the darkest minds, what is your power?

this quiz will interpuret what colour you are from the darkest minds trilogy you could be ORANGE, RED, GOLD,BLUE ,GREEN and remember use your new ability for good

I apoligise if you dislike your colour but they all have benefits I promise. I hope you enjoy my quiz have an amazing go at it I hope you like what I spent 2 hours making.

Created by: alisua toth

  1. what would you prefer,light or dark
  2. what would you have your eye colour be?
  3. war or peace?
  4. you see your little sis/bro being bullied
  5. if you could change anything what would it be?
  6. you see a kid with a facial deformity that just moved next door to you, what do you do?
  7. you have an option to pick out a sport, what do you pick?
  8. you have an option to pick a subject to major in, what do you pick?
  9. you have a choice to skip school, what do you do?
  10. what would you like to be?

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Quiz topic: The darkest minds, what is my power?