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  • Oh grow up, all of you. This was hiLARious!! I absolutely loved it!! Can't you tell this guy just has a really dry sense of humour?! I deliberately answered the "sexist" ones because they were just jokes!! Maybe if you got over your insecurities and opened your minds a little you'd realise life is too short to spend time getting angry about such insignificant things.

  • Wow. I'm not sure if this was SUPPOSED to be sexist or... this is actually the way this person thinks....

    You know, I really dont like liberal feminists but, women's rights are very important and I believe everyone should be treated equally and not like some kind of useless tool.

    Oh, I was 18% woman. But thats because I love to cook... espcially for my boyfriend XD

  • By the way, WolfWoman: I didn't realize discrimination and sexism were "such little things." Glad those people that fought their whole lives for women's rights mean so little to you. You're just as bad as the quiz creator.

  • This was very sexist and very offensive. Quite frankly I'm disgusted with the person who wrote this quiz and anyone who thinks its funny.

  • the person who made this quiz by far has no respect for women what so ever ,women and men are equal ,,God took a rib out of Adam's side indicating that women should stand beside men and not under them, also when a man and a woman is married the two shall become one so this discriminating ,sexist ,disrespectful, inappropriate quiz was very unnecessary,,, to the maker of this quiz I say boldly as a women I can do things a man can do and even better so I say openly you are a complete a--hole.....

  • okay i am not feminist but you are muslim!! women and men are equal. neither is better...neither deserves to be shut at home simply because of their gender. if you keep your wife at home like that and make her work, everyone's gonna wonder what cult you belong to. she has her own mind and gets to use it, or you're out the window!!! remember that butthole!!

  • This was extremely pathetic!!! My husband doesn't treat me like that he loves me and respects me... In God's eyes we're equal!!!

  • Lol. People, take a joke. Look at his/her introduction. It's pretty obvious this isn't serious.

    9% by the way!

  • This quiz is ridiculous and sexist. I bet the creator of this quiz is intimidated by independent woman. Jerk.

  • okay this is deffinently sexiest.. and ill make you some pie right after i murder you for being so worthless... And oh where gonna end up alone cause we aint your servent its deff the other way around... I really hope this is a joke cause it makes me sick....

    • First of all. Learn how to spell woman u idiot! And a couple of these questions didn't even make sense. Slow ass...

    • @JKJK

      I'm a muslim so please don't insult my religion by assuming the person who created this quiz is too.

      and I agree.. this thing is totally sexist!

    • 6%. lol! my guy friends got more than me! anyway, this quiz was wrong. =\

    • this quiz is a bunch of CCRRAAPP!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! I am a very strong feminist thank you very much!

    • trolololololol lolololol lolololol

      srsly, all of the women postan in here need to get back to the kitchen, gawsh.

    • 18% and proud of it-- b**** please i dont need no training the man works fer MMEEE!!! p.s this "quiz" is a bunch of sh**!!! :D xoxo


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