The Women of the Bible

You may not think that there are a lot of women in the Bible, but come take this test to see how many there really are! (And this 'aint all of them either, folks)

Complete with funny answers, rare and popular women alike, the IDK button and complete well written sentences, this quiz is a blast! Come try it out, and test your knowledge of "The Women of the Bible".

Created by: MySake
  1. Who was Deborah?
  2. What did Deborah do?
  3. Who was Esther?
  4. What did Esther do?
  5. What did Ruth do?
  6. Who came out of the bloodline of Ruth?
  7. What did Naomi do?
  8. What did Lydia sell?
  9. What did people call Rhoda?
  10. How did Jael kill the captain of the Siserian army?
  11. Who was Jezebel?
  12. How did Jezebel die?
  13. What did Delilah do?
  14. Who was Eve?
  15. What did Eve eat?
  16. Why did Sarah laugh?
  17. Who was Candace queen of?
  18. What did Rebekah do?
  19. What was Tabitha also known?
  20. What did Tabitha do?
  21. What did Martha get in trouble for?
  22. Who was Mary the mother of?
  23. What about Leah was pretty?
  24. Who did Jacob want to marry?
  25. How long did Hannah pray?
  26. Timothy was only half Jew, so who taught him the scriptures?
  27. Who was Rahab?
  28. Who was Anna?

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