mythical love story pt 3

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ok guys, so i was able to finish this one tonight. yay! here it is, mythical love story part 3. where things are starting to happen. good things, and bad things.

the guys are starting to show feelings for you. and i might add a new character in the next quiz. anyway, weird things are happening now, to find them out, take this quiz!

Created by: firegirl88
  1. turn around and see a man. he looks around 30. he has tin-golden skin, golden eyes with hourglass shaped pupils. "calm down, child. i'm a friend, not a foe." "who-who are you?" "my name is raistlin majere.i'm here to worn you." "about...?" "look, i cannot explain everything. it's dangerous for me to even be here. but everyone here is not who thy seem to be." "what do you mean?" "not everyone you will meet here will be telling you the truth. you have to know who you can trust and who you can't." he than starts saying strange words that you can't understand. he than stops touches your forehead with three fingers, and disappears.
  2. you stand there, confused. you decide to keep walking to fang's. you bump into someone. "sorry" you mumble. you look up and it's a with blond hair and blue eyes. "it's alright. my name is peeta. i've haven't seen you around." "my name is _____, i...kinda fell through the portal..." "oh, yeah, i've heard of those people. i hope you get home soon. maybe i'll...see you around?" "uh...yeah, see you" you say walking off quickly. that was the dude from the hunger games. wasn't it? well then, where's katniss? you think. you get to fangs house and knock on the door. no one home. you take a step inside. "fang...?" you call out. he must be out. you think. you go ahead and sit by the lake where draco showed you the silvery water.
  3. "i though i could find you here" you hear draco say. he comes up to you and sits beside you. "oh...hi draco." "what's up with you?" he asks. you debate i your mind if you should tell him about the raistlin guy. "well, on my way to fang's-" "you were going to fang's?" he asks raising an eyebrow. "to get some information about the portal" you lie. "ok, ho on." you tell him about raistlin grabbing you, telling you about danger, not trusting anybody, and the dtrange words. "well i think he put a spell on you" "huh?" "raistlin majere was a mage in a book series call dragonlance. he was very powerful, and would only come here if it was a major thing. do you feel any different?" "no" "well, than if the person you can't trust comes by, the spell should do something." "and if not?" "i don't know. raistlin does different magic than i. also, he's more skilled." you sigh. all this was hurting your brain. "look" draco says "do you want to just...go for a walk or something? get your mind off it?"
  4. "sure" you say and smile. "so, this raistlin dude, what do you think he meant by it's dangerous here?" you ask. "you guess is as good as mine. i have no idea what's he's talking about." "you're lying." "huh, no i'm not." besides his denial, you know he knows something you don't. maybe this is the spell raistlin put on you. you give him one more, long, look and drop it. you guys keep walking in silence. you keep trying to figure out how you knew draco was lying, and why he did. "i got to go" he says quietly. "ok" you say quickly, happy to get away from the uncomfortable silence. "i'll see you around, k?" you say. "yeah..." he seems to be in a trance, not listening to you. "draco...?" "huh?" he says snapping out of it. "oh...yeah, i'll talk to you later ____" he says leaving, looking a bit confused.
  5. you walk back to your home. lie down on your bed and fall asleep. you have another dream. well, more like a nightmare. you're in the car, with your parents. "no" you think. you try to wake up but you can't you're talking and hear yelling. everything id moving in low motion. you see the car hit yours. you see your parents fall, and blood everywhere. you hear yourself cry out to them. you feel yourself hit your head and fall into unconsciousness. the last thing you see is your parent's bodies in the smashed car..."wake-up!" you feel someone shaking your shoulders. you wake up with a start. trying to catch your breath. you see nico sitting on the edge of your bed. "sorry...i didn't know another way to wake you. you looked in pain." "how-how did you get in here?" "you left the door open." "oh" "what was wrong. you were crying in your sleep." you feel you eyes. they feel moist. you quickly wipe them away. "nightmare" you say shakily. "must of been sooome nightmare." he mutters. "what?" "nothing. so what was wrong?" "remember when i said my parents died?" "yeah..." "i basically relived that night." you say quietly. "oh, you ok?" he asks. "yea-yeah. i-i'm fine nico." you say trying to hold back your tears. after a moment, he shyly takes your hand. you look at him through your tears. "i'm hear for you ____" he says. "thanks" you sniffle. he smiles, than, after a moment of hesitation, kisses you. you don't pull away so he puts his hand on your cheek.
  6. when you pull away he stares into your ____ eyes. he says again "i'm always here for you" and leaves. you want to go back to sleep, now that it's the real time to go to sleep. but can't. afraid that you'll have another nightmare. so you decide to take a walk. but then you remember what draco have said about warewolves. "you want to go out, don't you?" you hear a voice say from your window. "drake" you say. knowing who it was. "you so, don't you?" "maybe, why?" "it's pretty dangerous to be outside after dark here." he's says grinning. he seemed to be back to his old self. "yeah, i heard. yet your outside." "it's going to take more then some wolves who don't know their left and right to scare me." "well good for you then" "i could take you out, if you want. the warewolves are basically scared of me" "why would you want to take me out?" "why would i not?" you not sure what drake is saying here, he seems to be teasing you, but at the same time...almost...hitting on you. "okay" you finally say. "good, now come on, before the sun rises and they go back to human form." "you WANT to see them?" "like i said, their afraid of me, run away like puppies." "yeah, i'll LOVE to see that day" you say. you think you see drake smile but aren't sure.
  7. so you walk with drake and reach a forest. "what is this?" you ask him. "the dark forest." "the thing from harry potter?" "kinda, this is a mix of that one and the one from camp half-blood in percy jackson. you never read much, did you?" "everyone keeps asking me that" you say annoyed. drake grins "well it's pretty ovibous that you never read much." "yeah, yeah. why'd you take me here anyway? are the Greek monsters and giant spiders afraid of you too?" "mayyybe" you roll your eyes."just come on" he says "i promise i won't let anything hurt you." he sayd while waving his whip around. you feel he's telling the truth on this one. "alright" you sigh.
  8. you fallow drake into the dark woods. still, after his words, you feel unsafe, exposed. you keep walking when he stops. "look" he says. you guys are at the top of a cliff. "i don't-" he points up. what you see, is millions of...dragons. all on the edge of a cliff. flying, feeding, sleeping. all different colors. "woah." you breathe. "amazing, huh?" drake says. "amazing...drake this is..." "i found this place awhile ago. i think this is basically their hang-out or something. i thought you would like it, you in your world don't see things like this everyday" "wow, thank you drake" you say that for the second time which you NEVER thought you would say in your lifetime. "yeah, it's getting light out, we should head back or people will spaz out and try to find you" "o-" you freeze suddenly. in fount of you was a small, silver dragon. "drake...? what does it want...?" "well, i think" he says smiling, it wants to give you a ride." you stare at him with your mouth open. he points at the silver dragon. it bends its head down as if wanting you to jump on. "before you ride her" drake says. "you have to name her" you think for a moment. "Silvara, i want to name her silvara." you say finally. "fair enough. oh, and don't land silvara near where people live, they don't really like dragons, or dragon riders." "dragon riders?" "all people that ride a dragon have something special about them. all we need to do is find out why this dragon chose you." "ok..." "now you better get going, before dawn. i'll find my own way back." "ok, thanks drake." you say before getting on. "oh and ____" drake calls out before you fly off. "yeah?" "be careful." you smile. "i will" and fly off into the night on silvara.
  9. so you land and hide silvara. "why'd you chose me" you ask her. "because you're very special ____" you look at silvara in surprise. "you-you can talk?" "of course i can. when a dragon is named they can speak you tongue." "oooo kay? well, why did you chose me to be" "you'll know in soon time, my dear. right now, get some rest." "right...get some rest..." you say. falling onto your bed that wasn't there a second ago. you drift off to sleep, but before you fell asleep, you swear you saw what looked like an elf in a silver gown.
  10. alright, do what did you think of this one. and no, raistlin is not going to be one of the results xD. but do you think peeta should be? i might give peeta a bigger part. and raistlin and silvara are going to have a lot of things to do with the story line. *hint hint* sso, yeah. bye guys. see you soon ;D

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