High School Story-- Part 2

Here is part two-- Dillon! If you gotDillon or any boy in part one here is your part two! Next up is part three-- Chris! Keep your eyes out for that okay?

This takes place on the second day of school attorney high school! Dive right in and see if you should continue with your guy or if you should move on to someone else! Plus discover your best friend!

Created by: Ilana
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  1. Who did you fall for last time?
  2. You made some friends on the first day of school, you hung out with them for a while and the next day you see a guy talking to them. They are giggling and acting stupid. You realize this guy has to be the school's player. How do you act towards him?
  3. You walk to class and realize he's in the same class, your reaction?
  4. The teacher decides to assign group projects (le me: this little b*tch) who do you want in your group?
  5. You end up with a group of kids you don't know and become close with another girl, Jessica. You don't know anything about her at first but you discover she's an upbeat cheerleader, who likes Dillon... What do you think about her?
  6. Raven is another girl in the group, you two talk a bit and you discover she's a goth poetic wise soul... What do you think?
  7. The last kid in your group Ida girl named Miranda... She's also very upbeat and you find out she's co captain of the drama club, what do you think?
  8. Who from your group is your best friend?
  9. Ok
  10. So answer?
  11. Keep an eye for High School Story-- Part 3-- Chris!

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