What Kind of Women are you?

There are many women, but few true women. Lets see where you rank amongst women of today. This test is guaranteed accurate. All information was gather directly from the Women Science of Tomorrow.

Take this quiz to see where you stand. If you have and problems with this quiz please contact MADD. They are completely responsible for it. Them and NASA.

Created by: Man
  1. Can you Cook?
  2. Do you cook for your siginificant other?
  3. Why do women have small feet?
  4. Whats room is the women's room?
  5. When the man gets home you job is to?
  6. When should the women talk?
  7. Should a Women work and a man stay home?
  8. Should Women have equal pay?
  9. Women should not be allowed to drive?
  10. Women should be allowed out of the house ___
  11. Is this test discriminating?

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Women am I?