Heart breaking isn't a crime, is it? : part 4

Hey people, so. Sorry it took me so long to get this out, but I've been very busy recently. Monday, I had an appointment, and didn't get back home until really late, and I was feeling sorta weak cuz they did some blood work and ended up accidentally taking too much blood.

I swear, I'm pretty sure there's vampires in the hospital -- cuz they ALWAYS take blood from me when I go there. Like, once I even heard this crazy hiss and a tray clatter and I swear... I nearly flipped out. Anyways.... So, I know this one is short, but I'm simply making up for my disappearance recently. Not that anyone cares.... But still :)

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. Visible flecks of fear passed through her deep blue eyes as he carried her in his well-toned arms, his large hazel eyes occasionally landing down on her -- before he'd look away. The dampened ground sucked at his bare feet as he meandered throughout the thick layer of undergrowth resting above them, the foliage barely brushing against their porcelain skin. Trees loomed overhead, only allowing the slightest sliver of moonlight to wash over them. Tiny wisps of Claire's hair fluttered behind her as the howling wind nipped at any visible skin -- causing her to shudder.
  2. " Claire, you loved him didn't you." Ryan's husky voice murmured into her ear, his steamy breath fogging up her once clear thoughts. Yeah, she liked him -- a lot. But what he didn't know wouldn't kill him, right? A small blush crawled up her cheeks as she gave a simple shrug before looking up into his hazel eyes. Damn, those eyes. Like radioactive balls of light, they could send her heart vibrating out of control with just the simplest of glances. Why did he affect her this way? " Martin... He never completely captured my heart. Cash.... He.... I didn't know I was his step-sister. I--" she trailed off. Ryan gave a solem nod as he realized the sickening truth. He loved her. If only she'd love him back.
  3. Her simple blue eyes captured his attention as soft sheets of rain pattered down on them, each droplet of rain grazing her ashen cheeks. He watched as the droplets trailed down her jawline, and couldn't help but wipe it away with the tip of his index finger. Taken aback by his acts of kindness, Claire flinched in his arms before swatting his hand away. " Claire -- have i ever told you why I helped him? Cash." he asked. She shook her head -- pricking her ears up as she cocked her head to the side giving a curious look up at him. " He told me about you. Said you'd never be safe without him by your side. I didn't know any better and bought into his lies. I see now that he was wrong."
  4. " But Ryan, you didn't know any better. I'm sure --" " You don't get it Claire. I trusted him. You didn't kill him Claire." he whispered. Her eyes set on his as her brows began to knit together in confusion. " What are you trying to say?" she trembled, gripping onto his torn shirt as she felt his grip on her tighten. " I killed him. I drugged him, Claire. I regret it now, but I did." he admitted. Claire's eyes widened in horror as the corners of her plump lips began to quiver. He killed Cash. " I.... You--" she attempted to talk, her voice cut off by his lips crashing against hers.
  5. His soft lips eagerly met hers, her blue eyes wide open as she rested in his arms in shock. Instincts beginning to kick in, she allowed her lips to slowly meld with his -- and whether she'd like to admit it or not, she definitely felt something. As their lips continued to move slowly, Ryan's thirst for more began to show, and before she could stop it -- the tip of his tongue slipped into her mouth and met hers. Claire decided it was best to stop him -- though she hated to-- and used her small hands to push his face away from hers.
  6. " Claire. I'm sorry. " he rasped, his long crooked index finger lifting her pointed chin upwards until she was looking him straight in the eyes. " Don't be sorry." she whispered. With that, she leaned back in and her swollen lips were met with his soft ones. Fireworks practically graced the sky as they began to kiss, the excitement only dying down once they pulled away for breath. Chest rising up and down in excitement, Claire cradled her head in her palms as she realized she'd felt more than just excitement. She felt love.
  7. Sunlight slowly washed over their pale skin as night turned to day -- both teens realizing they should continue on their journey. As much as they wanted to just sit and enjoy each others company, they knew that the others must be worried sick. " Hey, Claire? I was wondering. Maybe if you don't have anything to do, would you like to go to the cinema with me soon?" asked Ryan. " I'd like to, yes." she smiled, turning her skeleton-thin body around, resting her palms against his chest. He slowly began to lean in, Claire doing the same until they were inches apart. Just as his lips were about to brush against hers, something glowing caught her eyes.
  8. Twisting her face away, electricity ran throughout her body as his lips slid against her cheek bone. Using her palm, she pressed her hand against his face and politely pushed him aside, his lips practically squashed against her hand. " What the f--" " Do you see that?" she interrupted his outburst, pointing a thin finger over to the glowing tree across the way -- surrounded by a peaceful brooke. He gave a slow nod as he intertwined his fingers with hers, letting her lead the way over to the coarse tree -- the crisp bark peeling off from age. " Is that?"
  9. Resting in the hollow of the tree lied a glowing pool of swirling violet energy. Claire's brows raised in surprise as she freed herself from Ryan's grasp and slowly but aimlessly sauntered towards the tree, pressing her face against the dying bark. The ridges began to bite into her flesh as her blue eyes widened immensely. It appeared to be a portal of sorts. " Claire? Cl--" Ryan's worried voice rung out. " Ryan, it looks like a... Portal."
  10. " Why is there a portal in the woods? I mean, are you sure it's not just some sort of water?" he asked in a doubtful tone, shoving back a strand of his greasy matted hair. Hazel flecks danced in his eyes as she gave an indecisive shrug and began to wander closer to the portal, raising her hand above it. " There's only one way to find out." she simply said, and with that, she dipped her index finger in and let out a small gasp.
  11. ***CLIFFHANGER***Sorry!

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