How well do you know Amy Rose?

There are Many Amy Rose fans, but if you take this extremely easy test, you'll have to find out if you are a real true Amy Rose fan! Now remember we're all not perfect so no need to worry!

Do you think that you're a true Amy Rose fan? How well do you know her? If you like her, and you think you know a lot about her, find out by taking this really easy quiz...

Created by: amy rose
  1. This'll be the easiest- what color is Amy?
  2. When was Amy Rose's First appearance?
  3. How old is Amy-Another really easy one
  4. Who is Amy's sidekick?
  5. Who was Amy's first voice actress?(american)
  6. Who were Amy's team members in Sonic Heroes?
  7. Is Nimue, Lady of the Lake really Amy Rose, or Doppelganger?
  8. Who does Amy like?
  9. What power does the Tarot Draw do?
  10. Which game can Amy turn invisible?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Amy Rose?