Which Bible Woman Are You? (girls Only! ;)

This quiz is just for fun. All the women in here were true, if you have doubts, go onto biblegateway. Com, and search the name you wish. :) anyway, enjoy!

Also, none of these are based on or. Any of my friends. Of al of these. Women,. I like Abigail the best. Look her up in 1 kings I think and see why!!! :)

Created by: smrice98
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. A person comes to you to ask you what you would do in a situation their in. What do you say?
  2. A man comes up to you and forcefully hauls you onto a bus with some other ladies. Whaddya do?
  3. A strange man comes up to you and says,"you will be knocked up magically within the next 6 months." What the heck do you do?
  4. Your husband(or fiancee or boyfriend, or in case of none of the above, your daddy. ;) asks you to move halfway around the world. Now, what do you do?
  5. You're at your wedding ceremony and your getting married to someone that will better your fathers richness. You do not like this man Cuz he is 40 years older than you. What do you do?
  6. Your king husband has like, 8 other wives. How do you act?
  7. Your husband is abusive. Whaddya do?
  8. Are you a...
  9. Who's daughter are you?
  10. What's your wanted amount of kids?

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