage, holding her tightly and watching her sleep, so peacefuly, so soundly. She looked so innocent. How can I believe that she is a danger? How can I believe that she is a monstosity as most people say? No, I think I'll protect her. Keep her safe. I felt pity for her, why did she have to live this way?
  15. *The end of part 1* So...hey guys, I'm FireSoul, hope you enjoyed. I know this thing is a bit confusing right now but as the story progresses you'll understand. And also for all you Hogwarts lovers I am also doing a Hogwarts series so please check it out! :D

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