A Life Unlived: Part 2

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Sorry this one is so short! My minds been going craz, thoughts bouncing around like crazy. I ended up having ANOTHER story idea, a super crazy one. And that's why this one is so short.

So, the new series, will be about an angel sent to earth to protect a guy, whom she ends up falling in love with, but has to end up leaving. That or... One about a girl who only has a month to live. I dunno xd.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. ***RECAP*** "Alexis!" he exclaimed, pushing past his brother to run over to me. Too shocked to speak, all I managed to do was smile shyly as he leaned over and hugged me tightly. Dad and Mr Mattingly stared in confusion, not knowing we'd been friends once. " Dad. This was the girl I was telling you about." he explained, pulling away from me to take a seat. His brother carefully shoved him aside, taking his seat and sitting beside me.
  2. " You know them already?" Dad asked curiously, seeming a bit disgusted by the way Owen hugged me tightly. "Yeah. We used to go to school together before Mom took me out." I explained, giving Owen a small smile as he blushed furiously. Aw. Too cute. "Oh? Well, then, that's nice." Dad grinned, Mr Lexington doing the same.
  3. " Oh, Alexis, you never met my brother, Johnny." Owen said, introducing us with a nervous smile. "Nice to meet you." I smiled, his face glowing as if I'd just told him he'd won the lottery. "Nice to meet you too." he grinned wolfishly, making me blush deeply. " Okay, food is ready." Mr Mattingly called out, pushing bowels of soup towards us, the broth sloshing back and forth, some pouring down onto my dress. "Auh." I gasped, the broth, steaming hot, soaking through my dress.
  4. "Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!" Mr Mattingly apologized, handing a wad of napkins to me with a worried look. "No. Don't worry about it, it's totally fine." I sighed, giving a smile as I dabbed the area that was soaked. "Alexis, why don't you go home? It looks like your having one of your allergic reactions." Dad suggested, pointing down at my leg, which had began to get splotchy and red. "Okay." I said, standing up from the table and walking to the door. "Alexis, I'd feel a little better if you would let one of the boys take you home. I'd hate for anything to happen to you." Mr Mattingly insisted. "Sure." I smiled, secretly hoping Owen would take me, but instead, Johnny took me.
  5. We slowly stepped outside, the cold night breeze whipping my hair back and forth as we walked towards the house. The rain had quit quite a while ago, thankfully, so I managed to keep dry as we walked up the path. "Tell me, Alexis. How long did you know Owen?" Johnny asked, nervously fidgeting with a black string wrapped around his lower wrist. " I knew him since kindergarten, but my mom took me out of school in the fifth grade." I explained, my lips turning upward to form a smile as we walked into the house. "Oh? Allergy related, I suppose?" he questioned. " That's what she said. I have Aquagenic Urticaria, the allergy to water. She went ahead and took me out of school, putting me in an orphanage and running off to Mexico with a guy, who's now her fiance." I explained, his face going red in embarrassment.
  6. "Alexis I'm sorry." he whispered, slowly walking closer with a look of worry crossing his face. "Don't be. I'm actually glad she left. It's nice that she found someone who can love her. Besides, everything has worked out for the best, and I couldn't be happier." I smiled. "Owen was right. He used to tell me all the time about how angelic you were. You really are sweet." he smiled, cupping my chin in his hand. "I'm definitely not Angelic." I laughed, not expecting what he did next.
  7. He gently pulled my hair behind my ear, his fingertips leaving a trail of tingliness down my face as he gave a small smile. My breath began to grow shallow as his face was now inches from mine, his beautiful green eyes so exotic. His lips pressed against mine, the sparks flying as I kissed him back. Something about the way he held me so gently made me feel safe. Like I'd fallen into a safe place filled with nothing but happiness. I instinctively looped my arms around his neck, his arms around my waist with his hands trailing downward. Oh. My. God. I... I felt... I felt weird. I felt this tingling in my chest, my heart beating excitedly as we kissed. I felt loved.
  8. He gently released my face, our bodies still close together as we gave shallow breaths. " Alexis. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that." he apologized, gently cradling my face in his palm. "Don't be sorry. It was nice." I smiled, blushing as he grinned happily. " Please don't tell Owen. He'd hate me if he found out I kissed you." he pled, allowing our foreheads to touch. "Of course." I sighed, pulling away to walk him to the door. "Alexis. I know I just met you, but I feel so in love." he whispered, his eyes full of sincerity as he held my hand in his. " Johnny, I like you too. A lot." I smiled, letting my fingers glide down his face before saying goodnight.
  9. I shut the door behind him, going up to my room and sliding off my dress, pulling on a lacy Black tank top and a pair of cute pajama shorts, sliding into bed with a smile glued to my face. Owen. Poor Owen. He loved me. He still does. I felt so torn between the two of them. They were so cute, and totally in love with me, and I hated it. It really hurt to feel that way.
  10. "Alexis! Alexis! Alexis are you okay!?" Dad yelled, his footsteps pounding up the stairs as he ran into my room. "I'm fine, Dad Why?" I asked, his face full of fear. "That boy of Brian's. Johnny, was it? I don't want you anywhere near him. " he demanded, taking my hand In his as he pulled me into a hug. "Why? What's wrong?" I asked. " He came in like he'd won the lottery, and started telling his brother all kinds of things. I just don't want him kissing you, okay?" he said, holding me tighter. "Dad..." I sighed softly, hugging him back.
  11. "Please, Alexis. Keep away from him. He's trouble. I don't even know if I want you around that Owen boy. Who do they think they are? Touching you like they own you... Hhhh" he growled under his breath. "Dad. Please. Owens not like that. Neither is Johnny. You just don't understand!" I cried out, startling him. Yeah, I'd never really raised my voice. Weird, right?
  12. "Alexis, don't raise your voice." he demanded. "See?! Dad, I have feelings like everyone else! I can't always act like nothing ever happened! I can't be this perfect person everyone wants to see. You know what? I might as well say this while I'm at it. I hate how you left us behind. You left me behind! You left me with that she-devil, who ruined my life! You all left me. Owen was the only one who was ever loyal to me, so do what you want, but you can't keep me away from him." I shouted, in tears as he stared wide eyed.
  13. ***CLIFFHANGER***Sorry!
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  16. Bye!* struts off into a magical field, flowers spread about like sheets of paper. The wind blowing my hair about wildly, I put my hands to the side and.... Start flossing*

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