Who are you falling for? Part 2

You are 18 years old and you love to hang out with your friends but these four guys turned that upside down when you are brought to thier house and find out who they truly are and after they tell you their secret you can trust them

If you didnt take the first quiz go and take it because if you do this one first you won't know whats happening it will be to confusing and thanks to you guys for taking my quiz

Created by: Marissa

  1. (continued)You are still staring at the like they are crazy "______ are you there hello earth to ______"Blaze says and you shake your head "wow"you say"we are sorry we didnt tell you sooner otherwise you wouldn't have stayed"Cody says
  2. "I still would stay i mean its not like you are going to eat me"you say"ya its not like that and plus you got a date with all four of us separately first Alex then Blaze the Cody and then me"Max says smiling"yep and our date is tonight"Alex says then kisses you and leaves the room and all the rest of them kiss you and leave the room
  3. You go to your room and look for something to wear for your date with alex what do you wear:
  4. You are done getting ready and you look at the clock and you got five minutes you go downstairs and what ever you wear alex cant stop staring at you "you look beautiful you ready to go"alex says"yep"you say and say bye to the guys and alex takes you somewhere you have never seen before you and alex go in the resturant and sit down"this place is amazing"you say and you both order your food and you are having a great time then both of you go home once your done you get home and see that max is asleep on the couch and cody is playing videogames and blaze is in the kitchen
  5. You say goodnight to everyone except for max and go to your room and change into your pjs and lay down on the bed and fall asleep who are you dreaming about:
  6. you wake up the next morning to.....
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Quiz topic: Who am I falling for? Part 2