High School Romance part 1

So nobody rlly reads these things soo basically my quiz is about a new girl starting in a new school this is kinda based off my move and my first day of a new school... soo go figure

ohh and so i was thinking of maybe bringing one direction in on this quiz soo comment and tell me what you think.... haha i think it would be fun....

Created by: Allie
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  1. Hii welcome to my very first love story type quiz! Ok so to get things started heres some stuff u need 2 know... your name is Payton and your just moving from Detroit Michigan to Florida because of your parents divorce (your living with your mom btw) and your 16!
  2. "Come on Pay!" your mom says as you guys hurry to board the plane that will take you from Detroit to CLearwater Florida. You hurry after her thinking about what Florid will be like and already missing all your friends a ton. As you board your the last 2 people to get on the plane so you end up sitting next to some old guy and a college boy..
  3. You got ur ipod out and started listening to one directions song one thing when you fell asleep. When you wake up you realized you fell asleep on the college boys shoulder. "Ohh im really sorry!" you say starting to blush "Its fine you can fall asleep on my shoulder anytime" he says laughing and then winks at you "My names John by the way" "Im Payton" you guys talk for a little but eventually you fall back asleep considering its 4 A.M.
  4. After the plane ride and you get your bags and your moms boyfriend Doug gets you guys from the airport in his silver Ferrari! "Soo you must be the famous Payton your mom talks about you all the time" says Doug finnaly breaking the awkward silence "Yeah" you say not really knowing what to say. "Your just as stunning as your mom described you" he tried again "thanks.. i like your car" you say trying to be polite "ohh just wait till you see the house" he winked
  5. When you finnaly get to Dougs house "Oh my gosh! Its huge!" its a super modern looking mansion and right on the beach. "I knew you would like it hun" says your mom smiling "I havent seen you smile for awhile mom" you say used to her sullen tired looking face "Yea its a very nice change she said holding Dougs hand.
  6. Your mom shows you your room its huge at least 2 times bigger than your old room and decorated super cool it kinda looked like a holister store and it had its own ocean view. "Wow this is great!" "Doug had a interior designer come in and decorate this room for you...what do you think of him?" she asked
  7. "Well you have a big day tommarow you should get some rest" ur mom says "Oh yea starting a new school in the middle of the year will be super fun" you say sarcasticly. "Night Mom" you say and go to sleep dreading tommarow
  8. So You wake up at 6 and get ready for school you brush your teeth clean face do make up all that fun stuff:P and get dressed in short shorts and a cute white lace tank top and fix your long blonde hair how?
  9. And then you eat some waffles!! And Doug lets you drive his amazing silver ferrari to school. AS you walk down the hall you notice everybodys staring at you so you just...
  10. Your first classes were terrible nobody would talk to you and you were completely alone and you were dreading lunch so as you were going through the lunch line you decided to ask Amber the girl next to you if you can sit with her "Hey im new here and i was wondering if i could sit with you at lunch" you say "Umm no you cant" she said looking you over and then walking to her table. what a b----... you think "hey! Im Colin" you hear a voice say. "Hiii" you say turning around to face the cutest guy ever! He had the most amazing blue eyes and brown hair that skimmed his eye brows and had a great tan and you could tell he was pretty much all muscle. "You wanna sit with me and my friends? Just saying we are alot more fun than Ambers lunch table" he said and winked "Um suree" you say and follow him to the table
  11. He pulls out your chair and you sit down and then realize theres no other girls at the table....just more smoking hot guys! "Im Arie" said the guy sitting next to you "the man of your dreams" . "Ok then.. im Payton" you say blushing. Arie is pretty hot he had blonde hair with brown eyes and another great Florida tan that made yo seem pale by comparisn.
  12. hey guys! sooo i know this parts boring but i was just trying to get everything situated you know and i promise the next one will be alot better with alot more guys! Please Please Please leave comments i want know any ways i could improve or make better!! and thanks soo much for taking my quiz:)

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