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  • Are You Emotionally Literate?
    Your Result: 20-27 84%

    Your robust attempts to master your emotions are praiseworthy but frequently ill-judged and unsympathetic. You defend yourself from "unworthy" emotions by simulating appropriate responses, but you tend to give rent-free space in your head to people and things which were better considered, understood and consigned to the emotional data-bank for subsequent use. Try allowing emotions, even emotions which seem unworthy - anger, fear, frailty, depression, etc. - into harmless contexts such as when listening to music or watching films, explore them and acknowledge them. They are part of the armory of wisdom. For more information, contact Steve at [no urls]


  • When ever I express myself it usually backfires so I just keep to myself usually.

  • Steve, I tried checking out your site but I think it's down. Respects for being so accurate on this one!

  • fAIRly accurate comment on me, even the bits i dont like

    michael illama

  • I got 12-19. I read the result... BUT I'M FREAKING CONFUSED!!!!!

    susfor stuffs

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