What Bible character are you most like

Have you ever looked into the Bible and wondered which character you were most like? These characters are all from the old testament and have distinct personalities.

So who do you think you will get. its my first quiz so there are only three possibilities. But I plan to make more including girls and boys from the bible and I plan to put on picts to. Have fun!

Created by: Adrien
  1. You are at McDonalds when a the cashier lets out a cuss word under her breath because of the long lines and slow computers you:
  2. You are checking out of Wal mart and the person in front of you is your worst enemy. Suddenly he drops some change and a twenty. He picks up the change but leaves the twenty on the ground, you:
  3. You are at the Friday night football game you are most likely:
  4. Your brother just spilled his tea on your families new rug even though your mom told him not to drink in the living room you:
  5. Your favorite animal out of these is
  6. What is the best color out of these?
  7. Your friend asked you out to a movie then changed her mind and went to dinner with your worst enemy you:
  8. There is that perfect car in the window, just waiting for you to get it. And its no interest until two years from now to! But you can't afford it. Unless that is you cheat on your tax forms, only a couple hundred. And you can pay the rest with your savings you:
  9. You arrive at your aunts for your birthday dinner and find out you are having fried beets, blech! Your least favorite food. You:
  10. Your dog just died you:

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Quiz topic: What Bible character am I most like