So this is High school! Part 12/13

Sorry this is late, I'll be kind of writing off and on, but here you guys go, and enjoy! Please keep commenting and letting me know how I'm Doing, thanks!

In this part we continue the sleepover, and will something dark happen to end all festivities? Only one way to find out: stop reading this junk and reac the story!!!

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  1. "OMG!" squeals Jocelyn. "Who the-?" stutters Rachel, obviously puzzled. "Who is this?" Bree asks with a dark expression as she puts the phone on speaker. You just look on, blood pumping. "Uh-" the voice chortles, while in the background you can hear giggling. "Excuse me?" Bree asks. "Is your refridgerator running?" the voice asks hurriedly. "Is this Lois?" you ask suspiciously. "No." the voice says simply. "My refridgerator, is, in fact, sitting upright on it's bottom." Announces Rachel, after craning her neck To make sure.
  2. "Dumbo. I'm coming for you in ten minutes- whoooooooooo!" The voice says, and the call dropped symbol looks menancingly up from the phone. "The heck?" Rachel asks after a silence. "I'm pretty sure it was my sister." you try to reassure them. "How could they even find us if they really meant that?" adds Jocelyn. "Girls, someone knows about this sleepover, right down to the location. If we want to save Chantal and Rachel's geanny, we nwed to act NOW." says Bree gravely. The rest of you nod. Rachel runs into the kitchen returning with a bottle of ketchup, a rolling pin, a frying pan and a hige knife. She passes out the weapons an you retreat outside.
  3. The woods outside is threatining, every little noise seeming harmful. The shadows deathly and the bit of light streaming from the kitchen precious, you begin to walk around with the others carefully. five minutes of silence. Five more. Walking, walking. Then, more footsteps. But not your own, nor those of your friends. "BIGFOOT!" screams Jocelyn. "Shut up." grumbles Rachel. A white, transparent figure dances gaily through the trees, then dissapears, and when it reappears, it's right in front of you. "Let's go home," whispers Jocelyn. "No," Bree says firmly. Suddenly the white-well-THING, lands on Jocelyns face and produces a loud scream from The victim.
  4. "Its just a sheet , Jocelyn." you say, delicately peeling it off. "it was not!" she fumes. "We should have brought flashlights." Rachel moans, as you all step farther into the deep, unending woods. "That sheet thing really was unusual...." comments Bree warily. A piercing cry breaks the dull air- "GET EM!" A war of teenage girls breaks out, and you realize quickly who you're up against: Aurora and Crew.
  5. You barely rest for a moment, handling your frying pan with skill. A pink- clad brunette turns to you with a can of shaving cream, then creeps away with a look at the metal instrument. Meanwhile, your friends each are battling a girl, so you rush to help, and then, in the midst of the crazy scene, a cry even more disturbing than the last strikes your ear. Rachel stands, dumbfounded at What she's done. A large pool of red, visible and growing, is flowing from Auroras left arm. Rachel Drops her knife and looks frantically for something to use as a bandage, settling on the cami she's wearing under her pajamas. Aurora's screams don't stop, even when Rachel applies her first aid knowledge and endless apologies to the arm in pain.
  6. "Omigosh, Aurora, I can NOT tell you how sorry I am," Rachel gushes, patting the injured arm. "She totally jumped on you!" contradicts Jocelyn. "Not. Helping, Jocelyn. Kind of just cut someone with a STEAK KNIFE." Says Rachel through gritted teeth. "Look, Rachel, I get that it was an accident. But accidents in your book are way different than accidents in mine," says Aurora, then flounces off, her companions on her heels.
  7. Rachel just stares at the backs of your foes as they walk away. Bree pats her shoulder. "I'm sorry. It's okay, let's go play Monopoly or something." she says soothingly. "I'M SUCH AN IDIOT!" Rachel yells. "True dat!" a voice comes from way in front of you on the path. "Let's PLEASE leave," you ask. Rachel nods, and while Jocelyn stifles giggles because of Rachel's previous statement, you walk towards the house. The door is open, and you all walk silently in and upstairs to Rachel's bedroom. "I have apples to apples...." she says. "Or... We could play.... Truth Or-" begins Jocelyn slyly. "No, Joce! After what just happened?" Bree asks indignatly. You shake your head. "Ooo! I know! Mash!" says Jocelyn. "Good Idea," agrees Rachel, snatching paper and pencil. "I'll do Liza," she announces. "Okay, give me two careers you want to have." "Hmm. That's tough.... I guess ___________ or maybe....._____________". Rachel writes these down and adds her own secret one. "Where do you want to live?" is the next question. "_________, hand's down!" you say back. Rachel grins and writes it down. After many more categories, she draws lines and you tell her to stop. "Three. Every third One I'll cross out," she says, then starts laughing. She Starts to cross out more choices, and more laughter. Jocelyn leans over. "My gosh, you're Gonna marry-" she starts, then her mouth is covered by Rachel.
  8. "I'm done. Okay, you will be a Fungi Specilaist-" Rachel pronounces. "That's Not a job!" argues Bree. "Too bad. You'll marry-" continues Rachel. "No, let me say it!" Jocelyn bounces up and down. "It's Jam! Jam!" then she falls back laughing, her giggles proving to be contagious. "You're joking!" you breath between peals of Laughter. "Nope. " says Rachel. A few hours later, you all fall asleep, thoughts of the accident cleared from Your head.
  9. You wake up early the next Morning the same Time Bree does. "Hey, let's turn On Rachels speakers really loud to a country station!" she suggests. So the plan is carried out, resulting in two red faced girls popping up. "Nice." you and Bree high-five.
  10. Breakfast consists of waffles adorned with ice cream toppings, and soon your mom is ready to pick you up. "Bye!" you call to your friends, bags in arms. You plop into the front seat and Lois, in the back asks, "What did you do?" So much to say, so little time.

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