Women of The Bible

This quiz is to test your knowledge about women in the Bible. This quiz has been established to test your knowledge and to teach you things that you may not know.

As you take this quiz do it without opening your Bible or using any cheat notes. This will give you a full understanding of what you know and what you need to read more about. Good look and God Bless

Created by: HCMBC of Havelock Community M.B. Church
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  1. Which animal persuaded Eve to eat the forbidden fruit?
  2. How old was Sarah when her son Isaac was born?
  3. Which two sisters married Jacob?
  4. What disease did the Lord send upon Miriam?
  5. How did Jael kill Sisera
  6. Who persuaded Delilah to betray Samson?
  7. What's the name of Ruth's second husband?
  8. What was Bathsheba doing when David first saw her?
  9. Which feast of the Jews was instituted by Esther?
  10. What was the relationship of Mary (mother of Jesus)to Elisabeth?

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